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Gaming, RPG, Comics Collection Housed at Duke U. Library

Role-playing games

Photo courtesy of the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Dungeons & dragons

Beth Doyle / Duke University Libraries

Since 2003, thousands of tabletop role playing games, miniatures, box sets, cards, fanzines, comic books and more have made up the Edwin and Terry Murray Collection of Pulp Culture at the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Duke University, one of few such collections in the world and the largest in the Southeastern U.S.

Role-Playing Games on Display!

Interactive Entertainment: Live Action Investigation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Investigators.stainedglass, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Live Action

I came prepared for sleuthing in my Sherlock Holmes deer stalker cap.

Wednesday evenings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art special events are organized from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm, and this past Wednesday the evenings theme was “Game Night“.  Several game stations were set-up around the museum with games such as Jenga, Scrabble, Operation, Clue, Carcassonne, Sorry!, and several others (though I wish there were some more “non-standard” games selected!), a Clue themed drawing session with the model’s dressed as the characters from the iconic board game, and “Investigators”, a live action puzzle game created by Plain Sight Game Co.


Interactive Entertainment at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Non-gaming YouTube Channels for Nerds

So you’ve caught up on all the latest Nerdarchy videos at YouTube, and you’ve watched everything available from sr2joker, aFistfulofDice, Tabletop Gaming with Juce, and your other favorite tabletop gaming-related YouTube channels. Still, you want more. There have to be other channels out there providing helpful and fun videos for the tabletop nerd in all of us.

There are.

Below are some of the non-gaming YouTube channels I have found helpful as a player, a game master, and as a fantasy writer, and a few channels that are merely fun and could be enjoyed by all nerds. By no means should this be considered a comprehensive listing, so if I leave out one of your favorites, it is not meant as a slight. For that matter, if you’ve got a favorite channel, by all means tell us about it in the comments.

Swords, swords and more swords

The Benefits of Amazon Prime for the Typical Gamer

Nerdy TV showsUnless one has been living under a digital rock the last couple of years, it is nearly impossible to not have heard of Amazon Prime. For only $99 dollars a year, Amazon offers unlimited watching of thousands of TV shows and movies, free two-day shipping on more than 20 million items for sale, unlimited music streaming and photo storage, early access to special Amazon Lightning Deals, and the ability to borrow one e-book a month from among 800,000 available e-books in the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. Perhaps best of all, there is a free 30-day trial period. Then there is the fact Amazon Prime is available through numerous digital devices, from computers to tablets to smart phones, game consoles, set top boxes, Blu-ray players and more.

All that sounds great, but what does it mean for the nerd crowd?

Get Amazon Prime for All the Nerdy TV Shows

spinning wheel, spinning wheel, nerd craft

Nerd Craft | Making a Doll Furniture Spinning Wheel

SpinningWheel, spinning wheel, miniature, rumplestiltskin, fairy tale, storybook, picturebook, picture book, dimensional illustration, dimensional illustrator, art doll, ooak, folk lore, folklore

A giant miniature spinning wheel!


So probably many of our regular readership would much rather be reading “Wheel of Time” than reading about how I spent my time crafting a spinning wheel, but to those interested in the fine art of nerd craft, please do read on.  If you’ve been following my take on the Grimm’s Fairy Tale of Rumplestiltskin I’ve been chipping away at, you may have seen this piece in the background of a shot already.

nerd craft

Nerd Craft: Miniature Crafting a Throne & Crown

doll furniture, throne, small scale throne, doll throne

Throne and an example of wooden trim used to make decorative elements.


Hey Nerdarchists, I’m still working the next dimensional illustration (sadly this weekend was jam-packed with shooting videos and gaming- I know, you weep for me right?), but I figured I spend the time to show-off some of the miniature crafting I did for the last shoot in a lil segment I’d like to call “Nerd Craft“.  The main set pieces were a throne and a crown worn by the king figure.

art doll

Fantasy Dimensional Illustrations by Ryan Friant

Hello my fellow Nerdarchists, Ryan here.  Many of my contributions have been seen on Nerdarchy more than read.  I’ve been doing the “How’s to Speeks Goblin” comic strip for the last year, but I’ve decided to change directions and do something completely different for the website- dimensional illustration!  If you’re wondering what the heck that even means, I’ll explain it later- promise!


puppet, Jim Henson, puppetry, 80s, Brian Froud, Labryinth

Skesis from Jim Henson’s “The Dark Crystal”

Raised on Fantasy Art

Genre art, specifically fantasy art has always been a huge passion for me.  I grew-up on Jim Henson, specifically loving his collaborations with Brian Froud to create films such as Labryinth and the Dark Crystal.  Later on I got really into the art of Tony Diterlizzi, who’s art you might recognize from the Planescape box set of the 90’s and other Dungeons & Dragons products, Magic the Gathering cards, and his fantastic children’s books- there are countless other book cover, children’s book and RPG interior artists who’s work I enjoy.  Later I would come to also really love the work of Arthur Rackham (a fun bit of lore about Mr. Rackham is that his grandfather was the infamous pirate Calico Jack Rackham) and Rednose Studio.  If you’re not familiar with any of these great fantasy artists, do yourself a favor and Google their work.  There are many, many other artist’s whose work I admire, but when I think about the artists that most directly influences my art, that’s about my pantheon right there.

My Secret Life Playing Dungeons and Dragons and Other RPG Games

Hello and welcome to Nerdarchy readers. Nerdarchist Dave here and this article is going to be a little different than most I’ve written. It’s going to be a lot more personal. RPG Games have been a part of my life for a long time now. I was first exposed them at age 5, but it would be a few years later before I’d start playing Dungeons and Dragons regularly with some friends.

Gaming was great for me. It was a way to escape the real world and immerse myself in a fantasy one where the monsters were less scary. In the real world I grew up in the party house. There were drugs, alcohol and violence on a regular basis. It wasn’t uncommon for the police to show up. At an early age I learned not to have friends over because I never knew what they’d see or be exposed to.

Nerdarchy Presents Master Dungeon Tile Crafter Dungeon Master G info

gamingHello Nerdarchy Fans, Nerdarchist Ted here and today we are going to examine dungeon delving in a new way.  Do you use dungeon tiles or a grid in your campaign or do you do more of a free form combat?

Before Nerdarchy used a grid and miniatures we used a rough drawing on paper and d6s for bad guys and d4s for our heroes.    We even occasionally used ketchup packets or kit kat bars as barriers to segment rooms or corridors.  Quite ridiculous, if you ask me.  I am thankful that those times were not caught on film.

This evolved the longer we played and while we occasionally use dungeon tiles or some cool scenery we have not fully embraced a true 3 dimensional gaming world.

Nerdarchy’s Subreddit Submitters Highlight | Tips for Integrating Monster PCs into a Group

There has been many writings submitted and several readers have submitted great articles that I will highlight during each segment of Nerdarchy's Subreddit Submitters Highlight. Last week on Nerdarchy's Subreddit Submitters Highlight we delved into Lethality in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition with Blue_Drake. This week we...

Nerdarchy’s Subreddit Submitters Highlight | Lethality in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

I am really pleased with the first month of the Subreddit that I started for Nerdarchy.  There has been many writings submitted and several readers have submitted great articles that I will highlight during each segment of Nerdarchy’s Subreddit Submitters Highlight.

This week we are highlighting Lethality in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition by Blue_Drake a.k.a Bob Casale. If you don’t have a reddit account yet, don’t worry. Just sign up here for free and join the conversation. The following is an excerpt from the article.

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