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Nerdy Graphic Tees, Gaming T Shirts, Nerd Apparel for All

Nerdy Graphic Tees for Women, Gaming T Shirts for Men, Nerd Apparel i'm with int 3 i'm with wis 3

Nerdy Graphic Tees for Women, Gaming T Shirts for Men, Nerd Apparel for All!

Greetings nerds, geeks, and gamers of all kinds, Nate the Nerdarch here and I wanted to take you on a walkthrough of nerdy RPG shirts while letting you know about one of our latest sponsors*,

I have been wearing some of their nerd apparel, and gaming t shirts for men, throughout the past month or so and I am pleased with the quality so I felt it was fair to mention them here. They also have nerdy graphic tees for women (as in women’s fitted, or v neck ) available as well.

You may find all of the available sizes, styles, and designs over on the website, ArmorClass10 Continue reading Nerdy Graphic Tees, Gaming T Shirts, Nerd Apparel for All

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Triniton RPG for Beginners, Veterans, and Storytellers in between | Sponsored Review

Greetings everyone, Nate the Nerdarch here with my first ever sponsored post. For it we are taking a look at one of the newer RPGs to enter the market, Triniton.

Triniton RPG rules review beginnersFor those of you who are not familiar with it, Triniton is a role playing game set in a world created by the author Christian Alhin. Some of fantasy media that he says inspired him is the works of Astrid Lindgren, the Game of Thrones Series, and the video game trilogy Mass Effect. I can definitely see their influence while I read through the Triniton RPG, in a good way.

If I compare this to other RPGs that I am familiar with I would say this resembles parts of the dungeons and dragons setting of Planescape, which I hold in high regard. Continue reading Triniton RPG for Beginners, Veterans, and Storytellers in between | Sponsored Review

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Cruising on Fan2Sea ( Promo Code )

Greetings, Nate the Nerdarch here, and I wanted to let you know of a trio of artists headed for a cruise this January. Some of the crew from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be there on the Fan2Sea comic con cruise 2016 (well it sails in January 2017 but you better book your cabin spot before the new year if you want to insure that you get it).

Nerdarchy will also be there and we are excited to see them there. We would love to see you there as well so we are running a sweepstakes to win a free cabin, want to see how to enter, click here. If you want to book your cabin spot click here and use “nerdarchy” as a promo code for 10% off. Continue reading Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Cruising on Fan2Sea ( Promo Code )

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Eye of the Beholder Movie Co-Producer Brian Stillman is on the Fan2Sea Cruise

The Eye of the Beholder movie promises to be a nostalgia inducing trip through the stories, influences, and history of the art that inspired decades of Dungeon & Dragon players.

encounters eye of the beholder movieFor those of you not getting the title the eyes of the beholder meaning originally comes from the Greeks (like most of everything else) and it speaks of how everyone sees beauty differently, it is subjective.

A Beholder, a terrible aberrant creature in Dungeons & Dragons, ironically has many eyes but does not see beauty anywhere, not even in others of its kind. It only sees itself as beautiful and perfect.

It exists as a strange twisting of the original idiom. Pretty deep for a guy goofing around making up monsters and rolling platonic solids with numbers on them.

I have always liked the D&D art and I am particularly impressed with the level of art in D&D 5e.  From the small taste of the film below I am super excited to view the art of Dungeons and Dragons through the eye of this beholder. Continue reading Eye of the Beholder Movie Co-Producer Brian Stillman is on the Fan2Sea Cruise

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Walking Dead into the Sea – Fan2sea comic con cruise 2016 -2017

Greetings, Nate the Nerdarch here with an update on a group of guests that will be joining us on the Fan2Sea comic con cruise 2016 (well it sails in January 2017 but you better book your cabin spot before the new year if you want to insure that you get it).

Nerdarchy is running a contest to win a free cabin, want to see how to enter, click here. If you want to book your cabin spot click here and use “nerdarchy” as a promo code for 10% off Continue reading Walking Dead into the Sea – Fan2sea comic con cruise 2016 -2017

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Nerdarchy Nerdy Contest Rules for Fan2Sea Nerdcation

Nerdarchy Nerdy Contest and Biggest Give-A-Way Ever! (Fan2Sea Nerdcation)

Greetings Everyone, I am extremely excited to go on this upcoming cruise. I have never been on a cruise and this theme convinced me that I have too be on it.  Dave and I are really interested in seeing as many nerdarchists there as we can possibly get to come aboard with us. To start that off right we are holding a contest in which Nerdarchy will be giving away a full cabin! Contest Rules for Fan2Sea Nerdcation

I know some of you are saying give me, give me, give me, I needz cabinz!

Or you can book now using the special discount code “Nerdarchy” for a 10% discount. Don’t worry if you win the free cabin you’ll get your booking refunded.

I understand, but since there is only one cabin for this give away there has to be some way in which everyone who wants to get a shot at winning it, can participate. Below is how you can get a few chances to join Nerdarchy, and a hoard of other people (many of which are well known in the nerd and geek culture), on a nerdcation the likes of which I have never seen. Continue reading Nerdarchy Nerdy Contest Rules for Fan2Sea Nerdcation

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Night Terrors A D&D 5e RPG Adventure

Greetings Everyone. I am really excited to talk about my new adventure that I will be hosting on the 31st.

It is a live play event that will be able to view on Youtube.

trap Night Terrors A D&D 5e RPG Adventure I have not hosted a live game play before but luckily the rest of the Nerdarchists have so I will be benefiting from their experience.

Like watching someone disarm a trap.  Trap watching XP!

Night Terrors A D&D 5e RPG Adventure

I will be GMing for my one shot adventure Night Terrors. It is a blend of urban chase and horror with a bit of “race against time” puzzle solving.

For those of you not into horror, don’t worry. This adventure will not be featured at Splattercon!!! It would also be missing from the bookshelf of that crazy guy in Saw.

For those of you who aren’t into gore and death, like me, but still like to be creeped out make sure you check it out this Sunday at 8pm EST over at Nerdarchy’s youtube channel.

If you can’t make it you can still run the story with the pdf version of the adventure. You can find it over at when it becomes available sometime after the game play this Sunday.

Below is the last D&D 5e game play with Nerdarchist Ryan

Night Terrors A D&D 5e RPG Adventure

I hope you will check out the D&D 5e live stream of Night Terrors this weekend. Feel free to share this RPG adventure with other like minded individuals

and until next time

Stay Nerdy!



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Early Access Game, Ark Survival Evolved Video Game Play

Greetings Everyone, I have been playing several early access games and wanted to bring one of them to your attention.

Early Access Game, Ark Survival Evolved Video Game Play puzzle artArk Survival Evolved is one of my favorite games that isn’t technically out yet.

The company is doing an early access release for this game. What that means is that they charge a reduced price for a game somewhere and players can play a game that isn’t out yet.

Sounds great!

What is the catch?

The catch is that the game isn’t finished yet.

The company may be figuring out game balance (level system, damage amounts for attacks) or making a system within the game more complex (more crafting, quests, areas, etc), or something else that we are not aware of yet.

It is basically a game somewhere between beta and a finished product. Continue reading Early Access Game, Ark Survival Evolved Video Game Play

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Online Video Game Play with Nate the Nerdarch

Greetings everyone, Nate the Nerdarch here. I love tabletop gaming, science, and a plethora of other nerdy things. But what I really have been

Online Video Game Play with Nate the Nerdarch typing on computer

grooving on lately, like it is my job, is video game play.

My newest job over at the Nerdarchy is video game player. That is right, for at least 2 hours a day I am required to hang out on my computer, after my night job, button mashing until I fall asleep. Like this video game play below. Continue reading Online Video Game Play with Nate the Nerdarch

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Sword Coast Legends Character Creation Process with Nate the Nerdarch

Greetings Everyone, Nate the Nerdarch here from Nerdarchy- For Nerds, by Nerds.

sword coast legends character creation nate the nerdarch

I wanted to greet you all in my standard way that I begin my gameplays and solo video. Since I want to highlight a bonus video I made for my Sword Coast Legends gameplay series it seemed appropriate.

By bonus video I mean the fourth video of the day!!! We are a bit crazy over on the youtubes when it comes to laying down the uploads.

The video is all about going in depth on character creation as it pertains to the class skill groups and goes through a review of the races and classes in general. Continue reading Sword Coast Legends Character Creation Process with Nate the Nerdarch

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Nerdarchy’s Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide to Sword Coast Legends Gameplay#1

Greetings from Nate the Nerdarch.

nerdarchy's adventurer's guide to sword coast legends gameplay #1I am very pleased to get such a warm reception for my gameplay videos on our youtube channel.

Before today I have played some Star Wars Battlefront and Dragon Age Inquisition.

Today I am rolling out Nerdarchy’s Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide to Sword Coast Legends Gameplay #1.

If you want to see D&D 5e translated into a playable computer game then come check it out.

I believe it has stayed true to the game without directly translating the tabletop rules into the game.

Nerdarchy’s Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide to Sword Coast Legends Gameplay#1

The voice acting and storyline are great so far. The personalities of the NPCs that you can adventure with are both serious, at times, and uniquely funny, at others times. I have had to move the mic a few times because I was laughing too loud based on what one of them said. I try to keep quiet while the characters are talking so you can get the full effect of their personas. Let me know what you think of them.

Put your thoughts on it in the comments.

Also let me know what you think about gameplays in general and what else you would like to see over on our channel. Nerdarchy is always growing and refining the topics we discuss and our youtube channel follows a similar path. I am currently running 1 game a day on the channel. If you think that is a good amount or you want to see more let us know.

Nerdarchy’s Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide to Sword Coast Legends Gameplay#1

I will definitely keep producing gameplay videos until Nerdarchy’s Adventurer’s Guide to Sword Coast Legends is complete. I am having too much fun with it not to continue. After the story wraps up what I work on next will depend on what you, the viewers, thought of the addition of gameplays to the channel and what you all want to see in the future.

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Gamers, Feelings of Entitlement, and the need for a Realistic Perspective on Star Wars Battlefront

This would be more elegant if not for my annoyance with the gamers and their feelings of entitlement, There is a need for a realistic perspective on Star Wars Battlefront and the Star Wars franchise in general. This is only the beginning. I will probably go back and edit this later as well as add an additional section.

angry face Gamers, Feelings of Entitlement, and the need for a Realistic Perspective on Star Wars BattlefrontI know we call them articles on but I wish this to be viewed as a ranting blogger post. Not some attempt at award winning prose.

Think stream of consciousness. My consciousness. So If it doesn’t make sense, don’t worry it is probably my fault.

This is my article response to all of the complaints I see on Amazon and elsewhere on the subject of Star Wars Battlefront

I will try as best I can to stay on target. I make no promises.

Gamers, Feelings of Entitlement, and the need for a Realistic Perspective on Star Wars Battlefront

Gamers and their feelings of entitlement. Let’s break it down. Basically a feeling of entitlement is an emotional attachment to gaining what a person expects to be given because they feel that they deserve it. Don’t we all want to get what we deserve? Well the problem is that people begin to expect certain levels of satisfaction from a good, service, or event and these expectations and feelings of entitlement create a backlash when the person feels they were not satisfied.They become outraged and lose their normally realistic perspective

Does anyone remember the level of awe they felt when they watched Star Wars 4,5, or 6 for the first time?

On a scale of one to ten, how was it?

I say the original trilogy is an 9 for me (I think that was also my age when I saw them all). Do I give it a nine for all of it’s original story lines? Hmm, let’s check the originality.

  • A princess falling for the bad boy (a very old trope, practically medieval)
    • He had to work at it probably more than he usually does but he made it happen
  • a guy who wants to do good but finds out his dad is bad(a several hundred year old trope)
    • Rather than a Strong female character as his sidekick we have an old knight with a magic sword to show how strong the whining guy becomes
  • A mentally quirky “person” is the comedy relief (Shakespeare and much older)
    • Oh and he talks to someone we can’t understand-double points.

Like many science fiction and fantasy stories these are just people with the same problems we humans have today just re-skinned in scifi

I could go on but it to sum it all up it isn’t an original story. I love it but that isn’t why I love it. So why do we like the original trilogy so much while many of us dislike the prequel trilogy. Well unless you had the good fortune of seeing them all when you were 8 years old, like my son, I have some bad news. You will most likely never like the prequels better than the original trilogy.


The simple answer is that you are a more complex person than you were last year, and the year before that, and so on. Compound that with having probably seen the original three movies when you were a child or teenager and the difference in personality and taste are a hyperdrive jump away from who you are now.

If you are the type of person that won’t be satisfied until they make something exactly how you want it then start an online group and see how much consensus you can get for how the movie or game should be.

vr Gamers, Feelings of Entitlement, and the need for a Realistic Perspective on Star Wars BattlefrontOr you can pioneer the choose your adventure VR movie superplex (patent pending) where everyone can see the exact thing they were expecting.

Because that is the only way to make a product now a days that won’t have the armchair game designer / movie maker nation jump all over it. That is until you hear from the group that wants to be surprised instead.

While 60-70 dollars sounds like a lot on it’s own. Compared to going to the movies a few times it is a deal. I have already gotten more enjoyment out of Star Wars Battlefront than going to see the marvel and avengers movies (which all together cost me more than the game).

Gamers, Feelings of Entitlement, and Star Wars Battlefront

And another note about the price-

Server space doesn’t sprout like mushrooms from the forest floor.

Servers that can run the amount of data at a quality speed cost many hundreds of franklins, not fungi.

Since they designed the game to be played online it is clear to me that they needed to charge by the month (something gamers hate) or charge more upfront and for expansions (something gamers hate). Charging people based on their usage (expansions) makes more sense. The people who will be playing this in 2 years are, most likely, going to be the people who buy expansions.

Perhaps the entitlement gamers on amazon can quest to seek the aid of the benevolent underground race of technologically advanced hamsters who will build and maintain a mighty, hamster powered, server for us while taking on all of the costs to do so. If you are an outraged gamer, and want to go looking for them, let me know if you find them.

Will everything that is created today be better than everything that came before it?

I really don’t need to answer this question.

And my final question to pose to all of the angst ridden 1 star reviewers-

What magical level of ecstasy did you people who were disappointed in Star Wars Battlefront expect when pressing start?

Next week I will address the actual gameplay, here is a taste of one of the many maps available

please keep in mind I have motion blur on so if it bothers you come check out the rest of the videos here in the coming weeks.

Gamers, Feelings of Entitlement, and Star Wars Battlefront

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Free Content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e | Lighting up the Underdark

Greetings Nerdarchist, Nate the Nerdarch here back from a baby break (my son Elliot was born Oct 27th).

What would any sensible nerd do after such a break from the internet?

Well, one of the first things I did to get back on track was to visit one of my favorite sites. When I go there I am rewarded with a sweet piece of free content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e. It gets better from there.

In just the first paragraph that describes what is in this free content we get several good pieces of news.

archer shadow Free Content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e | Lighting up the Underdark“Two new fighting styles for fighters, paladins, and rangers focus on close quarters combat, whether defending allies or unleashing deadly ranged attacks at nearby foes.

Both styles are handy for dungeon delving and for battles in the confined  environments of the Underdark.

The Deep Stalker is a new ranger archetype, scouting out Underdark threats using a combination of cunning and magic.

Deep Stalkers use magic and other tricks to infiltrate Underdark settlements and spy on their inhabitants. After gathering intelligence on growing threats to the surface world, they engage in hit and run battles to eliminate those threats.

The shadow sorcerer is a creepy spellcaster who commands the power of darkness. Though not always native to the Underdark, these sorcerers are often drawn to the dismal gloom of the world below.

Finally, the Undying Light is a new warlock patron. By forging a compact with the energy of the Positive Plane, a warlock vows to bring light into the darkest reaches of the world…”

Want more? Read the rest here.

Free Content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e | Lighting up the Underdark

Mike Mearls, you had me at the description of the article.

The mechanics are great while being very thematic (judging by my first read thru). Below are some of the things I want to highlight from the new archetypes and fighting styles.

The close quarter shooter makes me think that Mike Mearls has mind reading powers.

Many of us ranged fighters who don’t use crossbows needed a thing and this style is it.

Not having disadvantage when someone is in your face while ignoring cover is worth the +1 that is sacrificed when choosing this over the Archer fighting style found in the Player’s Handbook.

The Tunnel Fighter is the fighting style for defenders, especially at the lower levels where some creatures can be dropped in one or two attacks.

You won’t be spending your reaction to make opportunity attacks, and on top of that you can smack one of them twice because this fighting style lets you spend your reaction to hit a target that moves more than 5ft while in your reach.

You have to spend a bonus action to do this but I say it is a bonus action well spent.

The Deep Stalker is a ranger that does the guerrilla style, hit and run tactics, the best out of all of the ranger archetypes without front loading the class (Ambuscade).

They also get Darkvision of 90 ft which is a big plus if you want to shoot at people, with a chance of hitting them, in the dark.

shadow magic Free Content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e | Lighting up the UnderdarkStalker’s Dodge is one of the best ways to spend your reaction on and it can be done every turn. Disadvantage is huge, especially against deadly foes with a power attack.Overall, a fantastic addition to Rangers.

When I read the quirks for shadow sorcerer I wanted all of them. It is a simple roleplaying ribbon but it is something I would like to see done with more of the strange supernatural classes, maybe as a possible backlash to twisting magical forces.

Anyway, I absolutely agree with Mike Mearls’ utilization of sorcery points in this new origin. It is nice to have powers linked to your spell power rather than having the powers linked to short and long rests.

The Undying Light’s optional flaws are funny while staying true to the powers. Seeing a warlock with healing powers helps me break the stigma that warlocks are 1 action away from the dark side.

healing man free content from mike mearls d&d 5eThe Undying Light is an excellent counterbalance to the rest of the darker patrons. One of the best things done for this class is having the phoenix like power of searing vengeance be a feature of the class at such a low level. I think if it was pushed back it would dull the impact of this fantastic ability.

Healing Light is a power that I think could have just used the paladin’s lay on hands. I don’t have an issue with reusing powers, especially when the power goes to the same destination.

Healing is healing. I am glad that this warlock archetype has it but I am not in favor of making extra mechanics when there are perfectly serviceable ones available.

Nerdarchy’s Videos Discussing the Free Content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e | Lighting up the Underdark

If this sounds like something you want to check out, click the link at the top of the article. A big thank you to Mike Mearls and all of the other writers who keep the free content for D&D 5e flowing.

Until next time, Stay Nerdy

For more free content for D&D 5e written by Mike Mearls, and others, check out

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Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master ‘s Prerogative

Recently Nerdarchy shot a video about the level of risk and death in games and posed the question,”Should a Game Master kill their players?”.

Check out the video below. Hopefully it will stir similar questions in your mind, about your game master playing style, as it did for me in mine.

As I say in the video I do have some challenging fights for my players that I, as the Game Master, think are too hard. I do this because the threat of death needs to be as real as it can be in a fantasy world.

Otherwise, the threat of death is no longer considered. That and the goblins were fielding an army. Sometimes the players should legitimately consider running

Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master ‘s Prerogative

undead_treant_2_by_urielx1x-d41vlvt Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master 's PrerogativeI mentioned the first level nothic fight. But there are plenty more. For example: An undead Treant and 13 goblin necromancers(all 6th level) vs the party(five @ 5th level) and “a dozen 1st level rangers in the woods”.

And just in case you rationalize this as okay due to magic items here is their list; a long sword that does bludgeoning damage and counts as a magic weapon, spider-climb slippers, a scarf of disguise, a mead stirrer that has preservative magic on it as well as a few ancient, and delicious, dwarven booze recipes, and a chaos sphere that can let you use metamagic abilities at the cost of the chance of wild surges.

So the magic items didn’t carry the encounter for them. They either had a winning strategy or they could run away(the other winning strategy).

Or they could DIE!!!

And being as my encounter would have contributed to that outcome I began to think about what I would do if my Game Master style actually killed one of the players. I began asking myself some questions and considering the in-game concepts of…

Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master ‘s Prerogative

Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master 's Prerogative

If I set up a scenario where a player could die I needed to know what would happen to them afterwards, right?

Game Master Tip- Never let the dice decide, a yes or no answer, if you are not absolutely fine with either outcome.

By that I mean if I am not okay with party members dying permanently then I need to have a plan for when the possible, no matter the odds, happens. And through the power of the internet I can share my Game Master thoughts directly to you.

  1. Life after Death. The soul of the player character hangs out and can help the party, maybe they gain a ghost like template, or Revenant in the case of a murdered player character. Maybe they are bond to their sword or an amulet. Maybe they are just so willful that they say, “Death? Meh. I am going to be a earthly spirit and haunt you sucker!” Later they could be stuck in a defeated mechanical man. Bam! Now they are back and a warforged elf or whatever they were previously.
  2. Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master 's PrerogativeReincarnation- They wake up in the little furry body of a fox, raccoon, or giant squirrel. They don’t remember what is going on but they like to walk in the parties shadow for some reason. In fact the Game Master role plays the critter until it is found out that the soul of their dead companion is within the animal. Heck, the player who lost the character originally could be playing a new character that finds this out. Later on it is discovered that the player has the choice, with the help of some dancing and singing druids, to continue playing their current character or they could switch to their, newly reincarnated, old character instead.
  3. In the end I realized that their is always the third option. Let them live through some legitimate, but totally made up, occurrence of good fortune.

I put out these options for myself because I don’t want a PC death to option-less and permanent. Or the jump start of an epic quest for a 5000 gp gem, but I also don’t want it to be as meaningless as just needing a spell to fix it.

For me it is a balance between making the threat feel so real it looks like I believe it and not killing off the Players’ characters every other session. While, at the same time, providing a good role playing way that a player, who isn’t ready to loose their character, could get a second chance.

In the end, whether life after death, reincarnation, or anything in between, it is the Game Master ‘s prerogative.

Just remember to play what feels appropriate and

Until next time, Stay Nerdy!

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My Updated, Fully Functional and Analogically Correct 5e Homebrew Psionics Guide for D&D

If this is your first experience with my 5e homebrew then I suggest you check out this link, instead of this trimmed down version. Especially if you are interested in any of the rational for my choices. But if you just want to dig into the pile of rules that this post is then proceed. I say that because the following is everything in a list.

The psionics class and all of the homebrew goodness right in a row with all of the creator explanation taken out. If you want the rational for why I chose certain powers and abilities for the individual disciplines you can check out. Now onto Psionics! Psionics!

The Lingo for my 5e Homebrew Psionics for D&D

First let us break down the lingo that I use to separate Psionics from the other classes without making up complex rules sets of questionable balance.

Psychic Well and Drams: Psychic well is the area in which the character’s psionic potential, that fuels their powers, resides. How one constructs their well is the basis for their origin story.

Origins: Every person with a special skill set comes by it in a unique way. But over the thousands of years a pattern of stories develops. In a fantasy setting that pattern includes such events as;going to a monastery to train for years, marauders destroy everything of value in their life and their rage kills the marauders, or a burning desire to not be eaten by a predator.

When the will of the character enacts the powers they consume Drams to activate it. Similarly to taking a draught from the well, a dram, a drink. This fills the psychic conduits(circuitry) in and around the character’s body activating the power.

Psychic Conduits / Psychic Circuitry:Psychic Circuitry /Psychic Conduit is the basis for the psionicist’s ability to manifest powers.

Constructed through intuition and desire the circuits are activated through the will of the psionicist as they move the arcane energy along the unique paths within their body and energy matrix.

It is very similar to electricity moving along a path within a circuit board, sugar being carried by the blood to energize systems, or water and nutrients flowing through a network of mycelium or roots to produce a specific effect.

What makes the Psionics circuits different then the biological and technological is that these are constructs of magic that form additional pathway within, and without, the body that change the overall energy patterns to something completely different. This results in arcane energies moving through the system to manifest extraordinary effects.

Powers: How to use the spell list for psionic powers? Focus on the mechanism, not the name of the spell. The names can be changed to reflect a more thematic in game rational for a particular discipline to have their power list. An example that comes to mind is the Relativist (discipline of time and space) They have a spell list that comes from every full caster’s list. They have druid spells that alter how a plant grows, they have cleric spells associated with healing, and they have spells dealing with weight, time, teleportation, and movement.

Manifest: For all in game mechanics the powers, work exactly as stated in the spell rules. A Psionics known powers are as per sorcerer, components are still required for certain powers to work. For example, if a spell requires a 100 gp gem, and it is consumed by the casting of the spell normally, than there is a space in the psychic circuit that destroys the gem when the gem is placed there and the power is activated. Otherwise the spells lose their balancing factor of rare or costly components when converted to powers.

The Class Breakdown:

Hit Points
Hit Dice: 1d6 per Psionicists level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 6 + your Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d6 (or 4) + your
Constitution modifier per psionicists level after 1st
Armor: none
Weapons: Simple weapons
Tools: none
Saving Throws: Wisdom, see Discipline selection for 2nd saving throw

Skills: Choose two from Psionics (Arcane), History, Insight, Medicine, Perception, and any additional skills added to the list from your chosen discipline.

  • A Metabolist’s body undergoes tremendous strain due to the mental powers that are worked through it. Expansion isn’t easy on the muscles and shapechanging isn’t for the weak.
    • Gain Strength as one of your saving throws(if you have only one save from all of your classes)
    •  Add Athletics and Animal Handling to your list of starting skill choices
  • A Relativist’s body is intimately linked with movement both of the physical and dimensional kind. Their mind and movement become faster as they regularly calculate great changes in forces.
    • Gain Intelligence as one of your saving throws(if you have only one save from all of your classes)
    • Add Acrobatics and Sleight of Hand to your list of starting skill choices
  • A Kineticist’s body feels intimately linked with the push and pull of forces. They naturally apply their Kinetic abilities to assist them with physical movement.
    • Gain Strength as one of your saving throws(if you have only one save from all of your classes)
    • Add Athletics and Stealth to your list of starting skill choices
  • A Telepath’s force of personality is as vital to their powers as their discipline and willpower. One does not force themselves behind the mental walls of others without a presence to match their will.
    • Gain Charisma as one of your saving throws(if you have only one save from all of your classes)
    • Add Persuasion and Deception to your list of starting skill choices
  • A Cognizant’s ability to remember, categorize, and analyze all of the different stimuli(visions) that they receive through their mental might is a power onto itself. 
    • Gain Intelligence as one of your saving throws(if you have only one save from all of your classes)
    • Add Investigation and Survival to your list of starting skill choices

We have gone through the the initial class differences for the starting skills and saves. Now let us continue on to the general class advancement and the more specific powers of each discipline.

  • 1st level:
    • Psionic Discipline: Gain the 1st level class feature for the Discipline you selected
  • Spellcasting:
    • As per Sorcerer except Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for your Psionicist ‘s spells and use the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition DMG’s (pg 288) spell point system rather than the spell slots. In my write up this “spellpool” is known as the psychic well and the spell points are drams.
    • Number of cantrips and spells known as per Sorcerer. Spell list as per the chosen discipline (see spell lists)
    • Proficiency bonus as per the standard classes
  • 2nd level:
    • Revitalized Mind: During a short rest, once per long rest, you can regain a number of expended spell points equal to 1/2 of your level in Psionics and add them to your spell point total.
    • Discipline Feature
  • 3rd level:
    • Metamagic: You are able to twist and strain the limit’s of powers by altering your body’s conduits through different forms, poses, and contortions. Gain 2 metamagic abilities
  • 4th level: Ability modifiers or optional feat.
  • 5th level:
  • 6th level: Discipline Feature
  • 7th level:
  • 8th level:Ability modifiers or optional feat.
  • 9th level:
  • 10th level:
    • Metamagic: You are further able to twist and strain the limit’s of powers by altering your body’s conduits through different forms, poses, and contortions. Gain 1 additional metamagic abilities
  • 11th level:
  • 12th level: Ability modifiers or optional feat.
  • 13th level:
  • 14th level: Discipline Feature
  • 15th level:
  • 16th level: Ability modifiers or optional feat.
  • 17th level:
    • Metamagic:You are further able to twist and strain the limit’s of powers by altering your body’s conduits through different forms, poses, and contortions Gain 1 additional metamagic abilities
  • 18th level:
  • 19th level:
  • 20th level: Ability modifiers or optional feat.

The Disciplines:

I have gone with base names that describe what they are without seeming too science based but I did not want to swing too far the other way and name them things like “shaper” ugh. This is the Nerdarchy not the Neanderthal-y

I have no issue with people who play them with simplified names or cultures within the a game that name them as such. I didn’t want my version of psionics to use sightwords you could find on a first graders school list to name the different psionic disciplines.

Below I have included some names by which they may be known, feel free to use these or one’s of your own making.

Cognizant: Seer, Oracle, Prophet, Knower (beyond knowing)

Kineticist: Firestarter, Elementalist, Shaper, Maker, Breaker, Ten Men(strength of)

Metabolist: Changelings, Dopplegangers, Beastman, Shapeshifter, Wereling

Relativist: Outsider(lives outside of time), Traveler, Timedancer, Skipper, Poltegist, Immortalis (The ones who live outside of time)

Telepath: Mindspeaker, Thoughtspy, Beguiler, Enchantress, Thoughtstealer, One who Reveals

In the end it is simply the name game to select what you think captures the feeling and concept of the discipline. Pick a name off of what works for your character, not the mechanics


1st Level

  • Sixth Sense: You have an understanding of how to move and where to stand in most situations, you cannot quantify it or explain it, you simply know based on analyzing the impressions gained by your special insights. When to be where you are now.
    • As long as you are conscious you may substitute your Intelligence modifier in place of your Dexterity modifier in certain circumstances, as a free action. Specifically you can now substitute your modifier (if positive) from your Intelligence score in place of your Dexterity modifier for Dexterity Saves, Initiative, and AC. Example: An intelligence modifier of +3 would give you a 13 AC
    • This does not count as an alternate way to calculate AC- it is simply a substitution. If you wore leather armor you would calculate your AC as 11 + Dexterity Modifier. You may then substitute your Intelligence modifier in place of your Dexterity modifier.
    • “Sometimes standing where you know the sword will not be is the strongest defense.”
  • Add the following spells to your known spells at the level listed
    • 1st Level: True Strike, Identify,  Detect Magic
    • 3rd Level: Detect Thoughts, Locate Object
    • 5th Level: Clairvoyance, Tongues
    • 7th Level: Arcane Eye, Locate Creature
    • 9th Level: Legend Lore, Rary’s Telepathic Bond

2nd Level:

  • Danger Sense: You are learning what each warning signal from your sixth sense means and can now see danger a mere moment before it occurs.
    • You gain advantage on Dexterity saving throws against effects, spells, and traps as long as you are conscious and not incapacitated.

6th Level

  • Clearer Knowing- Your ability to understand your insights into the future is growing. You can better decipher and identify the dangers you see just ahead of when they happen. This saves you from the brunt of even the most unavoidable attacks. “Getting shot in the shoulder beats getting shot in the heart any day and all I needed to do was twitch”
    • If you are conscious and not incapacitated you may spend your reaction to reduce the damage by half from an attack that targets you as long as that damage is reducible.

14th Level

  •  Ease of Knowing: Your psychic conduit channels are strengthened by the constant flow of divination powers.
    • Whenever you use a divination power the drams needed to activate that power are reduced to half (rounded up). This does not reduce the level of the spell, so you are still limited to one casting each of 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th level spells regardless of it being a divination power or not.


  • Telekinetic Shield, You create a shield of force that encapsulates your body. On your turn you can activate your Telekinetic Shield as a bonus action.
    • While activated you gain the following benefits:
      • You have advantage on Strength checks and Strength based Saving throws. As well as Dex saves against physical and force attacks/spells.
      • You Gain a +2 to Armor Class and this bonus increases at the same rate as the “Rage Damage” tables in the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition Player’s Handbook (pg 47)
      • You have resistance to Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing, and Force Damage.
    • Restrictions:
      • Your Telekinetic Shield lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you make a physical attack. You may activate your Telekinetic Shield a number of times per day as per the “Rage” ability for Barbarians (starts at twice a day and increases), from the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook (pg 47)
      • You cannot make a physical based attack(melee or ranged) without disrupting the shield. You may still cast spells and concentrate on others if you are able to do so normally without disrupting the telekinetic shield.

2nd Level:

  • You gain Mage Hand as a cantrip. If you already have it select another cantrip. Your mage hand can act as if there are now two hands(i.e using a hammer and chisel). The spell’s range remains the same.
  • Your Mage hand improves as you level.
    • Extra set of Hands:
      • When crafting or doing a task that requires more than 1 round to complete, but is not a ritual or spell, the time required to complete the task is reduced by half. The DM has final say on whether or not a task could benefit from an extra set of mind controlled hands.

6th Level

  • Partition Spells- You are adept at using just the right amount of energy to complete a task.
    • Any spell that has a duration can be cast at 1/10th of the duration at the cost of 1 spell point. Example: Partitioned Telekinesis. Duration: 1 minute, Cost: 1 spell point. Telekinesis normally costs 7 spell points and lasts for 10 minutes.

14th Level

  •  Your Mage Hands can now be used to shove, disarm, and grapple opponents from a distance. Whenever you could make an attack you instead can cast mage hand and immediately do one of the previously mentioned maneuvers.


1st Level

  • Alter Form: Flesh Armor
    • your AC can now be calculated as AC 10 + your Dexterity Modifier + your Constitution Modifier. You also gain 1 hp now and 1 hp each time you gain a new level in Psionics. Flesh Armor is always active even if you use another way to calculate AC or take another form you still benefit from the non-AC features of Alter Form. It is your choice whether or not to use a shape’s natural armor or your own fabricated armor rather than the Flesh Armor when calculating AC. Just like everything else in 5th edition, different ways to calculate AC do not stack.

2nd Level

  • Humanoid Shapeshifter: You can use your action to magically assume the shape of a humanoid you have seen before (or sufficiently studied as per DM option). similar to Druid’s Wildshape ability but only humanoids. You can use this feature twice per short or long rest. You can assume Humanoid Shapes of 1/2 CR or lower but you cannot use their swim or fly speeds.The formula for CR max is 1/4 your level in Metabolist.
  • Exceptions: You do not gain any spellcasting feature from your new form. You may still cast spells and speak as long as the humanoid form has a mouth and hands/claws.

6th Level

  • Alter Form: Superior Alter Self. You gain the Alter Self spell. If you already had it you select another spell. In addition, your Alter Self spell can be cast as a bonus action and no longer requires concentration.

14th Level

  • Alter Form: Toughen Skin. Once per long rest you may activate Stoneskin without paying it’s cost in spell points or having it as one of your known spells


1st Level

  • Temporal Shielding: Through intimate contact with the powers that control reality you are able to create a protective buffer of time.
    • When you manifest a power that you gained from being a Relativist your shielding is activated (or strengthened if already active).
    • It can be spent to absorb a number of hit points equal to the spell points that activated it. If the shield is already active then you may add a number of points equal to the drams spent on the spell(including metamagics).
    • These points last until you take a long rest or expend them
    • The maximum amount of points that can be stored is equal to your level in Psionics.
  • Time Wrinkle: Whenever an encounter begins you may add your Wisdom modifier or level in the Psionics class (whichever is lower) to your initiative

2nd Level

  • Dimensional Skip: Skipping You move faster through a space by skipping some of the space during your movement. Your base speed is increased by 10 ft. This is considered a continuous magical effect while you are moving. This ability increases as per the monk class

6th Level

  • Dimensional Skip: Leap- As a bonus action during your turn the Relativist can pay 2 drams to skip through a barrier that is thinner than the total distance left of the Relativist ‘s movement from Skipping.
    • If you try jumping through a barrier that is impassible or it is greater than your remaining jump distance the Relativist ‘s power fails.
    • Your Skip is more reliable and attacks made against you while you are in motion are made at disadvantage

14th Level

  • Dimensional Skip: Dodge. As a reaction you can use Dimensional Leap. If you are being attacked you gain resistance to physical damage and gain improved evasion until the end of your next turn.


1st level:

  • Personal Magnetism / Psychic Impressions– Most people you talk with seem to think the better of you due to your charming personality, mannerisms, and personality. Gain Friends as a cantrip. If you have it then select another cantrip. You may use Friends a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier+1(minimum 1) without the person knowing that you have used magic against them (unless they possess some other means of knowing)
  • – Authors Note: I originally had a separate ability that did what friends does. So rather than describe it with the changes I chose to use the spell mechanics that already existed. I do not recommend changing the drawback for other enchantment spells until a much later level. See enchantment school as an example. Also consider that they get this instead of armor bonus or hp buffs

2nd Level

  • Mind Link- You gain a two way communication with someone you can see. As a bonus you can communicate simple instructions at the speed of thought with the target. Unwilling targets get a a wisdom spell save to disrupt the link. These effects work even if you are viewing them through non-line of sight means.

6th level

  • Read Thoughts: Skim-The Psionics character has a better understanding of the flow of thoughts of  other beings. It is possible to string together words and images from an others mind and get information from it by skimming along the mind. This is still only surface thoughts and current topics within the being’s mind. The Telepath is limited to the information that the being is currently thinking about not what they know of a subject in general.
  • Example: If the Telepath wants to know who the Mayor was speaking with last night then the Mayor needs to coincidentally think about it(worried about, troubled about, planning for, or anticipating- the next meeting) If you want to work it out as a save or percent roll that is fine. Otherwise the Telepath will be waiting for the Mayor to daydream about it or get reminded about it by seeing the person they met last night or if someone asks the Mayor  where he was on the previous evening.

14th Level

Mind Alteration: Whenever you use a Telepath or enchantment spell and the target would know that you cast a spell on them after the spell has ended you may choose to alter their perception to ignore the spell cast against them. Similar to the enchant school’s ability


I considered the power and usability of each power list as part of the greater whole of the class features and class effectiveness.

Each discipline has thematic spells that show what the class is when one takes into consideration both the spell list and class features of the individual disciplines.

Below is the list of all of the discipline’s. They are separated by level to make it easier to choose powers for your character.

A finale reminder: The spells were chosen for each discipline based on what they can do, not by their name. I also chose the spells without any consideration to the other existing spell casters. I chose what fit mechanically into my vision of the disciplines


  • Zero level :
    • Blade Ward, Dancing Lights, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Produce Flame, Ray of Frost, Shocking Grasp, Ballistic Attack
  • 1st Level:
    • Feather Fall, LongStrider, Thunderwave, Unseen Servant, Shield of Faith, Fog Cloud, Burning Hands, Mage Armor, Shield, Tenser’s Floating Disc, Armor of Agathys
  • 2nd Level:
    • Flaming Sphere, Gust of Wind, Hold Person, Knock, Levitate, Scorching Ray, Shatter, Cordon of Arrows, Enhance Ability, Flame Blade, Heat Metal, Spiritual Weapon
  • 3rd Level:
    • Daylight, Create Food and Water, Protection from Energy, Spirit Guardian, Call Lighting, Sleet Storm, Water Walk, Wind Wall, Gaseous Form, Leomund’s Tiny Hut, Lighting Bolt, Phantom Steed, Detonate (nonliving/ non-sentient object or material is targeted and destroyed explodes as a fireball of half strength rounded up)
  • 4th Level:
    • Freedom of Movement, Control Water, Stone Shape, Otiluke’s Resilience Sphere, Ice Storm, Wall of Fire, Fabricate, Fire Shield, Mordenkianen’s Faithful Hound
  • 5th Level:
    • Animate Objects, Hold Monster, Flame Strike, Telekinesis, Cone of Cold, Creations, Wall of Stone, Wall of Force, Bigby’s Hands
  • 6th Level:
    • Blade Barrier, Move Earth, Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere, Sunbeam, Wind Walk, Chain Lighting, Disintegrate, Globe of Invulnerability, Flesh to Stone, Wall of Ice
  • 7th Level:
    • Firestorm, Force Cage, Etherealness, Mordekianen’s Sword, Reverse Gravity, Delayed Blast Fireball, Prismatic Spray, Simulacrum
  • 8th Level:
    • Control Weather, Incendiary Cloud, Sunburst, Tsunami, Earthquake, Antimagic Field
  • 9th Level:
    • Meteor Swarm, Annihilate (detonate on nonliving and/ or living things- 1 target or a 5ft area that includes 1 target makes a save as per finger of death with the restrictions of finger of death(hp total) failed saves result in explosions and nothing left but dusty bits ). Wish (Restricted to creation / destruction of objects, healing, harming, restoring, etc of a spell of 8th level or lower- just spin it how you need for the theme of it)


Cantrips: Spare the Dying, True Strike, Druidcraft, Ray of Frost, Fatigue, Guidance, Mending, Blade Ward

1st Level Spells:

Healing Word, Longstrider, Featherfall, Alarm, Sanctuary, Inflict Wounds, Expeditious Retreat, Armor of Agathys, Chromatic Orb

2nd Level Spells:

Blindness/Deafness, Hold Person, Flaming(Elemental) Sword, Lesser Restoration, Shatter, Silence, Continual Flame, Enhance Ability, Prayer of Healing, Warding Bond, Pass without Trace, Blur, Misty Step, Gentle Repose, Magic Weapon, Rope Trick

3rd Level Spells:

Dispel Magic, Feign Death, Leomond’s Tiny Hut, Nondetection, Counterspell, Meld into Stone, Plant Growth, Protection from Energy, Glyph of Warding, Blink, Haste, Revivify, Slow, Waterbreathing

4th Level Spells:

Dimension Door, Freedom of Movement, Banishment, Conjure Minor Elemental, Conjure Woodland Beings, Mordenkainens Private Sanctum, Mordenkainen’s Faithful Hound

5th Level Spells:

Planar Binding, Hallow, Hold Monster, Reincarnate, Anti-life Shell, Conjure Elemental, Treestride, Teleportation Circle, Creation, Contact Other Plane, Cone of Cold

6th Level Spells:

Arcane Gate, Drawmij’s Instant Summons, Contingency, Guards/Wards, Planar Ally, Magic Jar, Forbidance, Conjure Fey, Transport Via Plants, Wall of Thorns

7th Level Spells:

Etherealness, Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion, Mordenkainen’s Sword, Teleport, Regenerate, Conjure Celestial, Plane Shift, Reverse Gravity, Anti-Magic Field, Sequester

8th Level Spells:

Clone, Earthquake, Demiplane, Maze, Trap the Soul

9th Level Spells:

Gate, Timestop, Astral Projection, Imprisonment, Wish


  • Cantrips: Acid Splash, Blade Ward, Contact, Fatigue, Light, Poison Spray, Shocking Grasp, Spare the Dying, True Strike,
  • 1st Level Spells:
    • Animal Friendship, Compel Duel, Cure Wounds, Expeditious Retreat, False Life, Grease, Heroism, Inflict Wounds, Jump, Long Stride, Purify food/ drink, Shield, Sleep
  • 2nd Level Spells:
    • Alter Self, Barkskin, Darkvision, Detect Poison/Disease, Enlarge/ Reduce, Enhance Ability, Gentle Repose, Lesser Restoration, Pass without Trace, Prayer of Healing, Protection from Poison, Spider Climb, Zone of Truth
  • 3rd Level Spells:
    • Blur, Fear, Feign Death, Fly, Haste, Protection from Energy, Revivify, Slow, Waterbreathing
  • 4th Level Spells:
    • Deathward, Freedom of Movement, Polymorph, Stoneskin
  • 5th Level Spells:
    • Contagion, Destructive Smite, Greater Restoration, Insect Plague
  • 6th Level Spells:
    • Contingency, Find the Path, Globe of Invulnerability, Harm
  • 7th Level Spells:
    • Regenerate, Anti-magic Field
  • 8th Level Spells:
    • Holy Aura, Glibness, Clone
  • 9th Level Spells:
    • Shapechange, Foresight, Astral Projection


  • Cantrips: Friends, Message, True Strike, Vicious Mockery, Minor illusion, Dancing Light, Fatigue
  • 1st Level
    • Sanctuary, alarm, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Disguise Self, Detect Magic, Dissonant Whispers, Faerie Fire, Healing Word, Heroism, Illusory Script, Silent Image, Sleep, T. Hideous Laughter, Command, Detect Good/Evil, Compell Duel, Find Familiar
    • New First level power: Psychic Blast: 60 ft, Ranged spell attack 3d6 psychic damage. Spell is able to be increased.
    • cast as a 2nd level spell: 4d6 damage. After effect: Roll dice as per the sleep spell against the target(s).
    • cast as a 3rd level spell: 5d6 damage. Then select any 1 lower level After effect
    • cast as a 4th level spell: 6d6 damage. Gain a new after effect to use: hold person, as per spell. Or select any 1 lower level After effect
    • cast as a 5th level spell: 7d6 damage. Gain a new after effect to use: Fear as per spell. Or select any 1 lower level After Effect to apply.
    • cast as a 6th level spell: 8d6 damage. Gain a new area(10′ radius) Then select any 1 lower level After Effect to apply.
    • cast as a 7th level spell: 9d6 damage. Gain a new area(60′ line) Then select any 1 lower level After Effect to apply.
    • cast as a 8th level spell: 10d6 damage.  Chose an area effect (single, line, radius). Then select 2 different lower level After Effects to apply.
    • cast as a 9th level spell: 11d6 damage.  Gain a new area(60′ cone) or chose between single, line, radius. Then select 2 different lower level After Effects to apply.
  • 2nd Level
    • Animal Messenger, Blindness/Deafness, Crown of Madness, Enhance Ability, Enthrall, Hold Person, See invisibility, Silence, Suggestion, Zone of Truth,
    • New 2nd Level power: Sense Link- range: 120 ft, Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour. You share sensations with another being. Select a target. If they are unwilling they get a will save. Choose one of the senses. You sense what the other is hearing, feeling, seeing. You may choose to let them do the same for the duration) At the start of your turn you may chose to share your senses with another in a distracting manner. The target gets a will save. Failure means they get disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks.
  • 3rd Level
    • Fear, Feign Death, Hypnotic Pattern, Major Image, Nondetection, Sending, Tongues, Spirit Guardian
  • 4th Level
    • Compulsion, Confusion, Hallucinatory Terrain, Locate Creature
  • 5th Level
    • Awaken, Dominate Person, Geas, Hold Monster, Mislead, Seeming, Modify Memory
  • 6th Level
    • Eyebite, Otto Irresistible Dance, Mass Suggestion
  • 7th Level
    • Mirage Arcane, Project Image, Symbol
  • 8th Level
    • Power Word Stun, Antipathy, Glibness, Mindblank, Dominate Monster, Telepathy, Feeblemind
  • 9th Level
    • Power Word Kill, Wish(a charm/enchantment based effect of another spell)


I found Cognizant to be the most difficult to construct a spell list for because most of the spells sound like a poor match based on their name but the mechanics of certain spells lend themselves to altering the abilities of the cognizant in a way that can be re-skinned to reflect the prophetic might of this particular discipline.

  • Zero level :
    • Blade Ward, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, true strike, vicious mockery, guidance, shillelagh, friends
  • 1st Level:
    • LongStrider, speak with animals, Unseen Servant, Shield of Faith, detect evil / goodMage Armor, Shield,, expeditious retreat, hunter’s mark, find familiar, alarm
  • 2nd Level:
    •  Enhance Ability, blur, darkvision, see invisibility, locate animals / plants, detect poison / disease, zone of truth, warding bond,
  • 3rd Level:
    • Daylight, speak with dead, speak with plants, counterspell, dispel magic,
  • 4th Level:
    • Freedom of Movement, stone skin, death ward, divination
  • 5th level:
    • Dream, scrying, mislead, commune, commune with nature, contact other plane
  • 6th level:
    • contingency, true seeing, find the path,
  • 7th level:
    • mordenkainen’s sword
  • 8th level:
    • glibness, mind blank,
  • 9th level:
    • foresight, wish

Feats for the 5e Homebrew for D&D

Psionic Initiate would simply include the Psionic custom class in the list of spell casting classes to choose from when selecting this 5e feat. From there it would work exactly the same as it does in the PHB.

Psionic Tattoo You can scribe temporary conduits onto yourself and other psionic characters. The tattoo lasts a maximum of 1 week unless the psionic tattoo artist decidesto end it before the week is over. A tattoo can contain any number of powers as long as the total amount of drams the powers cost is less than or equal to the character’s levels in psionics (cantrips count as 1 dram for this calculation).

When the Psionic character places the tattoo on the target and selects the powers the recipient gains a reduction of metamagic cost of the powers linked to the tattoo. That reduction is 1 spell point off of the total points spent on metamagics when the spell is cast. An example is drawing a psionic tattoo as a 5th level Telepath. They select the power: Nondetection (5 drams in total so they can not add another power). When they later cast Nondetection the power can be augmented with a metamagic ability that costs 1 dram and it will instead cost 0 drams to alter the power.

Just in case I have not clarified yet. A character may only be the recipient of 1 psionic tattoo. An attempt to place a second tattoo will overwrite the previous psionics tattoo

You may have a number of tattoos active equal to your Wisdom modifier +1, to a minimum of 1

Ritual Caster- now includes the rituals from the Psionic custom class list of spells for this 5e Feat

Spell Shaper- You excel at twisting spells to suit your needs. Your Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma increases by 1, you gain 2 spell points, and you gain 1 Metamagic ability.

Mind over Matter- You have trained your mind to exceed your bodies capabilities in times of need.

As a reaction you can spend 1 dram(sorcery point) to gain one of three benefits which last as per Concentration, for up to one minute.

  1. Add your proficiency bonus to any physical skill or physical action that does not already add your proficiency bonus.
  2. Add your proficiency bonus to a Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution save if you are not already able to do so.
  3. Add your proficiency bonus to any type of attack that does not already add your proficiency bonus .

Note: This cannot give you expertise, nor will it allow you to add your proficiency bonus more than once.

When compared to Skilled, where you simply gain 3 skills, Mind over Matter has better range of application but costs to do it.

Tip: Combine this with the 2nd level spell Enhance Ability for some amazing feats of strength and dexterity where once was an average psionics based PC.

Guide to Psionics, 5e Feats: Part 6 for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition | Nate of NerdarchyShared Minds– When this feat is selected the character gains the ritual: Shared mind.  The ritual, when completed, allows you to share the burdens of concentration with another intelligent being.

You must be within touching distance of the intelligent being (Int greater than 5) and they must be willing before the ritual will work. It lasts 1 day or until you perform this ritual again, whichever is shorter. While active you gain the following

  1. You can speak with the recipient of shared mind as if you both had the message cantrip
  2. You gain advantage on concentration checks when concentrating on one thing while the recipient is not doing something that requires a concentration check.
  3. You may concentrate on up to two things at once without the loss of either one. Any Concentration checks made while concentrating on 2 situations requiring concentration are made without advantage.

Fortress of Adamant Will- Your intellect,persona, and consciousness reside within a mental fortress constructed of adamant will.

  1. Your Intelligence,Wisdom, or Charisma score is increased by 1 (to a maximum of 20)
  2. Gain proficiency in the Intelligence,Wisdom, or Charisma saving throw. If you already have the selected saving throw then you gain advantage on your saving throw for mind-affecting effects and psychic damage. Some of these include enchantment, telepathic attacks, illusions, psychic damage, etc…

The end…

Remember to always pack your character sheet and Stay Nerdy!