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Author: Dave Friant

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Bee puppet wearing a headset.

Creating a PbtA Playbook — Driver for Zoo Mafia RPG

Welcome to the Zoo. Today I’m creating the Driver —  another Playbook for Nerdarchy’s first roleplaying game, Zoo Mafia RPG. Our Zoo Mafia RPG Quick Start is now live and available for free through the Zoo Mafia Newsletter. The Quick Start includes four Playbooks for the Button, Grifter, Lookout and Safecracker. We’ve also posted another Playbook here on the website we’ve renamed the Goon. We’ll continue to develop new Playbooks here and then add them for our Patreon supporters in addition to the regular rewards over there. You can become a Patreon supporter and snag the Goon Playbook here.

Role Playing Game, Zoo Mafia RPG, Logo

Creating a PbtA Playbook — Thug for Zoo Mafia RPG

Welcome to the Family! But first, have you downloaded the Zoo Mafia RPG Quick Start Rules? You can sign up for the Zoo Mafia RPG Newsletter here and get them for free. It’s time to build a new Playbook: Thug. (Or maybe it’ll be called Muscle.) Before going any further let me give the elevator pitch for Zoo Mafia RPG. It’s tabletop roleplaying game heavily influenced by the Powered by the Apocalypse, specifically Monster of the Week. Our design also took inspiration from Green Ronin Publishing’s AGE System. Zoo Mafia is all about being a zoo animal who is also criminal trying to get into an organized crime family.

Plague Doctor Dancing

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 5

Another week of D&D and RPG memes is here. This week’s dose of D&D and RPG humor is a little late due to a nerdy vacation to hang out with friend and streamer Mike Hunt of UnMadeGaming on Twitch and YouTube. It was a fun mini-vacation where I got to run a Zoo Mafia RPG one shot. If you missed last week’s round up you can see it here. We managed to get a couple of non-Dungeons & Dragons memes into the mix time around. Also the round-up is a little light on the GIFs this time around. Unfortunately next week will be an all round light round up with me having been away for most of the week. Thent we’ll be back on track.

Lead singer from Gwar Oderus Urungus

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 4

This week of D&D memes, RPG memes and D&D GIFs is here. This week four of Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up. This week I’ve explored themes like animals with weapons, the heavy metal bands GWAR and Nekrogoblikon, Goblin King and the Firefly TV show. These D&D memes originally appeared on Nerdarchy the Facebook page. I’m trying to dabble a little more into memeing other roleplaying games.

D&D Movie Honor Among Thieves 2023 banner

D&D: Honor Among Thieves Could be a Great Fantasy Film But a Bad D&D Movie

Warning: this post contains possible spoilers for D&D: Honor Among Thieves for those seeking a pure experience seeing it for the first time after release. I was inspired to weigh in even further on a post I shared on Nerdarchy’s Facebook page after reading the comments. First off a social media post just isn’t enough to articulate my position.

Alligator in a suit sitting at a table in a restaurant

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 3

Another week of bringing our Facebook D&D memes and GIFs over here to Nerdarchy the Website. I’ve tried sticking to daily themes with varying results. We’ve had a day of dragons, another day of alligators, one day was all Doctor Who stills turned into D&D memes and we even had a day focused on the D&D tabaxi race. You can find Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Volume 2 among last week’s posts.

Peter Dinklage from Knights of Badassdom

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 2

I’m in week two of becoming a dank D&D meme lord. The memes and GIFs get created and uploaded to Nerdarchy the Facebook page first. We understand not everyone uses social media. Even so some you might like some Dungeons and Dragons humor to kick back and relax with. You can find Making D&D Memes and Gifs Round-Up Volume One among last week’s posts.

Displacer beast lunging at adventurers while they dive into gelatinous cube

Making D&D Memes and GIFs Round-Up Vol. 1

I’ve decided to try my hand at creating memes and GIFs for Dungeons & Dragons over on Nerdarchy the Facebook page. Everyone likes to hang out there or even on social media in general so here is what you are missing. First off these are just jokes and me poking fun at different D&D tropes. I’m not trying to make any statements one way or another. To be honest things we complain about in posts or videos we still play despite if it seems like we are bashing the idea.

Githyanki are Such a Cool D&D Monster

I recently did an encounter in our Out of the Box Encounters style for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons in our weekly newsletter. I thought it would be fun to expand on the encounter in its own post. The concept for the encounter is a small scouting party’s unsuccessful search and retrieval mission for a larger force to which they’re attached. Their orders are simple — scout and report back — but they take the opportunity for a little personal gain. The githyanki command doesn’t want their presence known until they are ready to strike so these scouts are in hot water if they can’t clean up their mess quick.