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Plague Doctor Dancing

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 5

Another week of D&D and RPG memes is here. This week’s dose of D&D and RPG humor is a little late due to a nerdy vacation to hang out with friend and streamer Mike Hunt of UnMadeGaming on Twitch and YouTube. It was a fun mini-vacation where I got to run a Zoo Mafia RPG one shot. If you missed last week’s round up you can see it here. We managed to get a couple of non-Dungeons & Dragons memes into the mix time around. Also the round-up is a little light on the GIFs this time around. Unfortunately next week will be an all round light round up with me having been away for most of the week. Thent we’ll be back on track.

Lead singer from Gwar Oderus Urungus

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 4

This week of D&D memes, RPG memes and D&D GIFs is here. This week four of Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up. This week I’ve explored themes like animals with weapons, the heavy metal bands GWAR and Nekrogoblikon, Goblin King and the Firefly TV show. These D&D memes originally appeared on Nerdarchy the Facebook page. I’m trying to dabble a little more into memeing other roleplaying games.

D&D Movie Honor Among Thieves 2023 banner

D&D: Honor Among Thieves Could be a Great Fantasy Film But a Bad D&D Movie

Warning: this post contains possible spoilers for D&D: Honor Among Thieves for those seeking a pure experience seeing it for the first time after release. I was inspired to weigh in even further on a post I shared on Nerdarchy’s Facebook page after reading the comments. First off a social media post just isn’t enough to articulate my position.

Alligator in a suit sitting at a table in a restaurant

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 3

Another week of bringing our Facebook D&D memes and GIFs over here to Nerdarchy the Website. I’ve tried sticking to daily themes with varying results. We’ve had a day of dragons, another day of alligators, one day was all Doctor Who stills turned into D&D memes and we even had a day focused on the D&D tabaxi race. You can find Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Volume 2 among last week’s posts.

Peter Dinklage from Knights of Badassdom

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 2

I’m in week two of becoming a dank D&D meme lord. The memes and GIFs get created and uploaded to Nerdarchy the Facebook page first. We understand not everyone uses social media. Even so some you might like some Dungeons and Dragons humor to kick back and relax with. You can find Making D&D Memes and Gifs Round-Up Volume One among last week’s posts.

Displacer beast lunging at adventurers while they dive into gelatinous cube

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 1

I’ve decided to try my hand at creating memes and GIFs for Dungeons & Dragons over on Nerdarchy the Facebook page. Everyone likes to hang out there or even on social media in general so here is what you are missing. First off these are just jokes and me poking fun at different D&D tropes. I’m not trying to make any statements one way or another. To be honest things we complain about in posts or videos we still play despite if it seems like we are bashing the idea.

RPGs Helped My Mental Health

There’s a such a broad swath of tabletop roleplaying games out there and I’ve only discovered more since working with Nerdarchy. One of the best parts of delving into this hobby is the connections I’ve made with others who share my interests and this sense of community has vastly improved my mental healthscape. With May being mental health awareness month I wanted to share a more personal story, talking about how TTRPGs have helped me with my own mental health journey.

Tabletop Roleplaying Game Expectations in 2022

It’s the first day of a new year and reflection on the previous year naturally comes to mind. Recently we shared a collection of Nerdarchy’s Top 10 of 2021 and for a companion piece I’m looking forward to 2022 like I did 12 months ago for the year that’s just ended. I’m a lifelong nerd and now partner in our company so I spend considerable time thinking about the hobby personally and professionally. From this perspective here’s my thoughts about the future of the tabletop RPG industry including what I hope emerges. Let’s get into it.

Top 9 Most Wearable Dragons

We recently made a big change! We packed up our merch and migrated to a new platform. Teepublic offers a way better user experience for all of you and for creators too! On top of the improved user experience from either side of the equation the items available there are much higher quality while at the same time more accessible through much lower prices — plus huge sales basically all of the time. We’ve still got a ways to go before all our Nerdarchy branded merch shows up there and in the meantime we’ve been stocking the store with the Zoo Mafia. We’re also huge nerds ourselves and love us some novelty nerdy stuff.

frog god games how orcus stole christmas

Top 12 Holiday Movies Every D&D Nerd Should Watch This Holiday Season

The holidays are in full swing, nerds! This time of year is steeped in fantasy and magic. With themes of good will toward men, cosmic evils facing the peril of true hope and whatnot the season feels ripe for nerds and fans of Dungeons & Dragons everywhere. For me the holidays entail gathering with family and friends to watch our favorite holiday movies while bingeing junk food. I’m sure many of you readers do something similar but maybe you’re not sure what to recommend to your family, or maybe you just want to find something new or unusual.