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pax unplugged arcknight al game

Out of the Box Partner ArcKnight Hosting Free Game at PAX Unplugged

Conquistadors Take to the Field from Hero Forge!
Playing an Anti-Hero Like The Mandalorian in 5E D&D

Hello gamers! Will you be attending PAX Unplugged this year? If you do you will have a chance to check out some amazing things. Nerdarchy will be in attendance walking around. You might catch us at a panel or two. And we’re guest hosts for the live Nolzur’s Marvelous Tutorials event with RealmSmithtv. We’re looking forward to meeting up with our Out of the Box partners like Norse Foundry and ArcKnight too. They’ll both have booths on the floor and it will be great to visit with them.

pax unplugged arcknight al game

Join ArcKnight at PAX Unplugged for Assault on Cragmaw Castle, a live game with custom maps and minis you can add to your collection.

Assault on Cragmaw Castle with ArcKnight

“ArcKnight is running a live game event twice each day on Friday and Saturday. Assault on Cragmaw Castle AL Game. This AL event is a Tier 1, 4-Hour adventure through Cragmaw Castle, an excerpt from the D&D Starter Set adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver. And as an added bonus, ArcKnight has created custom maps + minis to specifically support this adventure!”

If you want to sign up for this game you can do so here.

Attendees can find the custom maps and minis used in the game to add to their own collection at the ArcKnight booth. The maps and flat plastic miniatures by ArcKnight are fantastic. I use them regularly and nothing is better for taking to conventions or any game that you need to travel to attend. I was able to bring my entire flat plastic miniature collection with me when I went to D&D in a Castle. Since they pack flat there is no danger of mini breaking on route to your destination. I’m almost certainly going to be bringing my ArcKnight flat plastic miniatures back over to Lumley Castle for D&D in a Castle 2020.

ArcKnight’s flat plastic miniatures are such a fantastic resource for any Game Master’s toolbox, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them for own own Out of the Box: Encounters for 5th Edition project. With all 55 encounters in the book, the amazing cover and interior art by Sarah Dahlinger and Kim van Deun, interior maps by Darryl T. Jones and the flat plastic minis and table maps from ArcKnight, we’re so incredibly proud. I am as excited to get the finished product into my hands as I am to put it in yours.

This is a good time to mention the Pledge Manager for Out of the Box is still open. If you still want to get access to this great book or get some of those amazing extras check the link below and get while you can still get it for the Kickstarter price. Once the Pledge Manager closes, prices for the book and any add-ons, as well as badges for Nerdarchy the Convention will increase. Also, there’s only a limited number of Artifact and Legendary badges. Check out the Pledge Manager here for more information.

We can’t wait to head to nearby Philly for PAX Unplugged and hope to see many of you there. Feel free to come and say hello to Nerdarchist Dave or myself or Nerditor Doug. And stay nerdy.

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