Delving into the West Marches RPG Campaign Style: First Adventuring Sessions

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We continue this archiving of my experience running a West Marches style adventuring campaign and if you haven’t read the first article, you really should for context. In an effort to not only gather my thoughts, but help you decide … Read More

The Name Game Part IV: Game Titles (And Why Your Campaign Should Have One)

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Salutations, nerds! Today I want to take a moment to talk about game titles. A lot of home groups don’t have them, but plenty of character sheets (looking at you World of Darkness) have slots for ‘campaign name’ on the … Read More

Delving into the West Marches RPG Campaign Style

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About a year ago there was a notable resurgence of an old RPG campaign style dubbed West Marches within the tabletop roleplaying game community, especially in the Dungeons & Dragons circles. This happened to be the first time I had heard … Read More

Stream of Many Eyes, a Rubber Chicken, and You — Memorable Campaigns for D&D

A cult strives to bring their dragon goddess into the world to wreak havoc. Demons from the Abyss invade the Underdark. Evil elementals build a powerbase in an ancient temple. A vampire holds sway over a cursed land. Giants compete … Read More

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