D&D Character Delve: Aarakocra Grave Domain Cleric for Adventures on the Open Road

Once a month, Nerdarchist Ted runs an RPG Crate-sponsored game of fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons on the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. In one of these sessions, Adventures on the Open Road: From the Sky, I played as Kek, a 5th-level … Read More

Keep Your Campaign On Track: Side Stories

A Dungeons & Dragons campaign can hinge around the players (and their characters) all being present. That can’t always be the case. If you find yourself missing one or more players at an important time in the campaign – such … Read More

Creating a Person in Star Trek Adventures vs. a Character in D&D

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I’ve been playing Star Trek Adventures with GM Drew Murray, Doug Vehovec, and Asa Kinney. One week Doug couldn’t make it, so Drew, Asa, and I decided to have a frank discussion about the good and the bad things about … Read More

D&D Worldbuilding: Fictional Song and Things a Bard Does

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Salutations, nerds! What are the bards in your fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons world singing about? That’s what we’re going to be talking about today. The songs of a fictional D&D world are a really big deal in terms of … Read More

RPG Player Tip: Great Stories Don’t Need Great People

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Getting back on the regular track this week after Origins 2017 – con fatigue is a thing that is real, folks – there were two RPG player experiences I’ve had recently that taught me a valuable lesson. One is from … Read More

Character PTSD symptoms in gaming

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PTSD in gaming Alrighty, well many a statement has been made about PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many a facet and corner of the internet is about how to diagnose yourself or whatever, and I only state whatever because … Read More

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