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Fantasy Grounds College

Fantasy Grounds College – Get to Know the Staff No. 2

Welcome all to my second installment of Fantasy Grounds College, get to know our staff! My second interview is with another relatively new member, Pherrid. A Game Master and professor who you can always find in the college’s Discord server talking to students in the #College-Chat channel.

Critical Role RPG campaign

Critter Corner: Discussing Critical Role Episode 1

Welcome to Wildemount.  The year is 835 PD, or Post Divergence.” – Matt Mercer

Hello, Critter darlings. Have you wandered my way because you haven’t yet caught the first episode of the Critical Role new campaign? Or were you perhaps one of the 100K+ plus live viewers, but now you’re out amongst the interwebs looking for analysis, fan theories, and/or gossip? In any case, I hope you’ll find something interesting here. Fair warning, this isn’t really a ‘highlights’ kind of article. I do give some character overviews and a session summary, but my main purpose is trying to build a case for a theory I have about the overall story arc we might see as the new season unfolds.

*mild spoilers for Critical Role, Campaign 2 Episode 1 ahead


Top RPGs, CRPGs and Anime of 2018

Hello fellow gamers! Allow me to introduce myself. Sham B. here reporting for duty. Avid collector of RPGs and CRPGs, full-time geek, proud waifu admirer, anime fan, self-proclaimed bastion of gaming knowledge. Also old… yeah getting old gotta love it. So excuse me if every once in a while I tell someone to get off my lawn. That is a habit that seems to just come with age. Otherwise I am 18 at heart. I might grow up, someday. Just not today. Hello and salutations my few and precious readers! I come to you tasked with a quest.

live stream playstyle

Live Stream D&D is a Playstyle All its Own

Back in 2010 the notion of Dungeons & Dragons, or any roleplaying game, as a spectator event would draw incredulous looks – even from dyed-in-the-wool players. There were a few videos floating around from Wizards of the Coast to show examples of D&D being played, and some podcasts of people playing or talking about the gaming hobby. Fast forward to 2017, and live stream roleplaying games have grown into a viable form of entertainment. The big dog in the room, Critical Role, generally draws audiences in the 30,000 viewer range for their live games on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. pacific. The VOD on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel dwarfs these numbers; the first episode is sitting at 6.1 million views. The new campaign just started too – were your #silhouettewatch predictions correct?

Fantasy Grounds College

Fantasy Grounds College – Get to Know the Staff No. 1

As Fantasy Grounds College continues to grow, so does our list of amazing aides, moderators, subject matter experts, streamers, web designers,etc. Some of these people have been around since the college started back in 2011, while others are new. Every one of them deserves some time in the spotlight. Thus, I would like to introduce my bi-weekly Fantasy Grounds College Get to Know the Staff segment.

2017 Holiday Nerdy Gift Ideas for Roleplaying Gamers

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time for this year’s gift suggestions for the nerdy gamers in your life. Whether you’re a Game Master of player, dig your digital products or prefer physical swag in hand, there’s a little something for everyone here. This past year has been incredible for roleplaying gamers, with tons of new games and new stuff for games we’ve all been playing like good ol’ Dungeons & Dragons.

If you still have some shopping to do (or you want to treat yourself to some nifty stuff) here’s a selection of suggestions for 2017. This feature has become something of a tradition around here, and as Nerditor-in-chief I’m honored to carry on with what was passed to me by my predecessor Ty Johnston. Everyone at Nerdarchy wishes you the happiest of holidays and as the close of 2017 nears, until the 2018 gift guide stay nerdy!

Fantasy Grounds College

How Fantasy Grounds College Taught Me to Overcome the Human Condition and Love Gaming Again

In the ’80s it was a lot harder to be “cool” and a “nerd” than it is now. Back then those words were mutually exclusive. Dungeons & Dragons was not cool. It was something weird that only “weird” people played, or for kids to horrify their parents with. In those days, as both a female and a nerdy kid, you had to have thick skin.

Wyatt Ferris #PlayForWyatt

Wyatt Ferris Inspires Gamers to #PlayForWyatt

It’s truly a testament to how awesome the gaming community is that when tragedy took an awesome person from our nerdy world, and his mom reached out, gamers around the globe answered the call.

Hello Awesome Crafters, Last week my 17 year old son Wyatt Ferris took his own life after suffering a traumatic brain injury. He was very active in the gaming community, both as player and GM. In order to show our endless love for Wyatt and to honor his countless hours at the gaming tables, we’re asking GMs and storytellers around the world to add Wyatt as an NPC in your games. Wyatt was a paladin, cavalier, war priest, rogue, swashbuckler, investigator, Hellknight bodyguard, and more. Please see the photos here of Wyatt and use the hashtags #Play4Wyatt #WyattNPC so we can follow his continued adventures. Thank you for helping this broken hearted mother mend after this tragic loss. I love the gaming community for starting this for my son. My Twitter is @baddicebad. Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe!

NaNoWriMo writing

Quick and Dirty Writing Tricks for NaNoWriMo

Salutations nerds! It’s November, and that means National Novel Writing Month is in full swing. I’m willing to bet if you clicked on this article you already know what that is, but permit me a brief recap on the off chance you aren’t already in the know.

Basically, NaNoWriMo is a word marathon where a bunch of crazy people decide to attempt to write at least 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. The rules are simple. You aren’t allowed to actually start writing your story until November starts (but really you’re only cheating yourself if you do), and it has to be 50,000 on the same tale. Typically, you’re looking at writing about 1,667 words a day to be able to finish on time, but there are some even crazier people out there who shoot higher.

Dragon Bagons Dice Bag Kickstarter – Hoard the Shiny Things!

Following up on the success of her first Kickstarter campaign, New Zealand’s Bridget Hughes returns to the crowdfunding platform with a new project! Under the Wayward Masquerade brand, Hughes created Bagthulhu, the diabolically adorable Cthulhu dicebag. Now the crafter has turned her imaginative attention to the great wyrms we all know and love from Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy lore to present Dragon Bagons: CR 10 Dragon dice bags Kickstarter.

RollPlay roundtable

RollPlay Roundtable Digs Deep into D&D with Matt Mercer, Adam Koebel, Mike Mearls and Matt Colville

In case you missed it, a very thought-provoking event took place on Oct. 9, 2017 for anyone in the Dungeons & Dragons or tabletop roleplaying game community.

Hosted on the itmeJP YouTube channel. Adam Koebel moderated a roundtable discussion including fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons co-creator and creative lead Mike Mearls, Critical Role Dungeon Master and voice actor Matt Mercer and video game writer and author Matt Colville, whose popular YouTube channel and presence in the D&D community has had a powerful impact on the hobby.

RollPlay Presents: A 5E Roundtable Discussion began with a deceptively complex question.

GeekGirlCon ’17 – A Convention to Celebrate the Female Geek

GeekGirlCon ’17

All right, so many things have occurred in the last decade of geekdom, and one I am very proud to be witness to is the massive expansion of acceptance for geeks from the general public. The thing is, many think the fight is already won, but it is not a battle. Indeed this is a war being battled on many fronts. There is a war of sorts women, people of color, nonbinary genders, and people of all sexual orientations have been fighting. One for safety and acceptance, to proper representation, and even employment.

Dissecting the X-Card Controversy

Very recently, the controversy over the X-Card was brought up again. For those not in the know, and I was one of those up until it was recently brought up in our writer’s chat, the basic premise is a system where roleplaying or simulation game players can silently signal the subject at hand is making them uncomfortable, usually in the form of index cards with an X prominently marked on it, that they can tap or raise. While the subject was recently rebroadcast in a vlog, a very cursory Google search has brought up a debate about it that existed at least two years ago.

State of Nerdarchy Address

Hello Nerdarchy community and welcome to Nerdarchy.com!

If this is your first visit to our slice of the internet, thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoy your stay and come back again. For those already familiar with what we do here, on our You Tube channel and everywhere else, we’re happy to see you as always. The Nerdarchy community is something we’re very proud of and our reason and motivation to keep on doing what we do. We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the incredible support and to spotlight some of the exciting changes and new ventures.

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