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Zoo Mafia RPG Book

🎲 Unleashing the Wild Side of Tabletop RPGs: Zoo Mafia RPG Hits Kickstarter! 🐾

📣 Big News, RPG Lovers! Hey, TTRPG family! 🎉 We're super excited (and a bit giddy, to be honest) to announce that our very own creation, Zoo Mafia RPG, is now live on Kickstarter! 🥳 Zoo Mafia RPG Kickstarter TRAILER https://youtu.be/mVEW90HOpmI 🐅 Welcome to Our Zoo Mafia World Imagine this:...

Can 5e Races Be as Interesting as Classes? In Rule of Chaos, the Answer is Yes!

By guest poster Brave Alice Studios

For most 5e players, the race of their character is an important question in character creation. You have some set characteristics and gain some feats. And after that, your race normally stays the same from 1st level all the way up to level 20. All further customizations of your character are done on class level.

Your Imagination is the Only Limit of RPG Stories

One appreciation both RPG and technology enthusiasts share is for customization. We love options for helping us create the experiences we enjoy the most. Brave Alice Studios understands this and put their passion into creating a platform designed specifically with your stories in mind. RPG Stories is a 3D Virtual Tabletop containing a massive world builder with models and assets for medieval fantasy, modern horror and science fiction (so basically anything at all). For a non-savvy technological person like myself the most appealing option is Auto Mode for users who like to create content easily and fast, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s get into it.

Follow the Rule of Chaos as Agents of Hell in Your D&D Game

Are we the baddies? You’ll have to determine this for yourself and you’ll have to weigh the odds when your Dungeons & Dragons adventurers follow the Rule of Chaos. This 5E compatible game plunges players into the role of demons compelled to do the bidding of those who summon them. But there’s always loopholes to exploit, providing windows of opportunity for clever demons to enact their own designs. Stealing artifacts, haggling for mortal souls, starting a cult — who knows what an enterprising demon might accomplish?

Prime Your Plasma Engines to Blast Off with WayStar RPG

Penny Dragon Games fires up the rocket boosters and takes off for the stars as a follow up to Bergin’s Book of Beasts and its 200+ new beasts and beast-flavored subclasses for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. This new project, called WayStar, presents a complete science fiction roleplaying game based on the popular 5E system. Part of their previous project included a campaign called Firestar Falling involving the crash of an evil meteor and the ensuing peril. Perhaps out there in the vastness of space heroes might discover its origins in WayStar? Let’s get into it.

Play Animon Story in Your Favorite Worlds

The world of monster taming video games is exploding with news at the moment. Coromon just released for Nintendo Switch, Digimon Survive releases worldwide on July 29 and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leaks have been coming in waves. There’s even more news for even more properties but the property I’m most excited for is Animon Story RPG by Zak Barouh.

Find Your Inspiration for Amazing RPG Experiences within DungeonMorphs

The scope of tabletop roleplaying games has never been more broad than it is right now. The system options for players are staggering and even considering the dominance of Dungeons & Dragons within this particular RPG the range of playstyles and approaches to the game are are varied as the people playing them. One aspect shared by nearly all Game Masters is preparation and even the staunchest advocate for improvisation relies on some starting point. The folks at Inkwell Ideas consistently deliver solid resources for GMs and their latest project DungeonMorphs IV aims to continue this fine tradition.