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Author: Ted Adams

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Kickstarter – Lazer Ryderz! The Totally Rad Tabletop Racing Game!

lazer ryderz! kickstarter tabletopOur friends over at Cardboard Fortress Games are at it again.  This time they jumped into a time machine and took us back to the 80s.  Not only because their game reminds us of Tron, but the artwork, lingo and even their video harkens back to that time frame.

Lazer Ryderz! is a great board game where even the shape of your playing space can have an effect on the game.  Each player in Lazer Ryderz! takes the place of one rider zooming through space trying to claim these prisms.  When your marker crosses a prism completely it changes to your color and you are that much closer to victory.

When you claim a prism the blank prism goes back onto the board thus increasing the number of prism available.  One once player has three prisms claimed at the same time they win the game.  But it is not as simple as that.  There are complications.

Four Reasons We Think You’ll Love Open Legend

open legend roleplaying D&D  Four Reasons We Think You’ll Love Open Legend

Written by: Ish Stabsoz

We know that RPGs are a dime a dozen, and that you can find a system out there for almost any type of game you want to play – and that’s exactly why we are so honored to have a chance here on Nerdarchy to talk to you about why we think you’ll love Open Legend. In this post, we’ll explore the reasons we created Open Legend and talk about why we’re so excited to share our game with the roleplaying community.
It plays like D&D but with more creative freedom
Open Legend was born out of a frustration with a game that we grew up with, a game that we loved (and still do), but, ultimately, a game that held us back from achieving the stories we wanted to tell. It was in the midst of 4th edition D&D that we began experimenting with the home brewed system that eventually became Open Legend. Our experience with 4e was the same as a lot of hardcore D&D fans: it felt too restrictive.

Obviously, we aren’t trying to bash D&D. It’s a great game for players and GMs who want to tell fantasy stories with recognizable tropes and archetypes. And with the strides that fifth edition  has taken, D&D is perhaps the best game to achieve that goal in the industry.
open legend roleplaying D&D
But Open Legend was born out of a desire to let players tell any story at the gaming table that they had read in a book or seen in a movie. We didn’t want restrictions like pre-determined class abilities to prevent players from creating the character they’d always dreamed of seeing in action.

We think you’ll love Open Legend because even though it isn’t D&D, it still plays a lot like the roleplaying game that introduced most of us to the hobby. We love what games like Dungeon World, FATE, and Cypher have done to challenge the expectations of how a roleplaying game feels, but we also realize that not everyone is looking for that sort of paradigm shift. A game of Open Legend still feels a lot like D&D. You still roll for initiative, combat is still conducted turn-by-turn and blow-by-blow, and hit points are still the primary indicator of your character’s health.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games – Cypher System by Monte Cook

Tabletop Roleplaying games have been around a while.  In the last years many different games have

Monte Cook cypher system

English: Monte Cook at the 2007 ENnies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

been made.  Some have fallen and and others have thrived.  The hobby of sitting around a table and rolling funny shaped dice is possibly the biggest it has ever been.

Some might say that is because of Monte Cook, and other game designers like him.  Nerdarchy had the pleasure of interviewing him just the other night and it was a REAL pleasure to do so.  Monte Cook has been designing games since he was in college and, if my math is correct, approaching 30 years, designing in the industry.

The Cypher System is a tabletop roleplaying game built on the back of other games, also made by Monte Cook.  Numenera was first and was highly acclaimed for its approach and unique fantasy setting.  Next came The Strange.  This used the core mechanics from Numenera but offered a new setting and different options for character creation designed for that specific world.

It then occurred to Monte Cook that not everyone wants to play in a specific setting and the core rules that these system used could be expanded upon to make a system that was setting universal and in addition could handle any genre of tabletop roleplaying games.

And so The Cypher System was born.  The Cypher System offers things that many other games do not and truly rivals the other games as you can make anything you want.

Major Advantages of the Cypher System

5th Edition Tome of Beasts – Aberrations

Hello again I am guess you can tell from the title that Nerdarchist Ted is here to talk more about the tome of beasts kobold press 5th edition  awesome monsters found in the Tome of Beasts.  Last week I touched on the Devils in the book.  You can check out that article here.  Today we are going to look at some of the Aberrations that can be found within its pages.

Aberrations are creatures from beyond.  They are nor of this world and are the things of nightmares.  This time Kobold Press brings you 20, if my count is right, new aberrations for use in your 5th edition game.  I can assure you that with this spread you get challenge ratings as low as 1/4 with the map mimic and as high as 19 with the Shoggoth

The Map Mimic is cool because it allows dms to use those nasty surprise creatures at the earliest levels.  And who does not want to have them find a map that leads to another mimic?  Think of all the fun you aberrationcan do with such a thing.

Shoggoth, I believe is right out of Cthulian Horrors.  With a challenge rating of 19 I would imagine it would be so.  This is the type of monster that could have a campaign leading up to it as the major adversary.  And since the tome of beasts gives you so many more options you have enough aberrations to make that type of game happen

The Arboreal Grappler is an awesome Ape with limbs that are at least 10 foot long.  Encounter this guy on the plains and you are all set, but meet this guy in the jungle with heavy tree cover and they might just pull you up into their world and let you fall to your death.  

5th Edition Tome of Beasts – Arch Devils and Devils

Last week I delved into the Tome of Beats and the Rulers of the Fey Court.  You can check out that kobold press tome of beastsArticle here.  This week I have torn through the devils and lets see what we get.

Not only does Tome of Beast give us some new lower tier Devils to play with but some Upper tier Arch Devils that can be a source for an entire campaign arc.  If you have not pre-ordered you own copy you can do so here.

We get 4 new Arch Devils to inspire us in new ways.  Kobold press did an excellent job of creating foes with goals and agendas.  They also added a new format of damage requiring weapons to be silvered to damage certain foes.

Arbeyach is the first Arch Devil we get to explore and he is literally made of a swarm of insects.  His greatest weapons is to cause people to be poisoned and he removes resistance and immunities from those close to him.  Be warned.  Though his power wains through inaction he has many that serve him.

Ia’Affrat is actually the offspring of Arbeyach.  While his father is a swarm of insects, he is a swarm of fire.  He is composed of tiny elementals.  So removed from flesh and blood he is immune to weapon damage of any kind.  Do not get into a fight with him unless you are prepared.

5th Edition Tome of Beasts – Fey Lords and Ladies

last week we delved into the Tome of Beasts and touched on the Dragons.  Today we are going to talk tome of beastsabout the Fey Lords and Ladies. This is from the Tome of Beasts  that is coming out for 5th Edition.  You can pre-order your own copy here.  It is expected to be released on September 13th.

They divide the fey lords and ladies up into regions and tell you the power and political side of things.  if you wanted to run a game dealing with them there is the structure set up already.  Each of these mighty beings has the ability to alter the land around around them coming in with legendary actions, lair actions and regional effects.  These beings are not toppled easily and unless you have a DM set things up poorly or you set up machinations correctly you are never going to encounter them alone.

The mythological Cold Iron comes back into play with these might Fey Lords and Ladies.  There has been no previous mention, I am familiar with. There is a side bar for how to obtain them in the game but crafter beware.  These beings are powerful and live a long time.  They might kill you just for making them.  The reason cold iron is a thing as these mighty beings can’t be harmed with weapons that are not made of the stuff.  Only 2 of the Fey lords and Ladies are able to be hurt with just regular magic weapons.  The rest require you to have Cold Iron Weapons.

tome of beasts

5th Edition Tome of Beasts – Dragons

Every Dungeon Master loves access to new monsters.  And what Dungeon Master does not like using Dragons.  With the Open Gaming License we are starting to see 3rd party publishers getting hardbound products out as options to, well give us more options.

Kobold Press has released a new product out for Pre-order.  You can preorder your copy here.  We did a review on Daves copy that he got early because he backed the kickstarter.

I was sad when I found out that missed getting my own early copy.  When we looked at the pdf we were not disappointed.  There are so many awesome monsters in this book as well as some new beasts and NPCs to easily add into your game.

Today I am just going to talk about the Dragons that are in this book. Next week I will touch on some dragonsother monster groups.  I will keep this series going until the book is released.

In this book you get 6 new Dragon types for your 5th edition game.  Kobold Press does not give you any carbon copy of dragons that exist in your 5th edition monster manual but 6 new whole cloth creations that stand out as unique.

Almost all of the dragons have 4 separate stat blocks for the 4 age categories of Dragons: ancient, adult, young and wyrmling. I make my notes below

The cave dragon is a fierce beast that constantly needs to eat.  It lives underground where its sensitivity to sunlight keeps it safe.  But sadly living underground is not a place abundant with food.  It is not mindless and is a true dragon.  I compare this one with a white dragon with lower stats and its desire for food out weighs its desire for any coin.  Sorry adventurers if you are looking to slay a dragon

Arcknight: Flat Plastic Miniatures – Gaming options

Many of you out there like to have hordes of options when it comes to visual items to add to your gaming 10920260_845524982175848_4758157902260867166_ooptions.  3d minis comes in several options or styles.  Usually you can get pre-painted plastic miniatures but these are usually blind purchase and the cost winds up being around $4-$5 a piece higher if you are going to just grab them off of ebay.

You can go away from the blind purchase and go for the unpainted miniatures.  Here you can see exactly what you are getting and wind up paying a better price per mini but if you want them looking good you have to assemble and paint them yourself.

ArcknightHowever what if that those prices or options are not to your liking.  Well you could go and grab some cardboard pawns.  The flat packing pawns with bases offers smaller storage and usually come in packs so you know what you are getting.  Always handy.

I have been in games where these pawns are used and while they are great the paper minis are subject to the hazards of spills. When the excitement is high the chances of something getting knocked over or be subject to pizza fingers.

Here is another option for you.  Arcknight offers flat plastic miniatures.  These amazing miniatures are printed double sided so that you can actually have a front and back.  If you are playing with more realistic rules and need to know which way a character is facing you will have that option.  The artwork is really great with loads of character options. 

Dungeons and Dragons Tabletop Roleplaying Games – How to Keep the Game Going

Several Dungeons and Dragons miniature figures. ...

Several Dungeons & Dragons miniature figures. The grid mat underneath uses one-inch squares. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for decades.  I personally have been in more campaigns that have floundered or just stopped.  As noted in the video below I have notebooks full of characters that are not really retired, the sessions just stopped.

Game masters have a number of reasons for wanting to stop a campaign.  Running a tabletop roleplaying  session week after week becomes very taxing not only on the DMs time but on creativity and inspiration as well.  Constantly running also become taxing as some DMs want to play as well.  As a DM running every week while looking through the material can cause inspiration for a character idea that they really want to play.

Sadly a DM might get bored or lose all control with a game.  When you lose focus or control it can destroy your momentum or desire to keep the game going.

As a way of combating this we use multiple dms.  I am currently in 4 groups that meet each once a month, 3 of which are Nerdarchy games that get filmed and uploaded to the channel.  The other is with a group I met though Scott and although he is no longer in the group the other players are happy to have me there. 

Heroforge – Custom Miniatures for your Tabletop RPG

There is a wide variety of miniature lines out there.  D&D and Pathfinder both have their fully painted Heroforge custom miniature ready to go miniatures and for many hero choices they work just fine of you can find a reasonable facsimile.  And then you have several other lines that make miniatures including Reaper Miniatures and their Bones line.  They are great but they come unpainted and in some cases un-assembled.

For those of you that are unaware Heroforge offers fully customized minis that are 3D printed made to your exact specifications.  And they are not limited to designs just for your D&D game.  Heroforge offer Custom Miniatures for your tabletop RPGs for fantasy, western, sci-fi, modern and East-Asian themes.

Not only that but you can fully customize it in a way that blends these elements together should your specific character need that.  When you go to their site: www.heroforge.com you are presented with a body that you can change the race, make it male or female and dress/equip it with all manner of gear and accessories.

The detail on your choices is amazing.  you have the ability to alter on a sliding scale the facial expressions, the muscle tone and every body dimension you might want, height, weight, curves, booty, bust, waist and build.   These choices alone make your model more custom than anything else that I have seen. 

Star Wars The Force Awakens – Beginner Game Review – More in the Box than You think

Hello fellow Nerdarchist and Star Wars enthusiasts.  It is ground breaking time here at Nerdarchy.  We swr09_sample2have been blessed with getting an advanced copy of the Force Awakens beginner game from Fantasy Flight games.  It is not even available to pre-order and we already have our copy.  This is a first to get a review copy from a major publishing house like Fantasy Flight Games, so a big Thank you to them.

Dave and I each have our own copies of each of the other box sets.  You can check out the reviews I did on them here: Star Wars Edge of the Empire beginner game, Star Wars Age of Rebellion beginner game & Star Wars Force and Destiny beginner game.

Taken from the website:

Enjoy all-new adventures in the Star Wars universe with The Force Awakens™ Beginner Game!

The perfect entry into the Star Wars roleplaying experience for players of all skill levels, The Force Awakens Beginner Game introduces a complete, learn-as-you-go adventure that carries you from the sands of Jakku deep into the heart of a mystery that could change the course of the galaxy.

Note: Unlike our other Beginner Games, The Force Awakens Beginner Game will not be followed by a new Star Wars RPG game line. Instead, it draws upon the core mechanics shared by Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion, Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire, and Star Wars®: Force and Destiny. Players interested in continuing their Star Wars adventures can do so through any of these fully compatible systems.

dungeon crawler titanic miniatures

Titanic Miniatures for your Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Not everyone uses miniatures when you game but many of us do.  How amazing is it when the DM places titanic miniatures dungeon crawleran amazing model on the table and the mini is so much bigger than the party.  Do you worry that this is the time that the DM is finally going to bring you down?

Imagine how much more terrifying it will be when the mini is of colossal size.  Yeah those of us playing 5th edition know that they have removed this size category from the game but gargantuan is only limited by your imagination.  I for one love the large size.

I am a proud owner of the Collosal Red Dragon released by WOTC all those years ago.  You can Grab one here.  The red dragon is big enough that a standard size mini fits in its raised claws.  I typically display it that way for humors sake.  Dragons are a staple of the D&D game and any fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.  With that it is always great to have that looming threat that you can drop that mini on the table.

Until recently there have not bee many options other than this colossal red.  Either you had to have something that was a reasonable facsimile or you had to do painstaking work to make your own.  Based on the conversations with many gamers and DMs over the years there are far fewer DMs out that that take the time to make individual minis of that size to use as a single encounter.  even if they think that they will get to use it again later.  Do not get me wrong your crafters are out there.  I have seen some spectacular work, but in our diverse niche you are not the norm.

Dungeon Explore – Tabletop RPG Tile Card Deck on Kickstarter

How would you like to be able to just build your dungeon room by room as you go?  Would you like visualdungeon explore kickstarter cues to help you design your dungeon while the group is not around?  Well now you can with this easy deck of cards.  They are double sided with a standard 3 by 3 tile on one side and a more interesting side on the other.

The Dungeon Explore Card Deck is a deck of 48 square tile cards each printed with detailed dungeon artwork. The cards use a 3×3 grid that can be interconnected by passageways and doorways to create an endless variety of combinations. Whether you play Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other fantasy tabletop RPG system, this portable and affordable deck of cards will integrate right into your game.

While GMs are free to imagine up their own ways to use the Dungeon Explore Card Deck, here are a couple suggested ways to try them out.

Quick Encounters

painting miniatures

Painting Miniatures and Modding Miniatures – The Basics.

Many of you out there might be like myself and have an addiction to plastic.  You collect Dice and painting miniaturesMinifigures.  It can be a consuming hobby that lands in FB groups and Forums looking for the one mini to complete your collection.  You might spend loads of time on Ebay looking for deals and steals just to boost up the extras bin or that one exclusive piece you just found out about.

Well if you are like that, then you are like me, Nerdarchist Ted.  I cannot fathom a guess as to how many hours I have spent searching for deals on Amazon or Ebay because of my habit/addiction.  I have it under control based off of the argument my wallet had with me some years ago.  Enough was enough.

As I sat and looked at the hundreds if not thousands of little pre-painted plastic miniatures It begged to question what was I going to do with it all.  My friends and I spent years playing Mage Knight.  I have loads of them.  I spent years playing Heroscape and I had loads of them.  I bought loads and loads of D&D minis as well as they were perfectly sized for our Table Top role playing game.

Mage knight there was variety and you had lots of uses for them.  With Heroscape unless you were planning to play a 10 player game, not recommended by the way, and everyone wanted the same pieces there was no need to have that many copies of the miniatures. 

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