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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is Free to Play Dungeons and Dragons in Early Access on Steam and it’s Awesome

Idle Champions Dungeons and DragonsSalutations, nerds! And good news for fans of idle games like Cookie Clicker and AdventureQuest Dragons. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a Dungeons and Dragons game in early access on Steam right now, free to play, and I have to say it’s exactly what I needed.

It’s an idle game, and if you’re not already aware of what that means I’ll give you the run down: you don’t have to do a whole lot for the game to do what it does. You click a couple of times and get it started and then watch the numbers go up and get ridiculously high as the story progresses and in this case, as your heroes do more damage. Continue reading Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is Free to Play Dungeons and Dragons in Early Access on Steam and it’s Awesome

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Chartopia, Part 4: Rollable lists


Unique results with Chartopia lists, tables and charts

Chartopia list
Any of these and more sewer encounters could take place in a setting just like this. [Art by Alexlinde from]
Hello friends! We’ve already brought up the Rollable List feature on Chartopia – a semicolon-separated list of items/words/phrases within square brackets. It adds diversity to results without needing to call upon multiple tables. But there’s more to it than a single dice roll. Let’s look into what else it can do for you. In the sewer combat encounter table discussed in the second Chartopia article, one possible encounter for players was adventurers. To mix it up we added some variance in how…

[they mistakenly believe you’re hostile/cultists/etc; they attack because they think you’re after the same treasure they’re searching for; they’ve been hired by an enemy to kill the party]

So what else can you do with a rollable list? Continue reading Chartopia, Part 4: Rollable lists

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Chartopia talks random tables and RPG charts with Nerdarchy

A hallmark of roleplaying games, charts and tables are woven into the fabric of Dungeons & Dragons and every other tabletop RPG. They’re a way to inject spontaneity and randomness into adventures. Thanks to diligent work by Scott Beccard and Glenn McCord in developing Chartopia, GMs have a quick and easy way to create and access charts for anything they can imagine. Continue reading Chartopia talks random tables and RPG charts with Nerdarchy

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The art of collaborative adventure design

Taking a break from the usual musings on nurturing a tabletop gaming habit amidst the time demands of busy adult lives, this week I’d like to share some insider thoughts on a Nerdarchy project I’m involved with. “Floshar’s Fate” (title subject to change) is a free Dungeons & Dragons 5E one-shot adventure in the works from several Nerdarchy writers in honor of Geek & Sunday’s International Tabletop Day 2017 on April 29. Don’t worry – there’s no spoilers here, so whether you’re a DM looking forward to running this adventure or a player hoping to experience it at your table, there’s no secrets or details here that will sully it for you.


Continue reading The art of collaborative adventure design

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“Floshar’s Fate,” a Free Dungeons & Dragons 5E Adventure Coming Your Way from Nerdarchy

“Floshar’s Fate,” a free Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventure built specifically to play on the Geek And Sundry Heralded International Tabletop Day 2017 (April 29) is coming your way from Nerdarchy. If you are a Dungeon Master, think about planning now to play the adventure with your players. If you are a Nerdarchy fan and an artist, the Nerdarchy writers who are building “Floshar’s Fate” could use your help bringing our vision to life visually. Continue reading “Floshar’s Fate,” a Free Dungeons & Dragons 5E Adventure Coming Your Way from Nerdarchy

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Nerdarchy Nerdy Contest Rules for Fan2Sea Nerdcation

Nerdarchy Nerdy Contest and Biggest Give-A-Way Ever! (Fan2Sea Nerdcation)

Greetings Everyone, I am extremely excited to go on this upcoming cruise. I have never been on a cruise and this theme convinced me that I have too be on it.  Dave and I are really interested in seeing as many nerdarchists there as we can possibly get to come aboard with us. To start that off right we are holding a contest in which Nerdarchy will be giving away a full cabin! Contest Rules for Fan2Sea Nerdcation

I know some of you are saying give me, give me, give me, I needz cabinz!

Or you can book now using the special discount code “Nerdarchy” for a 10% discount. Don’t worry if you win the free cabin you’ll get your booking refunded.

I understand, but since there is only one cabin for this give away there has to be some way in which everyone who wants to get a shot at winning it, can participate. Below is how you can get a few chances to join Nerdarchy, and a hoard of other people (many of which are well known in the nerd and geek culture), on a nerdcation the likes of which I have never seen. Continue reading Nerdarchy Nerdy Contest Rules for Fan2Sea Nerdcation

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Free RPG Day – What Will Bring in New Players?

Erik Tenkar (of Tenkar’s Tavern) and Louis Porter Jr both recently shared their opinions on Free RPGfree rpg day Tabletop Roleplaying Games Day. While many people are happy that the event exists and that free adventures are made available to Tabletop Roleplaying Game gamers, it is starting to become evident that the goal of the day is not being achieved. The original goal of the day was to open the Tabletop Roleplaying Games hobby to new players, what Free RPG Day has arguably become is a “thank you” to existing Tabletop Roleplaying Game players.

Erik’s article on the subject was a lament of the situation and a call out to the Tenkar’s Tavern community for fix ideas. It prompted me to think about what would actually grow our hobby through Free RPG Day. Here are the three steps that I think would lead to Free RPG Day actually achieving the goal it was made to achieve – bringing in new Tabletop Roleplaying Game players.

  • Step 1 – Build a new Free Tabletop Roleplaying Games that will be given to new players digitally one month prior to Free RPG Day. This is important because if the name of the event is Free RPG Day, then a Free RPG should actually be delivered for people on or before that day. One of the sharp edges of Free RPG Day has been going to the Friendly Local Gaming Store and seeing what is put out on the table and by and large seeing  a lot of Free RPG Adventures, not Free RPGs. This Free Tabletop Roleplaying Game that will be provided to new players should meet the following criteria; 50 to 150 pages, full color every page, great art + great rules + great design + great writing.
  • Step 2 – Ensure that the new Free Tabletop Roleplaying Game that is given to new players is actually accessible to new players. This means that the new Free Tabletop Roleplaying Game needs to be built around delivering a campaign for players that is three, five or seven sessions maximum. No more than seven sessions. Each of those sessions that the new Free Tabletop Roleplaying Game is built to play should be designed from the gate to be 90 to 120 minutes long. What I am saying is the new Free Tabletop Roleplaying Game must kill the old habits of most Tabletop Roleplaying Games – Habit 1 = Campaigns run for an unspecified number of sessions and Habit 2 = Each session is 4 to 6 hours long. Campaigns that run for an unspecified number of sessions with sessions that are 4 to 6 hours long is what is killing our hobby. Really think about what introducing a new player to Tabletop Roleplaying Games really means. It means saying, “Hey, would you like to play a game with me that you will commit to now, that has no specified ending and every time we do play that game it will take 4 to 6 hours to do it”. That is a HUGE ask, understandably scary to new players. free rpg day Tabletop Roleplaying GamesFew other hobbies ask this much of participants. Is is it any wonder our hobby struggles to bring in new players? These old habits of our hobby need to die or our hobby will die.
  • Step 3 – Existing players should latch onto the the new Free Tabletop Roleplaying Game that is given to new players one month prior to Free RPG Day and be prepared to start a three session campaign with 2 to 4 new players, with the first session being on Free RPG Day. These sessions should happen in 1) a Friendly Local Game Store or 2) existing players’ homes or 3) community centers or 4) church gymnasiums or 5) online Google Hangouts or 6) local libraries or 7) any other free public space that a two hour, 5 person table activity will fit. The existing players will then need to ensure that they have a space for the remaining two session in the story arc. (This is because one shots are inherently bad examples of what happens in an actual Tabletop Roleplaying Games campaign.)

Continue reading Free RPG Day – What Will Bring in New Players?

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Free fiction from Ty Johnston

As some of you might know, after 20 years as a newspaper journalist, nowadays I make my living as a fiction writer, mostly in fantasy and horror though I occasionally dip into other genres. Over the last decade or so some of my short stories have become available to read on one website or another, and a number of my shorter e-books are currently free to read. For those who might be interested, I thought I would provide a brief guide along with links to the stories or e-books.

Concerning the e-books, where available I will provide a link to the Amazon page for those of you with a Kindle or who use a Kindle app, but I will also provide a link to a site called Smashwords where you can download the free e-book in whatever format you desire.

Let’s get going.

Free e-books from Ty Johnston

Mage Hunter: Episode 1: Blooded Snow

Mage HunterA hunt for raiding barbarians turns upon the hunters. But far worse is to come for the sleepy villages of northern Ursia and the soldiers who protect the villagers. The Dartague barbarians have had enough of the Ursians encroaching upon their mountainous borders, and the raids are but a feint to draw out soldiers while a much larger attack is in the works. His squad mates slain, Sergeant Guthrie Hackett finds himself alone in the winter wilderness on the border between his homeland and the nation of barbarians. He discovers the Dartague have a new leader, a wyrd woman who is behind the border assault. Worse yet for the sergeant, he has fallen under the attention of an ice witch, an inhuman creature with secret goals of her own. Seeking to survive, Hackett tries to make it back to his own countrymen, only to find there is relatively little safety for him anywhere in the northern regions.

This e-book is serial fiction, the first in a five-part series that tells the tale of Guthrie Hackett and how he comes to learn a few things about himself while trying to survive an approaching war with outlanders. Continue reading Free fiction from Ty Johnston

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Review: Challenger, a free role-playing game

The cover of the Challenger RPG.

In the early days of tabletop role-playing games, mainly meaning the early days of Dungeons & Dragons, there was a certain amateur charm and excitement to the products. The artwork was decent, but not quite up to professional levels. The writing was personal, not full of corporate speak, with the occasional error. Even the rules were somewhat questionable, fairly simple but not always making sense.

The Challenger free role-playing game reminds of those days.

Obviously an amateur work, though a work of love, the Challenger game is written as if one of your gaming buddies was sitting across a table from you while excitedly telling you about his or her latest creation. The rules are simple, especially by modern standards, but they still seem to get the job done. The focus is upon rolling fewer dice so the role-playing aspects of the game can shine through, all while working hard to present a Continue reading Review: Challenger, a free role-playing game

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How You can Save Money on Audiobooks Without Even Trying

I discovered the solution by accident. It all started about 6 months ago when I had just finished a season by Netflix binge watching without even trying.

I then realized a terrible truth.

The next season wasn’t out yet!

If you have ever watched a show straight through an entire season in one to three sittings at a time because it was that good then you know my pain.

How You can Save Money on Audiobooks Without Even Trying

Did you know there are several stages and side effects after completing a binge watch

1st stage: Confusion

This is where you start questioning your reality. “Did I really just watch the entire season? It all went by so fast. Was I conscious the whole time?”

Next is 2nd Stage: Loss of Motivation

Right after you finish there is nothing else that seems as good as watching more episodes of the show.”What am I going to do for the next 6 months while I wait for the next season? Oh no, it is 4:30 in the morning and I have to go to work. Or should I just call out -cough, cough- sick?”

3rd Stage: Impatience

Waiting until next season feels like less and less of a solution. “How long is it until it will be up online? Who do I have to pay, what favor could I owe someone to make it get here faster?

4th Stage: Concern / Worry

“Wait! There is another season right?”

Which leads swiftly to 5th Stage: Conditional Rage

“I did not just unknowingly watch the series finale? I am going to go berserk if there are no more episodes and that was it, forever.”

Stick typing How You can Save Money on Audiobooks Without Even Trying6th Stage: Fact Finding- ups and downs(aka the roller coaster ride of internet searches)

“Let’s go online and make sure that wasn’t the series finale… Google filled in the 5th season search before I finished typing it- this seems promising. Argh, all of these bloggers are talking about how they can’t wait to see if there is another season.

Ooo, the books are ahead of the show! But I don’t have time to catch up by reading all of the books.

Alright! There are audiobooks. Argh, not alright because they are 40 dollars each. Blast!

Woohoo I found a sweet site to get the audiobooks for free!

The link above is how you can save money on Audiobooks without even trying

The above scenario recently happened to me and I joined the month trial and gained 2 audiobooks for free. It was a quick sign up, there are over 150,000 audiobooks available and you can download them instantly.

I listen to them while running around, sitting at work, as well as when I am in the car.

How You can Save Money on Audiobooks Without Even TryingNow I am fitting audiobooks into my schedule where there was no room for traditional book reading. That is possible because I am listening to them during a time that is already assigned to another task while still getting the task done.

Multitasking the Nerd Way- Listen to audiobooks for free!

The wonderful advantage to audiobooks is that you can consume the books you want to read without them soaking up your evenings, free time, and shelf space.

The advantage to the free trial is getting audiobooks that can cost upwards 0f 40-50 dollars for $0.00!

 How You can Save Money on Audiobooks Without Even Trying

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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We produce over 500 videos 250 articles 50 pieces of art and much more each year.

We are able to do it all through the readers’ and subscribers’ support as well as copious amounts of pizza, soda, and sweet teas.

Thanks again! Until next time, Stay Nerdy!