Worldbuilding: The Nerdarchy United Live Chat Evolution

An inside look at worldbuilding and Ulthe-Gana Over the years geeks and nerds have flocked to the Heralds of Nerdarchy for answers and clarity. New to the call of the people are Nate the Nerdarch and co-host Kienata as they … Read More

RPG Perspective and Scene Framing: How to Tell Your Narrative Story

Whether you’re a budding Game Master or you’ve been playing roleplaying games on a regular schedule with a group of people for years, there’s one common thread underpinning the entire tabletop RPG hobby: narrative. Even if your game is centered … Read More

Era of Digital D&D Homebrew and Worldbuilding

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Over the last few years Dungeons & Dragons has started to evolve into the digital landscape. It started briefly with fourth edition D&D with the hope people could game over farther distances but the project was never completed. Games can … Read More

The RollPlay Roundtable Discussion: Part 2 with Matt Colville, Matt Mercer, Adam Koebel and Mike Mearls

In October of last year, itmeJP gathered together some of the best known names in the Dungeons & Dragons community and put them in a video call roundtable together to talk shop. Adam Koebel moderated the conversation between Matt Mercer, … Read More

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