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Peter Dinklage from Knights of Badassdom

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 2

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 1
Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 3

I’m in week two of becoming a dank D&D meme lord. The memes and GIFs get created and uploaded to Nerdarchy the Facebook page first. We understand not everyone uses social media. Even so some you might like some Dungeons and Dragons humor to kick back and relax with. You can find Making D&D Memes and Gifs Round-Up Volume One among last week’s posts.

D&D Memes

Some of the memes and GIFs are generic to tabletop roleplaying games though most center around fifth edition D&D. I’ve even managed to slip in a Mork Borg meme. I’ve begun dabbling with the art from our own Out of the Box: Encounters for 5th Edition for meme creation as well as illustrations from our Mage Forge deck of magic item cards currently still available for preorder.



If you have an RPG you’d like to see get some meme representation let us know. RPGs we’ve played most recently are Mork Borg, Vast Grimm, Over the Troll Bridge and Shadow of the Demon Lord. I think three of the four are just going to involve horrible ways your characters die in those games.

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david friant

My name is Dave Friant I've been gaming off and on for over 27 years. But here is the thing it's always been a part of my life I've kept secret and hidden away. I've always been ashamed of the stigma that gaming and my other nerdy and geeky pursuits summon forth. Recently I decided screw it! This is who I am the world be damned. From now on I'm gonna be a geek, nerd, or however folks want to judge me and just enjoy life. Currently one of my greatest joys is introducing my 13 yr old son to table top RPG's.

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