RPG Perspective and Scene Framing: How to Tell Your Narrative Story

Whether you’re a budding Game Master or you’ve been playing roleplaying games on a regular schedule with a group of people for years, there’s one common thread underpinning the entire tabletop RPG hobby: narrative. Even if your game is centered … Read More

The RollPlay Roundtable Discussion: Part 2 with Matt Colville, Matt Mercer, Adam Koebel and Mike Mearls

In October of last year, itmeJP gathered together some of the best known names in the Dungeons & Dragons community and put them in a video call roundtable together to talk shop. Adam Koebel moderated the conversation between Matt Mercer, … Read More

Philosophy of Pen and Paper Roleplaying Game No. 2

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Why did your character become an adventurer? Adventurer in a roleplaying game like Dungeons & Dragons is a dangerous profession. Travelling through dangerous landscapes, delving into infested tombs, and challenging mighty beasts – why would anyone choose such a life? … Read More

Live Stream D&D is a Playstyle All its Own

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Back in 2010 the notion of Dungeons & Dragons, or any roleplaying game, as a spectator event would draw incredulous looks – even from dyed-in-the-wool players. There were a few videos floating around from Wizards of the Coast to show … Read More

Philosophy of Pen and Paper Roleplaying Game Hobby No. 1

Introduction of “why” in roleplaying games While often the conversation of the roleplaying hobby revolves around the question of “how,” I find I spend most of my time asking “why.” While discussion of effective Game Mastering, playing a compelling character, … Read More

Keep Your Campaign On Track: Missing Players

Hello nerds! Nerditor Doug here, welcoming back guest poster Elyunn who shared a great story along with tips and advice for getting started with Fantasy Grounds. She is back with us again, and this time around she adds to the … Read More

How Fantasy Grounds College Taught Me to Overcome the Human Condition and Love Gaming Again

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In the ’80s it was a lot harder to be “cool” and a “nerd” than it is now. Back then those words were mutually exclusive. Dungeons & Dragons was not cool. It was something weird that only “weird” people played, … Read More

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