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NERDARCHY For Nerds. By Nerds. NERDARCHY For Nerds. By Nerds. NERDARCHY For Nerds. By Nerds.


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Greetings, fellow traveler of the internet. Nerdarchy is for nerds, by nerds – welcoming all you nerds to our home on the web.

Nerdarchy is a multiplatform content creator focused on Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games. We’re funny-shaped dice enthusiasts with over 75 years combined experience sharing news, views and homebrews. We discuss storytelling, worldbuilding, game mechanics, Game Master and player tips and answer your questions through our GM 911 series. We invite you to our table for friendship and fun while we work to expand the hobby we love through welcoming new players and encouraging current players with new ideas, concepts and content to bring to your own games.

On our YouTube channel we have thousands of videos with no end in sight, covering all of the above. And our Patreon supporters get access to even more content including live chats, sneak peeks, early access to upcoming products, Discord, one-on-one help, opportunities to game with Nerdarchy and more.

Here on our website we post original content covering everything from news in the gaming industry to exclusive content ready to plug and play in your home games, previews and reviews for RPG products, interviews with creators, and expanded content inspired by our videos.

Nerdarchy.com is also home to the Nerdarchy Store where you can find Nerdarchy merchandise and other exclusive gear, 3-D printed accessories like miniatures and terrain for your roleplaying games, adventures and supplements and more.

All of our endeavors would not be possible without the awesome Nerdarchy community. The support we receive through subscribers on YouTube, visitors to our website, our Patreon supporters and incredible sponsors make it possible for us to continue moving onward and upward.

As we grow, we look to expand in every direction. Better videos, posts and network partners, sponsorships, exclusive Patreon content and both digital and physical products, convention appearances and more are all coming your way from Nerdarchy. We could not do all of this without our fans all over the world who inspire us to keep doing what we do.

Thank you for subscribing, watching, reading, hanging out and playing games with us. And as always – stay nerdy!

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