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Geek and Sundry GM Tips with Satine Phoenix…and Nerdarchy!

GM Tips Geek and Sundry Satine Phoenix

Thanks to so many awesome Nerdarchy fans and supporters, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted were able to make it out to Los Angeles earlier this year to appear on GM Tips with Satine Phoenix. The Geek and Sundry program features different Game Masters each week tackling topics and themes to help the tabletop roleplaying game community. Satine is a tireless advocate for the hobby and has become a great friend to Nerdarchy, and everyone here was incredibly stoked when she made the invitation to appear on her show.

Nerdarchy on GM Tips

Off-the-Cuff Home Brew Games is the focus of Nerdarchy’s GM Tips episode. Fans of our You Tube channel and website are intimately familiar with the improvisational and personal creation approach to roleplaying games, particularly fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons in the spotlight of a lot of our content. In live stream games like the Scarlet Sisterhood of Steel and Sorcery and recorded game plays like the twin campaigns run by Nerdarchists Dave and Ted, Nerdarchy fans can discover the Gryphongaffe setting as it grows and develops right alongside the players – and the Dungeon Masters!

NerdarchyOn GM Tips, the guys discuss their philosophy on creating memorable adventures and experiences for players without a need for copious notes, crafted encounters or preplanned scenarios, all within unique campaign settings. It’s worth noting that Nerdarchy by no means discounts any other methods of running or playing D&D or any roleplaying game. Whether your gaming group runs published adventures like Tomb of Annihilation or Out of the Abyss, adventures within a setting of your own creation guided by the GM’s notes and XP-budgeted encounters, or any other method, as long as everyone at the table has fun you’re doing it right!

In the episode, the guys share their insights on several techniques, methods, tips and tricks for GMs to run immersive, player-driven stories that evoke the spirit of collaboration that makes D&D and other RPGs such a fun and unique experience. Definitely check out the GM Tips video to hear everything the guys have to say. Here’s a quick rundown of some points that emerge:

  • Appeal of homebrew settings compared to published campaign settings
  • How to run adventures with little or no preparation or written material
  • Importance of listening to players and letting them drive stories forward, aid in creation and world build
  • Gaming as an extension of friendship
  • Rolling with changes in the direction of a story
  • Taking notes during play
  • Fostering drama and group dynamics
  • Arranging a buddy system at the gaming table
  • Favorite gaming moments
  • It’s still a game – have fun!

Nerdarchy would like to thank Geek and Sundry for the incredible opportunity to visit the LA studio and appear on GM Tips with Satine Phoenix. It was an unforgettable experience! Nerdarchists Dave and Ted had an awesome time meeting everyone there, making new friends and new relationships as well as the chance to meetup with Nerdarchy fans and play some D&D. We love all our amazing fans and we’re so grateful for the Nerdarchy community as we continue to grow and share our love for gaming with people all over the world.

Stay nerdy!


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Matt Mercer & Friends Prove Every Roll Matters in Gen Con GM Improv Showdown

D&D Gen Con adventure

Gen Con 50 was a records-shattering celebration of gaming culture with countless seminars, panels, events and of course games! Nerdarchy made the pilgrimage to Indianapolis, where Nerdarchist Dave and Web editor Doug met fans and colleagues, met awesome industry influencers and forged new friendships with gamers of every stripe.

Nerdarchy also had the honor of livestreaming a very special event, immediately following the live Maze Arcana game that Nerdarchist Dave played in with DM Ruty Rutenberg and players Satine Phoenix, Amy Vorpahl, Amy Dallen and Andrew Armstrong. Continue reading Matt Mercer & Friends Prove Every Roll Matters in Gen Con GM Improv Showdown

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D&D adventure within adventure at Gen Con 50

D&D Gen Con adventure

D&D Gen Con adventureA couple of days have passed since returning home from Gen Con 50 adventure. Decompression and recovery efforts were successful – getting back to the gym and catching up on sleep work wonders!

All the physical stuff is unpacked, flipped through wistfully, played again, read, and admired now on the shelf. So I thought I’d unpack the intangibles to share. The memories, experiences and lessons for fellow nerds and gamers.

I love me some tabletop games, and this trip to gamers mecca did not disappoint. But of all the games in all the world, that sweet, sweet D&D is my favorite. Continue reading D&D adventure within adventure at Gen Con 50

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D&D Beyond Pricing Announced…and a Bunch of Other Stuff, Too

D&D Beyond

With a week to go before the full launch of D&D Beyond, the digital source for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons tools, several announcements were made about the pricing, features and more.

The toolset, created by Curse in partnership with Wizards of the Coast’s D&D team, moves the D&D experience more fully into the digital age. D&D Beyond contains all the tools and rules needed to create and play D&D content. The goal is to make D&D game management easier for players and Dungeon Masters. Integration with Twitch is another piece of the puzzle, too. D&D Beyond was designed with the live streaming gamer in mind, with features to make streaming your D&D game on Twitch easier for the players and the audience.

Some of this week’s announcements from the D&D Beyond team help clear up rumors and speculation about the product, others highlight and introduce extended features and some are new developments.

D&D Beyond subscription details

Perhaps the biggest topic of discussion about D&D Beyond is about the subscription model. What does a monthly fee get users? How much will it cost? D&D Beyond will offer a free account version, where users will still be able to use all the features, unlock official content and participate in the community forums. It can still be useful though.

For full details on D&D Beyond subscription tiers visit the official website here. Here’s a few highlights to give you a quick overview.

  • Hero Tier ($2.99/month; $14.99/6 months; $25.99/year)
    • Unlimited character creation
    • Add homebrew content from community to your collection
    • Removes ads
  • Master Tier ($5.99/month; $29.99/6 months; $54.99/year)
    • All Hero Tier benefits
    • Content sharing for up to three campaigns

D&D Beyond pricing details

If you’re gonna play Out of the Abyss, do it in style with a Demogorgon T-Shirt!

Digital game content like the Player’s Handbook or campaign books such as Storm King’s Thunder are not included with either free or subscription accounts. Only the free Basic Rules/SRD are available with any sort of account. Adding additional content requires purchase. Note that free accounts can purchase and unlock digital content.

Full details on D&D Beyond pricing structures are given at the official website here. The information is extensive and looks to be very customizable for anyone’s needs. This seems like a particularly cool feature the D&D Beyond team included based on feedback. According to the website, if a user wanted to unlock the tabaxi race without spending $29.99 on Volo’s Guide to Monsters, that is an option.

There are discounts scheduled for a period after launch, with the sale ending Monday, Aug. 21.

  • Standard Pricing
    • Normal sourcebooks – $29.99
    • Adventures – $24.99
  • Founder’s Week Sale
    • Core Rulebooks (Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual) – $19.99
      • This sale ends on Monday, Aug. 21
  • Legendary Bundle
    • All five sourcebooks and eight adventures – $279.99
    • Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual, Sword Coast Adventurers Guide, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Lost Mine of Phandelver, Horde of the Dragon Queen, Rise of Tiamat, Princes of the Apocalypse, Out of the Abyss, Curse of Strahd, Storm King’s Thunder, Tales from the Yawning Portal
    • Pricing includes a 15 percent discount off standard cost
    • Discount applies to all future content
      • When Tomb of Annihilation releases, 15 percent discount will be applied
    • Legendary Bundle pricing will increase as later content is added
  • Individual and bundle elements
    • Race, class, spell, magic item, monster, background, feat, subrace, subclass
      • Various prices for each specific element
    • Bundles include things like all the races in Volo’s Guide to Monsters or all class options in Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
      • Various prices for bundle elements
    • Later purchases will take into account currently unlocked content
      • Example from website: “Let’s say you purchase 3 spells from the Player’s Handbook for $2 each (rounding for easier math) for a total of $6, then the PHB Races bundle for $6. If you later decide to purchase the entire Player’s Handbook, you will receive a credit on that purchase of $12, making the total remaining cost ~$18.”

D&D Beyond pronunciation guide

Working with Wizards of the Coast, and Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray, D&D Beyond includes an audio element. Both skilled voice actors, Mercer and Ray are part of Geek and Sundry’s Critical Role in addition to lots of other cool projects. Mercer’s new Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting from Green Ronin lets D&D players explore the world he created for Critical Role, and Ray is the creative director for Geek and Sundry.

Personally, despite what the pronunciation guide says I’m still going to call gray dwarves “dwar-gar” and shark-people “sah-hwa-ghin.”

If we’re lucky, a future product will have a new creature called “Itshyknoon.”

D&D Beyond’s new content manager

Amid the flood of announcements about subscriptions, pricing and features, D&D Beyond also shared this bit of news. Todd Kenreck, the documentary filmmaker and video producer/reporter whose Dungeon Life web series launched earlier this year, joined Curse in a content manager role.

Kenreck, who was a guest on Nerdarchy’s live chat segment, will bring his expertise as a journalist and producer to create exciting, engaging content for D&D Beyond. Under the name Doomsphere, Kenreck will maintain a presence on the D&D Beyond community forums. The Dungeon Life videos will have a new home with D&D Beyond and Kenreck will continue to deliver excellent content to help tell the story of D&D through its creators.

He will also manage the D&D Beyond social media accounts. With his decades of experience and passion for D&D, this is a wonderful announcement. It shows that D&D Beyond is certainly not a one-trick pony, either, with plans to expand and include a lot more than just rulebooks and databases.

What does D&D Beyond mean?

Say what you will about pricing, subscriptions or anything else, D&D Beyond shows that D&D is embracing technology and is committing to delivering the best possible experience for fans of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Increasing exposure and accessibility to new players, and giving existing fans new ways to interact and play is nothing but a net positive. There is no requirement to subscribe, buy or even use D&D Beyond either at your home game with friends gathered together around a table or during online or live streaming game play.

However, it does offer a ton of cool features for all of those scenarios. If you already own all the physical books and don’t want to invest in digital versions, it won’t lessen your enjoyment of D&D. To me, D&D Beyond represents the possibility that gamers have wished for and tried to emulate through video games since as far back as I can remember. I like Neverwinter Nights as much as the next guy, but games like that and many others were’t really D&D. With D&D Beyond and especially Twitch integration, I envision the potential to play D&D anytime, anywhere.

The community tools only add to the wonder of D&D, giving players a community to share homebrew ideas that can be dropped seamlessly onto characters or campaigns. Adding Todd Kenreck to the team is a huge step, too, showing a much grander vision than a simple toolset.

One thing I am curious about is if there will be any partnership with Adventurer’s League. A feature to create content scaled for organized play as well as locate nearby on-site AL games or connect with online organized play would be really cool.

We’ll definitely keep our eye on D&D Beyond and are excited to see what comes next. Until then, stay nerdy!


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DC Universe Online Is Experiencing A Rebirth

In the great big world of massive multiplayer online games, the market is very make-it-or-break-it. Yeah there are some games that are bigger than others, but the ones that really catch fire hit a specific market and consistently update the content. DC Universe Online, or DCUO for short, had hit the market so hard they beat out the market leader to become the ruler of the roost.

From going free to play, to the consistent new powersets that are given to the new players, DCUO has kept it coming. The MMO visits not just content inspired by hot topic events like various movies, huge comic arcs and cosplay fads, but also brings in things from the fringes of the comics to entertain. Truly, DCUO has got it on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Continue reading DC Universe Online Is Experiencing A Rebirth

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The ‘Fabulous’ Heart of the Marvel Comics Bullpen

Marvel BullpenHey, guys, Professor Bill of Comic Book University (where we are always tuition-free) and I want to talk about the mythical Marvel Bullpen!
Back in the ’60s when Marvel was changing their name from Timely Comics, to Atlas Comics, and finally to Marvel Comics, Stan Lee was the editor-in-chief, working for Martin Goodman, and generally in charge of the day-to-day and he took over the scripting process.
The head artist for the longest time was Jack Kirby. So influential was “King” Kirby, as Stan Lee called him, Stan decided that Jack’s art would represent the overall look of Marvel. Jack made several “overlays” the other artists would copy or trace in order to deliver the look and feel that all the comics were drawn by Kirby.

Continue reading The ‘Fabulous’ Heart of the Marvel Comics Bullpen

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Bungie’s Destiny 2 Launches Open Beta with Live Gameplay

“Eyes up guardian… just kidding. I just wanted to tell you how proud I am to be your ghost. Ever since I found you on Earth it has been a non stop ride. From the Black Gardens and the vex god you killed, to the entire hive royal family you put down. Remember how angry Oryx was with you? Good times, almost as good as the jokes Cayde would tell while you played soccer. I will never forget why you tried to get Zavala to join in those dance parties of yours. Those were the days… Guardian, remember the look of admiration when you got from Saladin when you shut the others down in that Iron Banner event? Bit of friendly competition was just the way to celebrate success against the SIVA crisis. We have come a long way together. My favorite was feeling the rush of wind during the sparrow races. Or maybe when you hit the shield brothers with the Gjallarhorn rockets. Man that was… hey… Eyes up Guardian, for real this time. What’s that? Up there in front of the Traveler…?”
-Ghost designation D1NKL80T

Promotional art for Destiny 2 [Image courtesy of Bungie]
Come join us on Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4 as Nerdarchy Staff Writer Nubz tries out the open beta!

Play on PS4 or PS3? Did you know that Nerdarchy has a community that plays together often? Go ahead and search in the community section for Nerdarchy and for the player Nubz_The_Zombie

Have any Questions or Comments?
Feel free to message me at or at

Stay Nerdy,


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Marvel Super Heroes RPG Live Game All About the Chat

Hey, guys, Professor Bill of Comic Book University and I want to talk about you.
No, seriously, all of you guys who appear in the chat for the Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game FASERIP live game I run for the crew on Mondays. Also, all of you who comment afterward in the comments section of those videos, I try to go back to the videos once in a while to see if there are questions I can answer or see your opinions.

Continue reading Marvel Super Heroes RPG Live Game All About the Chat

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Tomb of Annihilation Dares D&D Adventurers to Defy Death

D&D Adventurers League Tomb of Annihilation

In case you missed it, the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League shared a preview of its Season 7 adventures that tie in to the upcoming Tomb of Annihilation storyline from Wizards of the Coast. Set for early release through Wizards Play Network stores on Sept. 8 and wide release on Sept. 19, Tomb of Annihilation takes D&D adventurers to the foreboding jungle peninsula of Chult to solve a mysterious ‘death curse’ caused by a necromantic artifact called the Soulmonger.

Tomb of Annihilation
This teaser image was released prior to the Stream of Annihilation as a preview of the setting for what was revealed to be Chult, for 2017’s Tomb of Annihilation storyline. [Art from Wizards of the Coast]
Along with the exciting new campaign designed by Chris Perkins, Will Doyle and Adam Lee, with additional consulting from Pendleton Ward – the award-winning “Adventure Time” creator – players in D&D’s Adventurers League can participate with a slew of new adventures set in and around Chult and the new storyline.

When Adventurers League Season 7 officially begins on Sept. 5, players will also be introduced to two new adventuring aspects – the Death Curse and Meat Grinder Mode. Because the infamous demilich Acererak is manipulating resurrection magic, the death curse affects anyone who has been brought back from the dead and makes doing so extremely difficult or impossible. To make adventures even more dangerous, Meat Grinder Mode sets death saving throws at DC 15, instead of the standard DC 10.

D&D Adventurers League Tomb of Annihilation preview

To get started with Adventurers League play, a location-based adventure featuring five 1-hour adventures gets things rolling. I had an opportunity to play one of the adventures from DDAL07-01 A City on the Edge at Origins 2017. Designed by writer, gamer and techie Rich Lescouflair to introduce characters to the setting, these faction-themed quests bring adventures to Port Nyanzaru – the eponymous city on the edge of the frightful jungle. Following the premiere at Origins, Role Play Rally, UKGE and AwesomeCon, A City on the Edge will be released through the Dungeon Masters Guild on Sept. 5.

“The Tomb of Annihilation D&D Adventurers League season features locations and NPCs familiar to players of the hardcover adventure, but will also tell four distinct, but intertwined stories about life in the jungles of Chult.” – Robert Adducci, D&D Adventurers League Community Manager

Tier 1 Adventurers League Tomb of Annihilation adventures

In addition to A City on the Edge, Adventurers League characters levels 1-4 can look forward to several other quests to test their mettle at the start of Season 7. Featuring an all-star lineup of adventure designers, these new quests can be played at your favorite local gaming stores, conventions, online or even at home through the expanded Adventurers League guidelines. In fact, Nerdarchy is in the planning stage of running these adventures for our fans and patrons in a live stream so make sure to subscribe Nerdarchy on YouTube and follow us on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and visit our Patreon for more details on this exciting new venture.

DDAL07-03 A Day at the Races

Tomb of Annihilation
Promotional art for Tomb of Annihilation illustrates the dangers in the jungles of Chult. A zombie-spewing zombie T-Rex? Gross. [Art by Wizards of the Coast]
This Tier 1 adventure optimized for 3rd level characters is designed by Ruty Rutenberg. An actor, producer, writer and of course D&D enthusiast, Rutenberg is also an official Wizards of the Coast partner. Known to D&D fans through Maze Arcana, Rutenberg and Satine Phoenix are co-Dungeon Masters for Fury’s Reach on D&D’s Twitch channel.

This two hour adventure is Part One of The Jungle Has Fangs Trilogy. With a title like this and knowing that Tomb of Annihilation takes place in a jungle teeming with dinosaurs, it’s a good bet that Adventurers League characters will be saddling up on these giant reptiles to represent their factions in team-based events.

A Day at the Races is set to premiere throughout October at FiFO Con, QuestCon, Lone Star Game Expo and Kumoricon. The Dungeon Masters Guild release is scheduled for Nov. 7.

DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park

Part Two of The Jungle Has Fangs Trilogy, this adventure is designed by Satine Phoenix, co-creator of Maze Arcana, host of Geek and Sundry’s GM Tips and official Wizards of the Coast partner as co-Dungeon Master for Fury’s Reach on D&D’s Twitch channel. Like A Day at the Races this Tier 1 adventure is optimized for 3rd level characters.

This two hour adventure takes characters beyond the safety of the city and into the jungle in search of help from the natives. If I had to guess, I’d say the natives in question are the lovable grung from Volo’s Guide to Monsters that have already made quite an impression through their appearance during the Stream of Annihilation event.

That’s just conjecture and wishful thinking, though. D&D gamers won’t find out for certain until after the A Walk in the Park premiere in October at FiFO Con, QuestCon, Lone Star Game Expro and Kumoricon. A Dungeon Masters Guild release is scheduled to follow on Nov. 7.

DDAL07-05 Whispers in the Dark

The Jungle Has Fangs Trilogy wraps up with this Tier 1 adventure optimized for 3rd level characters. Designed by Adventurers League organizer and content creator Travis Woodall, adventurers reach a jungle temple after a difficult journey. Within, hopefully, lie the answers to what’s going on in Port Nyanzru.

This two hour adventure will premiere in October at FiFO Con, QuestCon, Lone Star Game Expro and Kumoricon. A Dungeon Masters Guild release is scheduled to follow on Nov. 7.

Tier 2 Adventurers League Tomb of Annihilation adventures

D&D Adventurers League characters who have survived levels 1-4 can look forward to the new Season 7 adventures heading their way. The Tomb of Annihilation storyline only gets deadlier as characters plunge deeper into the jungle and to face more fearsome creatures, risking utter annihilation from the machinations of the demented demilich Acererak.

DDAL07-02 Over the Edge

Temple entrance deep in the jungle with an opening reminiscent of the Green Devil Face? Seems safe. [Art by Wizards of the Coast]
A series of five one-hour adventures in the vein of A City on the Edge, the factions of the Forgotten Realms task adventurers with exploring the jungle to find a suitable place to set up shop in the wilderness.

These Tier 2 scouting missions are optimized for 5th level characters. The adventures are designed by writer and D&D player, DM and advocate Monica Valentinelli and RPG writer and designer Shawn Merwin.

Over the Edge adventures are scheduled to premiere in July at SDCC, GeeklyCon, Far West: St. Swithin’s Day and in August at GenCon, with a Dungeon Masters Guild release on Oct. 3.

DDAL07-06 Fester and Burn

Part One of The Rot from Within Trilogy, this D&D Tier 2 Adventurers League quest is optimized for 8th level characters. Designer James Introcaso, a freelance TV writer and producer, and passionate D&D gamer and creator, challenges characters to solve the disappearance of one of Port Nyanzaru’s citizens in this adventure.

This two hour adventure sounds like it will give characters a chance to get their hands extra dirty by investigating refuse pits in the search for the missing person. I don’t know about you but I’m already imagining some sort of jungle otyugh. These creatures are gross enough without all the jungle humidity!

That’s only a guess, though. Adventurers League players will have to wait for the November premiere at CarnageCon, GameHoleCon, Goblins to Golems and Holiday around the Moonsea to find out for sure, with a Dungeon Masters Guild release scheduled for Dec. 5.

DDAL07-07 Rotting Roots

The Rot from Within Trilogy continues with Part Two, also optimized for 8th level characters. Designed by D&D Adventurers League organizer and DM Lysa Chen, the situation in Port Nyanzaru grows dire. A horde of undead shuffles towards the city and threatens the safety of everyone inside! Well, everyone not well off enough to keep themselves secure. Which I’m guessing means mostly everyone is in danger.

Part of this adventure is finding out where the horrifying threat comes from – and the other part is doing something about it!

A two hour adventure, Rotting Roots builds on what has come before as Adventurers League characters delve deeper into the danger swirling around the Tomb of Annihilation and get closer to putting a stop to the deadly threat.

Like Fester and Burnthis adventure will premiere in November at CarnageCon, GameHoleCon, Goblins to Golems and Holiday around the Moonsea, with a Dungeon Masters Guild release scheduled for Dec. 5.

DDAL07-08 Putting the Dead to Rest

Tomb of Annihilation
Is this the mysterious Soulmonger at work? Looks fun, if you’re into that sort of thing. [Art by Wizards of the Coast]
Could this final adventure of The Rot from Within Trilogy bring D&D Adventurers League characters face-to-face with the adventurer-hating Acererak at last? Will characters uncover the necromantic Soulmonger artifact and put a stop to the threat it poses to Chult and the entire Forgotten Realms? Cindy Moore, US north east regional coordinator for Adventurers League and avid RPG gamer, designed this adventure.

It sure sounds like a possibility in this two hour adventure optimized for 8th level characters. The secrets of the jungle are revealed and adventurers gonna adventure, like you do.

An abandoned city seems to be the source of the undead menace and beckons adventurers to enter and put a stop to whatever is going on.

Like Parts One and Two of The Rot from Within Trilogy, Putting the Dead to Rest will premiere at CarnageCon, GameHoleCon, Goblins to Golems and Holiday around the Moonsea in November, with a follow-up Dungeon Masters Guild release scheduled for Dec. 5.

Tier 3 and 4 Adventurers League Tomb of Annihilation adventures

At the time of this article, there are no officially announced Adventurers League Season 7 adventures for Tiers 3 and 4. However, the AL website indicates there will be content to support these tiers of play. Some of the designers involved in creating these adventures are Nerdarchy friend and Second-Timer Club member Dan Dillon, Social Media Manager and doer of many things Robert Adducci, co-author of the Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting James Haeck and many others.


Check the D&D Adventurers League website for updates, news and announcements as the release date for Tomb of Annihilation and the start of Season 7 approaches.

You can also learn more about D&D Adventurers League from a Nerdarchy live chat featuring Community Manager Robert Adducci, who stopped by to talk nerdy about AL, take live chat view questions and more in the video below.


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Web DM Talking D&D and RPG Gaming (What Else?!)

Web DM D&D

Web DM D&D

Nerdarchist Dave made a pact with patron of the internet and welcomed Jim Davis and Jonathan Pruitt from Web DM to the Nerdarchy live chat. Braving the possibly haunted wing of the hospital where he works, Pruitt joined his friend and co-host Davis to talk nerdy about D&D.

As content creators, Pruitt and Davis got started by seeking to fulfill a need they felt was missing. They dive into the history of Web DM, what inspired them to create their YouTube channel and how it all came together. The Web DM guys and Nerdachist Dave connected over their mutual astonishment when they learned there was an internet audience hungry for D&D discussion. Continue reading Web DM Talking D&D and RPG Gaming (What Else?!)

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Blizzard’s Diablo 3 brings Rise of the Necromancer to Sanctuary

Diablo 3, that amazing repeated hit RPG by Blizzard, has spawned an entire world and campaign unlike any other. A world that sits between the Burning Hells and the High Heavens. Where the eternal war between Angels and Demons wages on with the hearts and souls of the descendants of both as the stakes. A world, ironic in its naming, dubbed Sanctuary.

Blizzard Diablo 3 necromancerToday marks the launching of Blizzard’s latest expansion for Diablo 3, Rise of The Necromancer. In this, you get to play as a Nephalem, or the direct descendant of the angels and demons that founded Sanctuary as a place apart from the eternal. The Nephalem, on the rise since the sundering of the Worldstone by the Angel of Justice Tyreal, are beings that possess more power than that of Angel or Demon combined.

In fact, there is only one case of either being able to solo a Nephalem in Diablo 3 that I have found, when Inarius (father of the first Nephalem, Rathma) faced off against the Nephalem Uldyssian while Inarius was empowered with all the might of the Worldstone. The Nephalem are the best of both worlds, yet a part of neither. They do not rest, they do not tire, their power is nearly infinite. Thus is why their power was sealed away within the Worldstone, only to be released with its sundering. Continue reading Blizzard’s Diablo 3 brings Rise of the Necromancer to Sanctuary

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D&D Adventurers League Community Manager in the house

Nerdarchist Dave and Assistant Web Editor Doug, coming off of Origins Game Fair, welcomed D&D Adventurers League Community Manager Robert Adducci for a live chat. The Nerdarchy team at Origins met Adducci and many other great people there, and were happy to have him join us to talk nerdy for an afternoon.

D&D Adventurers League communityAdventurers League is the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons organized play program. It offers a way for people to get involved in a larger campaign and community. Previously limited to in-store play, the program has widened to include conventions and even home games – as long as the DM abides by Adventurers League rules.

These rules are essentially the standard D&D rules. There are a few elements specific to Adventurers League play designed to maintain a consistent experience across the board. That way, Adventurers League players know what to expect no matter where they take their characters and log sheets for Adventurers League games. Continue reading D&D Adventurers League Community Manager in the house

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Origins 2017 – game convention from a new perspective

Attending a game convention is not new territory for me. Fresh off of Origins 2017 in Columbus, Ohio, the gaming juice runs at an all-time high and I’m pumped to plow forward with gusto on as a fan of tabletop roleplaying games as well as a savvy up-and-coming Nerdarchy aide-de-camp.

My first game convention was, coincidentally, Origins Game Fair back in the early 90s when civilization was at its peak. I’ll never forget inadvertently joining a world championship tournament of Diplomacy, having never played the game. For about an hour I had my opponents thinking I was some kind of savant, making bewildering moves they’d never seen. Then they realized my cluelessness and my stint as a global leader quickly ended. Continue reading Origins 2017 – game convention from a new perspective

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Nerdarchy Talks Shop With TL Frasqueri-Molina

If you like Nerdarchy’s daily livechats (or even if you haven’t seen much of them and are curious), you absolutely do not want to miss out on watching Nerdarchist Dave’s interview with TL Frasqueri-Molina. She is the Senior Enterprise Project Manager at Legendary Digital Networks (they’re responsible for Geek and Sundry and The Nerdist, if you weren’t already aware), and she is nothing short of effervescent. She even joined in on the roll call, it was fantastic. Suffice it to say, we were incredibly lucky to have her on for this, she just seemed so incredibly happy to be here.

It isn’t every day we have a guest with so much vibrancy and enthusiasm, not to mention experience in her field. This is definitely one that you want to go back and watch. In this video, she talks a lot about her work with LDN (and admit it, you know you’re interested in some insider stories about what goes on at Geek and Sundry), some of the amazing people she’s met in her life as a nerd, and her experience running Tomb of Horrors.

TL Frasqueri-Molina brought her charm and enthusiasm to the Nerdarchy live chat. Photo courtesy of Twitter

This is more than just an interview about a shared interest, friends. TL has a way of taking her enthusiasm and optimism and making you really feel it.

Naturally, don’t forget to subscribe to Nerdarchy on YouTube if you haven’t already, where all of these live chats happen at noon EST with a variety of nerdy guests and live games. Also, bear in mind, here on we update regularly with various nerdy articles and check us out on Facebook and Twitter for good times and dank memes. We’re also staying nerdy on Instagram. Also, if you’re interested in helping out the channel and the website, head on over to Patreon where you can get all kinds of extra content and have your questions prioritized for awesome guests like TL Frasqueri-Molina!

Stay nerdy, guys and gals!


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Pixelscapes gets psychedelic with D&D monster art

Pixelscapes D&D monster art

Jen Gagne of Pixelscapes stopped by the Nerdarchy live chat with Nerdarchist Dave to talk psychedelic D&D monster art, drawing, sculpture and of course gaming. She’s an amazing artist, unafraid to be bold with her color selection, and she’s been gaming for a really long time.


Gagne streams her art on Twitch at 8:30 EST on most Saturday and Sunday nights, and various paraphernalia of her awesome work can be found here in her online shop. Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter, where she frequently takes requests for what monster she’s going to draw next! There’s still plenty of creatures left in the Monster Manual and Volo’s Guide to Monsters to get Gagne busy, and with Tomb of Annihiliation added to the mix she’ll have plenty to keep her busy.

Pixelscapes – more than D&D monster art

Pixelscapes D&D monster art
The troglodyte token, chosen by Nerdarchist Dave in honor of the Scarlet Sisterhood of Steel and Sorcery. Art by Jen Gagne/Pixelscapes

Let’s be real for a second; Gagne is not only incredibly talented as an artist but she is also a kind and genuine person, and it’s so rare to find those two things in the same place. Definitely consider watching her interview to see some examples of her work, including a really awesome insect she sculpted using wire and straight razors.

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