ConCoction convention D&D

ConCoction Welcomes Nerdarchy as Featured Guests for D&D Events

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Attention Nerdarchy community!

You’ve heard Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch talk about it in the Saturday Quests & Adventures live chats and read about it here on the website – Nerdarchy is headed to Ohio for Cleveland ConCoction! Northeast Ohio’s fan-run, volunteer-run convention celebrates all things sci-fi, fantasy and gaming. ConCoction returns in 2018 to the Bertram Inn and Conference Center in Aurora, Ohio, on March 9-11.

ConCoction convention D&D

ConCoction featured guests

Nerdarchy is invited as special guests and we’re super excited to attend! As we continue to work hard and grow, building a presence at conventions is a major part of our plan and this is a big step forward. The support of our fans and awesome community makes this possible and you’re the reason we keep doing what we’re going. For nerds, by nerds isn’t just a catchphrase – we love what we do and opportunities like this guest appearance at ConCoction is another building block to bigger and better.

Pre-convention D&D

In addition to the scheduled events at ConCoction, Nerdarchy plans to arrive in Northeast Ohio early to host a meetup with fans on March 8, 2018. To help us put together a fun event, please check out this survey so we can arrange something really special. We want to make sure to accommodate fans as best we can to meet up, hang out, and of course play some games! In our daily live chats we see a lot of folks from Ohio joining us and our guests and we’d love to meet you in person, along with everyone else coming to ConCoction. Our pre-convention event will be open to anyone so even if you’re not attending ConCoction we’d love to see you at the meetup!

ConCoction convention schedule

  • Friday, March 9, 6-10 p.m.: Nate the Nerdarch will be the Dungeon Master for Night Terrors, a fifth edition D&D adventure
  • Saturday, March 10, 3-7 p.m.: Nerdarchist Dave will be the Dungeon Master for Maze of the Chaos Storm, a fifth edition D&D adventure
  • Saturday, March 10, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.: Nerdarchist Ted will be the Dungeon Master for The Haunted Mansion, a fifth edition D&D adventure

Nerdarchy will also be hosting two panels over the weekend to discuss playing D&D for a living. We’ll talk about memorable moments at the gaming table, what it’s like to be content creators in the tabletop roleplaying game industry, share stories about our greatest hits, strangest questions and more.

Be sure to keep an eye on the ConCoction website and follow Nerdarchy on social media for updates and more details about our convention events and the meetup. As we continue into 2018 we’re incredibly thankful to all our fans and the roleplaying game community for their support. Not content to rest on our laurels, we’re stepping up our game on YouTube and right here on the website with new and better videos, more writers and new ventures in content creation. If you haven’t seen our Chimes of Discordia: Fantastical Mounts for 5E book in the Nerdarchy store, be sure to check that out along with 3D printed miniatures and terrain, new T-shirt designs from our very own Mike Gould from Out of the Box D&D Encounters. We’ve got several more cool new products in the works too.

We’re also expanding our live content with new shows and streaming on Twitch including worldbuilding and homebrew creation with Nate the Nerdarch and Nerdarchy community member Kienata, and an upcoming new D&D campaign from Nerditor Doug set to premiere the week following ConCoction.

Later in 2018, Nerdarchy will be making the convention rounds at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, June 13-17 and Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana, August 2-5. Other appearances throughout the year will of course be announced so stay tuned for more news.

And as always, stay nerdy!


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