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D&D Ideas: Beginners

D&D Ideas: Homebrew
50th Anniversary Even if it is a Bit Late


Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! In this weekly live chat, we explored the topic of Beginners during our live chat. Join us every Sunday evening at 8 p.m. EST on Nerdarchy’s YouTube channel as we discuss D&D, RPGs, gaming, life, and an array of other nerdy topics.

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Delving Dave’s Dungeon

Embarking on Adventure: 15 Starter Quests for D&D Beginners

I love welcoming beginners to the enchanting realm of Dungeons & Dragons, a world where your imagination can soar, and every path leads to new adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned Dungeon Master (DM) or a beginner guiding your first campaign, creating captivating adventures is critical. To spark your creativity, I’ve curated a list of 15 starter quests, perfect for beginners delving into the world of D&D.

1. The Lost Heirloom

In a quintessential retrieval quest, players must reclaim a precious heirloom stolen by cunning goblins. As they navigate a dense, goblin-infested forest, they’ll encounter sly traps and negotiate with capricious goblin leaders. This quest teaches the basics of combat and diplomacy, setting the stage for more complex encounters.

2. The Village Festival

During a lively village festival, a series of mysterious thefts occur. Players must uncover clues, interact with colorful locals, and eventually expose a hidden network of smugglers. This adventure emphasizes role-playing and investigation, perfect for honing deductive skills and character interaction.

3. The Haunted Manor

Charged with clearing spirits from an eerie manor, the party discovers an ancient curse binds the ghosts. Players must navigate through spectral encounters and unravel the manor’s history to lift the curse, blending combat with a rich narrative that teaches empathy and creative problem-solving.

4. The Wizard’s Apprentice

A local wizard needs rare ingredients for a powerful spell. Players venture into a magical forest, braving mystical beasts and environmental hazards. This quest introduces elements of resource gathering, occult lore, and the consequences of tampering with arcane forces.

5. The Dragon’s Egg

Upon finding a dragon egg, players must protect it from various factions vying for its power. They’ll navigate complex political landscapes, negotiate secretively, and make challenging moral decisions, highlighting the game’s strategic and diplomatic aspects.

6. The Lost Temple

An ancient temple, recently unearthed, beckons the players to explore its depths. Inside, they face intricate traps, ancient puzzles, and forgotten guardians, introducing the excitement of exploration and the thrill of uncovering lost civilizations.

7. The Bandit King

Players are tasked with taking down a notorious bandit king. Infiltrating his well-guarded hideout, they gather intelligence for a final showdown. This adventure combines stealth, espionage, and direct combat, teaching the art of strategy and planning.

8. The Festival of the Four Winds

The players stumble upon a dark plot threatening the event at a festival of challenges and games. They must navigate a series of contests while simultaneously unraveling the conspiracy, testing their adaptability and teamwork.

9. The Cursed Village

A village suffering under a mysterious curse calls for aid. Players confront supernatural threats, ethical dilemmas, and the heartbreaking stories of the cursed villagers, fostering critical thinking and compassion in problem-solving.

10. The Goblin Siege

As a goblin army prepares to besiege a town, players help fortify it and strategize its defenses. They’ll engage in large-scale combat and learn the importance of tactical thinking and heroism in protecting the innocent.

11. The Secret of the Sirens

With sailors vanishing near an island, players investigate the mythic sirens’ secret. They’ll navigate treacherous waters, confront enchanting creatures, and uncover an ancient tragedy, blending mythology with investigation and combat.

12. The Merchant’s Request

A wealthy merchant hires the players to escort a caravan through dangerous lands. Facing bandit ambushes and treacherous terrain, this adventure emphasizes the significance of vigilance and the responsibilities of a protector.

13. The Forgotten Crypt

A quest for an ancient artifact in a forgotten crypt pits players against undead horrors and cryptic puzzles. They’ll delve into the lore of lost eras and face the eerie remnants of a bygone age, perfect for introducing the classic dungeon crawl experience.

14. The Wandering Giant

A confused giant inadvertently causes chaos in a town. Players must find a way to guide the gentle giant back to his home, blending problem-solving with a touch of whimsy and emphasizing non-violent resolutions and empathy.

15. The Enchanted Forest

Players seek to restore balance in a magical forest threatened by an unknown corruption. They’ll encounter enchanted creatures, untangle the forest’s ancient lore, and confront the source of the corruption, showcasing the importance of environmental storytelling and the balance of nature.

These quests provide a balanced introduction to D&D‘s core pillars: exploration, social interaction, and combat. They encourage beginners to immerse themselves in their characters and the world you create, fostering a sense of adventure and camaraderie that is the essence of every D&D campaign.

From Ted’s Head

It’s a tremendous joy to introduce new players to the game. I’ve had the pleasure of guiding my children and nephews into the captivating world of Dungeons and Dragons. Bringing fresh enthusiasts is crucial for preserving this wonderful hobby for future generations and infusing the game with new ideas and perspectives.

Since founding Nerdarchy, my understanding of diverse ways to play this game has expanded significantly beyond what I knew when I began over 30 years ago. I’m eager to share some of these experiences with you.

When I started playing with a new group at a comic shop, we were bound by limited playtime and the Dungeon Master’s (DM) expectations of the game. Our understanding was that we would gain levels after each session. After nearly four hours of phenomenal role-playing, as we approached the end of our allotted time, the DM hastily introduced a map featuring a solitary enemy who was defeated in a round and a half. Then I realized that combat was no longer as important to me as it once had been, a realization that has influenced the games I’ve run since.

My nephew joined our kids’ game recently. Having heard Dave and me discuss it for years and knowing others who played, he was eager to try despite never having played before. His character’s entrance into the game was seamless, embarking on natural role-play as if he had been doing it all his life. I was astounded by his and another player’s 15-minute role-playing interaction, especially considering they had never met before and nothing was pre-arranged. Their immediate chemistry and deep engagement in role-playing were delightful. I wish all beginners were this enthusiastic.

Therefore, I encourage experienced players to engage with newcomers in and out of character to create a welcoming environment.

In conclusion, encouraging new players to join our tables brings fresh ideas and perspectives and might steer the hobby in previously unconsidered directions. We must make room for these novices to experiment with their ideas. While some may not succeed, the growth that could occur from their attempts is invaluable. Seeing comments on social media where potential players are discouraged from participating is disheartening. We should welcome these enthusiasts with open arms, appreciating their willingness to invest time in our beloved game of make-believe.

Nerdarchy staff

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