Live Stream D&D is a Playstyle All its Own

Back in 2010 the notion of Dungeons & Dragons, or any roleplaying game, as a spectator event would draw incredulous looks – even from dyed-in-the-wool players. There were a few videos floating around from Wizards of the Coast to show … Read More

GM911: Always Here For Advice On Your Gaming Emergencies

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Have you been to the Nerdarchy YouTube channel? Have you seen the Nerdarchists talking to and about those in need of roleplaying game advice on the GM911 series? Low and behold we had a long talk and have volunteers to … Read More

How Fantasy Grounds College Taught Me to Overcome the Human Condition and Love Gaming Again

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In the ’80s it was a lot harder to be “cool” and a “nerd” than it is now. Back then those words were mutually exclusive. Dungeons & Dragons was not cool. It was something weird that only “weird” people played, … Read More

Wyatt Ferris Inspires Gamers to #PlayForWyatt

It’s truly a testament to how awesome the gaming community is that when tragedy took an awesome person from our nerdy world, and his mom reached out, gamers around the globe answered the call. Hello Awesome Crafters, Last week my … Read More

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