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Author: Dave Friant

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E22 YR 1- Nerdarchy’s Recommended Reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy For Better Role-Playing Games Podcast

Episode 22 of the Nerdarchy Year One podcast. This is one that I believe was requested. The Nerdarchy recommended reading list. So we go over some our favorite sci/fantasy books that have inspired us during our gaming over the years. https://soundcloud.com/david-friant-458990853/e22-yr-1-nerdarchys-recommended-reading-sci-fifantasy-for-better-role-playing-games Nerdarchy's Recommended Reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy For Better...

E19 YR1- What Happens After The GamePlay| Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Wrap Video Podcast

Episode 19 of Nerdarchy the podcast Year One. Here we actually do a wrap video after our 1st 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Game. It's the normal crew plus our buddy Mark who is playing in the game with us. https://soundcloud.com/david-friant-458990853/e19-yr1-what-happens-after-the-gameplay-dungeons-and-dragons-5th-edition-wrap-video What Happens After The GamePlay| Dungeons...


E18 YR1- Exploring Dungeon Crawls In Tabletop Role-Playing Games| Game Master Tips Podcast

Wow episode 18 of Nerdarchy the Podcast Year One. This one we dive back into the dungeon with another game master tips. This time we are talking about and discussing dungeon crawls. https://soundcloud.com/david-friant-458990853/e18-yr1-exploring-dungeon-crawls-in-tabletop-role-playing-games-game-master-tips Exploring Dungeon Crawls In Tabletop Role-Playing Games| Game Master Tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrwnXmMXEt0 Game Master Tips| Exploring Dungeon...


E14- YR 1 Freak Vs. Geek (Beholder Vs Lich)| Dungeons and Dragons Monsters Podcast

Episode 14 brings us to a fun little experiment where we pit Dungeons and Dragons monsters against each other. In this case we have a beholder square off against a lich in Screw Attack Death Battle sort of scenario. https://soundcloud.com/david-friant-458990853/e14-yr-1-freak-vs-geek-beholder-vs-lich-dungeons-and-dragons-monsters Monster Vs. Monster with the Freak Vs....

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