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Dice, Dungeons and Dragons, 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary Even if it is a Bit Late

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Dice, 50th Aniversery of Dungeons and Dragons

Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons

I know that this is a little late, but I had the idea and I just had to run with it. Dungeons & Dragons has celebrated 50 years. That’s 50 years that the game of D&D has been used to tell wonderful stories, bring people together, and make lasting memories. Since its inception, Dungeons & Dragons has been a cornerstone of creativity and imagination, allowing players to embark on countless adventures in fantastical worlds. This milestone is not just a testament to the game itself, but to the community of players and Dungeon Masters who have kept the spirit of D&D alive and thriving.

Dungeons & Dragons was, of course, originally created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. These two visionaries laid the foundation for what would become the most beloved tabletop role-playing game in history. Their innovation and passion opened the door for an entire genre of gaming, inspiring millions around the world to pick up dice and create their own epic tales. So come and celebrate this anniversary with all your fellow gamers by rolling dice and having fun with this amazing hobby.

To pay tribute to these pioneers, I am going to do one of the things that I adore doing since I was brought into this hobby and became a Dungeon Master: I am going to make some magic items. These magic items are going to be named after the aforementioned pioneers, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, as a nod to their invaluable contributions to the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Creating new magic items is one of the joys of being a Dungeon Master. It allows me to blend creativity with mechanics, crafting tools that can enhance gameplay and add a unique flavor to my campaigns.

New Magic items for D&D to Celebrate Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson

  1. Gygax’s Gambit (Legendary Weapon):
    • This enchanted longsword bears the runes spelling out Gygax down its blade. It is said this rune can embody strategic brilliance and love for daring adventures.
    • Effect: Grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Once per day, the wielder can invoke Gygax’s Gambit to automatically turn a successful attack into a critical hit against a target, channeling Gygax’s legendary luck in battle.
  2. Arneson’s Amulet (Legendary Trinket):
    • Named after an adventurer named Arneson. This amulet symbolizes creativity and innovation.
    • Effect: While wearing this amulet, the wearer gains advantage on all ability checks and saving throws related to creativity, improvisation, and storytelling.
  3. Blackmoor’s Beacon (Very Rare Wondrous Item):
    • A mysterious lantern named after the Blackmoor swamps is known for its tricks and illusions.
    • Effect: When lit, Blackmoor’s Beacon emits a magical light that reveals hidden truths and secrets. It can cast the True Seeing spell once per day, allowing the bearer to see through illusions and perceive the true nature of things.
  4. Dragon’s Hoard (Very Rare  wondrous item):
    • Inspired by the legendary dragon hoards found in countless D&D Worlds, this treasure chest is said to contain the collective imagination and creativity of D&D players worldwide.
    • Effect: When opened, Dragon’s Hoard releases a burst of magical energy that grants the bearer inspiration and insight. Once per day, the bearer can draw upon the hoard’s power to reroll any d20 roll and take the higher result.
  5. Tome of Gygarneson (Legendary Spellbook):
    • A spellbook containing the combined knowledge and wisdom of Wizards across the planes of existence, this tome is revered by wizards and sages alike.
    • Effect: The Tome of Gygarneson grants its wielder access to a vast array of spells and arcane secrets. Once per day, the wielder can cast any spell from the wizard spell list of 5th level or lower without expending a spell slot.

Make Magic items Unique and customized

Feel free to be inspired by these items and add NPCs to your world that could match these items’ namesakes. Feel free to add your own celebrations for this great occasion to your games. Take these magic items, bend twist and contort them into what best fits your needs and the needs of your table.

Creating these items is a way to honor the legacy of Gygax and Arneson, incorporating elements that reflect their unique contributions to the game.

As a Dungeon Master, I find immense joy in weaving these elements into my campaigns, creating memorable moments for my players. These items are not just tools, but symbols of the rich history and enduring legacy of Dungeons & Dragons. By naming these items after Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, I hope to keep their memory alive and inspire others to explore the vast, imaginative world they helped create.

So, here’s to 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons, and to the countless adventures yet to come. Let us continue to create, to imagine, and to celebrate the game that has brought so much joy to our lives. And may the spirit of Gygax and Arneson guide us as we embark on new quests and forge new legends.

Thanks for Reading. Until Next Time Stay Nerdy!


Ted Adams

The nerd is strong in this one. I received my bachelors degree in communication with a specialization in Radio/TV/Film. I have been a table op role player for about 20 years 17 of which with the current group. I have played several itterations of D&D, Mutants and Masterminds 2nd and 3rd editions, Star wars RPG, Shadowrun and World of Darkness. I am an avid fan of books and follow a few authors reading all they write. Favorite author is Jim Butcher I have been an on/off larper for around 15 years even doing a stretch of running my own for a while. I have played a number of Miniature games including Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Heroscape, Mage Knight, Dreamblade and D&D Miniatures. I have practiced with the art of the German long sword with an ARMA group for over 7 years studying the German long sword, sword and buckler, dagger, axe and polearm. By no strecth of the imagination am I an expert but good enough to last longer than the average person if the Zombie apocalypse ever happens. I am an avid fan of board games and dice games with my current favorite being Quarrios.

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