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Author: Steven Partridge

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Bunni Malone Crime Boss from Zoo Mafia RPG

From Beastars to Baccano! and Beyond – See What Inspires Nerdarchy’s Latest TTRPG Live Play Campaign, Zoo Mafia RPG – Blood Moonshine

Zoo Mafia's Kickstarter has just launched this past week, and let me tell you, this game is wild. Okay, yes. I admit that the pun was intentional, but if that doesn't deter you from this article, then you're the kind of people I want reading. Zoo Mafia was born from...

Wendy’s Deserved Better! A Retrospective Look at Feast of Legends RPG

Does anyone else remember that time Critical Role did a special episode sponsored by Wendy’s – yes… THAT Wendy’s? How about this one: do you remember Feast of Legends – the TTRPG made by THAT Wendy’s? For whatever reason, a lot of people in their audience got really up in arms over Critical Role’s stream of this obscure RPG, to the point that the voice actors ended up taking down the video altogether the following day in 2019.

Create an Immersive RPG Campaign Using These Two Principles Just Like Those Bastards!

For years now Nerdarchists Dave and Ted, Nerditor Doug, Robin Miller and I have been gaming on YouTube. It all started with a simple concept story: all of us were half-siblings with a human father. We needed to find him. Why? We didn’t know but we did have destiny on our side! This plot was a fantastic setup and just one of the many elements of what makes this game great.

Top 5 Things I Wish For in One D&D

One D&D is “the start of a new adventure for Dungeons & Dragons” according to Jeremy Crawford, game design architect for D&D. The announcement of this new step into D&D’s history begins with several different people explaining why D&D is special. Upon seeing these first few moments you might suspect this is the next edition of D&D, the next generation, and you’d be half right. This next step in the evolution of Dungeons & Dragons is called One D&D and unlike you might first expect it’s not changing the rules of fifth edition D&D — it’s adding to them. Wizards of the Coast says they like where the game is and they want to continue building a robust RPG system with the 5E mechanics.

Animon Story RPG Zak Barouh

Spice Up Your Animon Story Battles with Combat Strategy and Tactics

Digimon Survive is officially out and it’s everything I wanted in a Digimon game since I was a child. The game is about 70% visual novel and 30% strategy combat in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics, which makes for a nearly perfect simulation of a Digimon-themed RPG. Your choices influence your karma, shifting your alignment among three different paths affecting everything from the way your companions see you to the way your Digimon evolves. Needless to say I’ve had monster taming RPGs on the brain lately.

Play Animon Story in Your Favorite Worlds

The world of monster taming video games is exploding with news at the moment. Coromon just released for Nintendo Switch, Digimon Survive releases worldwide on July 29 and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leaks have been coming in waves. There’s even more news for even more properties but the property I’m most excited for is Animon Story RPG by Zak Barouh.

Take a Break from the Routine with a 5E D&D Vacation Adventure

Summer is upon us and this means beaches, cookouts and of course vacations! This got me thinking about vacations in our D&D parties. Downtime in any RPG often evokes things like the notorious beach episodes of anime to me. With the turbulence of the times it feels weirdly analogous to me with how our D&D characters perpetually fight for their own causes. Even fictional characters need a getaway now and again and hopefully this post offers a reprieve for you as well as some inspiration for your own relaxing hobbies. Let’s talk about vacation ideas for your D&D party.

Play Your Next 5E D&D Game with Pride as a Circle of Manifestation Druid

Happy Pride Month to all! It’s June, which means it’s Pride month once again. If you remember last year I created the Rainbow Domain for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons clerics on Nerdarchy the Website right here. This year I thought it might be fun to transform it into a tradition. You heard right. I’m creating another 5E D&D subclass for Pride.

RPGs Helped My Mental Health

There’s a such a broad swath of tabletop roleplaying games out there and I’ve only discovered more since working with Nerdarchy. One of the best parts of delving into this hobby is the connections I’ve made with others who share my interests and this sense of community has vastly improved my mental healthscape. With May being mental health awareness month I wanted to share a more personal story, talking about how TTRPGs have helped me with my own mental health journey.

Capture the Classic Spelljammer Feel in Your 5E D&D Games

Spelljammer is coming to fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons! For years 5ED&D has expanded into Magic: The Gathering worlds, Critical Role’s Exandria and even universes like Rick & Morty and Stranger Things. However, some classic settings like Dark Sun and Planescape have yet to make an appearance. It occurs to me there might be those who aren’t familiar with Spelljammer so let’s talk about how to get the feel for the setting and how it might be used in my own campaigns.

Animon Story RPG Zak Barouh

Try This New Animon Story Mechanic While You Wait for Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive finally has a release date and I am absolutely pumped for this strategy monster taming RPG. The July 28, 2022 release date is still a ways off and I need some monster action in my life now! That’s where Animon Story, the RPG created by Zak Barouh, comes into play. Animon Story captures those Digimon vibes with a healthy dose of Pokemon and a slew of other monster taming RPG feels.