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Nerdarchy on 3 RPGs that are Better than D&D for Beginners

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Nerdarchy on D&D Mechanics: You can Only be a Winner or Loser

In this 19-minute video on Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted look at roleplaying games other than fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons as ways to get into the RPG hobby.

During the video they discuss why D&D is often looked at as the gateway RPG and consider the pros and cons of this situation. Brand recognition lands high on the list of pros along with cultural penetration. On the downside there’s 5E D&D’s complexity and long history, which can sometimes be intimidating.

The conversation then turns to other RPGs and they present three other games with easier entry points than D&D. In essence this involves the system behind each game and they cover Powered by the Apocalypse games, my own favorite Quest and Shadow of the Demon Lord. For each of these games they talk about how players new to the hobby may find these much easier to wrap their heads around and get started.

While 5E D&D doesn’t necessarily contain the same sorts of “traps” as some earlier editions when it comes to character choices at this point in the 5E D&D timeline there’s a tremendous amount of options for players. Coupled with the subjectivity of the game experience this can be somewhat overwhelming and players may find their character choices don’t always mesh well with the adventures in which they’re involved. Over at Dungeon Master’s Guild we’ve been creating Character Build Guides for players seeking thematic character concepts. Plus we include an NPC version for Dungeon Masters in every pay-what-you-want title. Check out 60+ guides like this one here!

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