D&D Treasure — When Gold Isn’t Enough

When it comes to rewarding players in Dungeons & Dragons, there is gold and silver coins, magic items, titles, and more. But what if that isn’t enough or your player’s characters don’t care about that? This is an an issue … Read More


Player Agency and Why Some Curses Are Total Garbage

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I promise you I’m not finished talking about Dungeons & Dragons villains, but something came up this week that requires my immediate attention and I will get right back to those as soon as I’m done with this one. Yeah, … Read More

Getting New People to Play Roleplaying Games

It is the best time to be a nerd. Personally, I’ve been channeling my inner Heisenberg for as long as I can remember anytime I’d get the nerd label thrown my way — own it! Fortunately (or maybe a little … Read More

Dungeons & Dragons — Your Fun is Wrong?

As fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons YouTubers we get the question of whether content is official pretty often. Honestly the only time it really matters is when you are playing organized play like Adventurers League. Anything else really is homebrew Dungeons & … Read More

Giving Players Chores at the Table to Keep D&D Running More Smoothly

Salutations, nerds! I want to talk about the division of labor at the table during a Dungeons & Dragons game! Now, I know you may be saying, “The Dungeon Master is doing most of the work, the players are just … Read More

D&D Character Optimization Really Miscasts My Cantrips

Within the Dungeons & Dragons circles the conversation about optimizing, min-maxing, and power gaming is always in a perpetual spiral. I’m here to lay out the case that a focus on mechanical advantages does not benefit play or the party. … Read More

When is D&D no longer Dungeons & Dragons?

I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons for some time now and until D&D 5E, the number of people playing has never been higher. The landscape of the community has also changed quite a bit. With live stream games and actual … Read More

Dungeon Master Tips — Running D&D for Large Groups

What follows is an article I originally posted at Medium, but Medium just isn’t the best, err, medium for discussing Dungeons & Dragons. I think what follows are good Dungeon Master tips, especially for newer DMs,  for running D&D for … Read More

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