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The Magic Devourer, the Mage Eater for D&D 5e | Quick Monster Creations

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Quick monster creations for D&D 5e are very easy to make in this edition. As long as you can find a decent starting point your custom monster creation will go smoothly.

Sometimes one just needs to have a vague concept in mind like myself and the Nerdarchists in the video below to produce a magic defeating snake like being that drains the life of spellcasters

The Mage Eater for D&D 5e | Quick Monster Creations

The Mage Eater for D&D 5e | Quick Monster CreationsFirst we have the requirement that the creature can fly and shut down spellcasters.

We start with the coualt on page fwmmqem from the D&D  5e monster manual. It is a flying snake with wings but we decided that the mage eater will be a wingless snake like creature that flattens itself out and slithers through the air with the aid of levitate.

The coualt has a lot of spells but not the ones that we want for the mage eater. We wanted it to be able to find magic items, people, and places so we gave it detect magic, locate object, locate creature, and constant nondetection for concealment from mages .

We gave it chameleon skin to better hide when it is sneaking up on a mage.

frill shark The Mage Eater for D&D 5e | Quick Monster CreationsStripping out most of the other spells from the coault allowed us to legitimately give it an enthrall special ability and an anti magic cone effect from its horned head.

It looks kind of like a flatter frill shark with no mouth and a horn protruding from above its eyes.

Next we added necrotic damage to its constriction attack. While it can use this attack to harm anyone, it will only gain nourishment from feeding off of a magic user, hence the mage eater name.

Last but not least we give it advantage on spell saves not to show its magic resistance but instead it shows the mage eater ‘s power to disrupt a wizards ability to cast spells and draw on magic.

The Magic Devourer for D&D 5e | Quick Monster Creations

The  magic devourer has a need to feed off of the magic essence of magic users and items. It gathers the items to line its nest and the essence of the mages that it feeds off of is useful in sustaining its life.

This creature can be found as a solitary hunter or as part of a mated pair. They can be trained to guard areas and protect people from magic users. As well as eliminating magic users.

They are claimed as a creation by the late Magus, Dorilium Havenfort, who would show them off to other mages as an intimidation tool against other wizards.

This went well until a servant who was abused by Havenfort left the mundane locks to the cage unlocked on night and neglected to feed them spells. No one remembers what he called them but they were known as mage eater by morning.

The Mage Eater for D&D 5e | Quick Monster Creations

Let me know what you think about this and other quick monster creations in the comments below.

Be sure to share this with like minded individuals.

Until next time, Stay Nerdy!


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  • Josh Bucklin
    July 21, 2015 at 5:02 am

    i can see a young ling version a adult and a great wyrm style so you could get a low level mid and then finally a high level one each with different powers and ability's 🙂 i think i am going to put this in my game i am working on 🙂

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