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Author: Dave Friant

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Better D&D Dungeons with ZFigs Interlocking Dungeon Tiles

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage has just been released for Dungeon Masters to test their players’ mettle with. D&D dungeons are a tried and true staple of the game. Over the years there has been D&D dungeon after D&D dungeon. From the Tomb of Horrors to today’s modern Dungeon of the Mad Mage. And over the years Dungeon Masters have used a ton of different methods for representing their dungeons. Now there is another one from Toy Vault live on KickStarter. Their new ZFigs Interlocking Dungeon Tiles is affordable 3D dungeon terrain for everyone’s tabletop games. There are some really nice high dungeon tiles and sets out there, but they aren’t also within the average gamer’s budget. 

wizards of the coast

New D&D Campaign Setting — Guildmaster’s Guide To Ravnica

We got our hands on the new D&D campaign setting — Ravnica from Wizards of the Coast, aptly named Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. It is a great resource for players and Dungeon Masters alike. It’s full of D&D monsters, subclasses, spells, backgrounds, and more. Ravnica is a fantastic setting. Different from any other D&D campaign setting. It’s a whole planet that is a city — a city run by guilds and full fantastical creatures and beings. Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica is Wizards of the Coast’s first official Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons mash-up.

adventurers league

Adventurers League Lizardfolk 5E D&D Character Build

The 5E D&D character build is something Nerdarchy is kind of known for. More recently we’ve decided to start doing Adventurers League legal character builds. It started off as just a 5E D&D character build fan request with the extra stipulation that it be Adventurers League legal.

Turns out we liked the idea of making builds within the constraints of AL so much so we decided to turn it into a playlist on our the Nerdarchy YouTube Channel – Adventurers League Legal 5E D&D Character Builds. One of our recent Adventurers League 5E D&D character builds is the Scaled Skald. We also referred to this build as our warrior poet build. You can check out the D&D Beyond character sheet, and get the Adventurers League legal Scaled Skald 5E D&D character build guide that includes an NPC version for Dungeon Masters over on the Dungeon Master’s Guild for pay what you want.


Adventurers League Urban Ranger 5E D&D Character Build

I know many people have complaints about the 5E D&D ranger, especially the beast master ranger archetype. My complaint is a different one. I’d like there to be an urban terrain to be able to choose it as a favored terrain. I took advantage of this desire when we got a request for us to do a Gloom Stalker ranger/Assassin rogue multiclass D&D character build. You can check out the D&D Beyond character sheet, and if you are interested the pay what you want D&D character build guide is up on the Dungeon Master’s Guild.

D&D Race

Absolute Best Race to Play for the Paladin 5E D&D Character Class

Nerdarchy set out to come up with the best races to play a paladin. We had to comb through all the current D&D books to find the answer to the question. The purpose of our discussion is to figure the optimal mechanical D&D race selection.

Disclaimer: Best is for the most part subjective. We are speaking purely from a mechanics stand point. Fun is a personal matter for each person to determine for themselves.

Below we’ve broken down our race selections based on different criteria. Those criteria are relevant ability score modifiers, racial traits, and thematic elements. In this case for the paladin we are looking at Charisma as the prime ability score, followed by strength. We also include a Charisma- and Dexterity-based build as well. Finally there is the concept of the unorthodox character build that doesn’t worry about ability score placement as heavily. 

D&D minotaur

A D&D Encounter for Your Game Night

We recently built a D&D encounter around the miniature sent to us by channel sponsor Pacesetter Games & Simulations. As a side note, right now there is a staynerdy15 promo code over at Pacesetters that you can use to save 15 percent off your purchases. Not to mention there is plenty of free stuff to download on their site. The paints to paint the mini were supplied by Vallejo Paints. There is also currently a give-a-way to win the painted mini, unpainted mini, and paints to go with it here. The mini is a sculpt of Baphomet from the Pacesetter’s Demons and Devils miniature line.

D&D Campaign Settings

D&D Campaign Settings — Eberron has Come to Adventurers League and 5E

While at GenCon 2018 we got to sit down with Keith Baker creator of the Eberron — one of the official D&D campaign settings. Eberron was launched via a contest during third Edition Dungeons & Dragons. It was then updated to fourth edition D&D. Now on the DM’s Guild you can pick up the Wayfarer’s Guide to Eberron the 5E D&D conversion. On Sept, 21, 2018, Adventurers League started offering an Eberron Campaign. Normally Adventurers League is PHB +1. For the Eberron campaign it will be Player’s Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins from Volo’s Guide to Monsters.

If you aren’t familiar with Eberron it’s a arcana punk setting. It takes place after a 100-year war between what is now the five nations of Khorvaire. The catalyst for the ending of the war is a apocalyptic event known as the Mourning. It wiped out Cyre, one of the warring nations, and no one knows what happened, leaving behind a haunted wasteland. Nothing like the threat of an apocalypse to bring people together.

5E D&D

Way of the Zen Archer Monastery for 5E D&D

Why not a Way of the Zen Archer Monastery for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons? With the release of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything for 5E D&D a lot of options have been opened up. The zen archer is a fun archetype for a fantasy game. That wasn’t possible previously. There was absolutely no mechanical reason play a monk who used ranged weapons. But XGtE changed things up by allowing for the creation of the ranged attack-based monks. We can now have a zen archer build. Why not take it a step further and create a monastery of zen archers. We recently did a character build video you can watch down below. We made it Adventurers League legal. We also did a character build guide and put it up over on the DMs Guild.

D&D Character Sheets

Armor Up Your 5E D&D Character Sheets With Gauntlets

Our friends over at ArchVillain Games have asked us to sponsor an article to help get the word out about their KickStarter for Gauntlets — Beautiful 5E Character Sheet Cases. I’m not sure how much help they needed though. After only 16 hours Archvillain Games has successfully funded their first KickStarter. Cameron Rout and Konstantinos Martinos are the minds behind Archvillain Games. I know some might be put off by this being a first KickStarter, but Cameron is one the minds behind D&D in a Castle with several more castles planned for next year. He’s got my vote of confidence after witnessing the inaugural D&D in Castle firsthand. Gauntlets are designed to have 5E D&D character sheets inserted in them or they can act as template for your character sheet by just using a blank sheet of paper. They come different options and designs. I don’t think it would be an overstatement to call the Gauntlet an artisanal way of displaying your character sheet either on the gaming table, a book shelf, or anywhere else you keep your gaming gear.

Take Your Dungeons & Dragons Game on the Road with a Tome of Holding

Our latest sponsor The Tome of Holding has a KickStarter for your Dungeons & Dragons game on the go. What is the Tome of Holding? It’s a carry box plus dice tray. Compact, super portable, a good looking way to transport your D&D dice, miniature, and it doubles as a dice tray. There are different versions of the Tome of Holding — various etched designs, and with or without various inserts (pictured below) — all designed to make your travels to Dungeons & Dragons game night easy. These look great! When you aren’t gaming and rolling those D&D dice they’ll look amazing on your bookshelf or even as a conversation piece on a coffee table.

D&D Character

5E D&D How to Pick your Character Class

Dungeons and Dragons Character Creation can be an agonizing decision for any nerdy ass gamer like myself. Whether it’s your first D&D Character or your 1,000,000th D&D Character these can be tough decisions. So how is gamer to decide?

Let’s start off by asking ourselves some questions before jumping into Dungeons and Dragons character creation process?

  • Do we want to base our D&D character on Story Elements or Mechanical Elements?
  • What role do want to fill Warrior, Spell Caster, or Skilled character?

We can further break things down mechanically by narrowing down your choices. There is also modeling the mechanics to the story elements you are interested in.

dnd 5e

Dungeons & Dragons — Your Fun is Wrong?

As fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons YouTubers we get the question of whether content is official pretty often. Honestly the only time it really matters is when you are playing organized play like Adventurers League. Anything else really is homebrew Dungeons & Dragons even if you are playing prewritten D&D 5E adventures set in an official D&D campaign setting.


Warforged Druid 5E D&D Character Build

Nerdarchy has been doing 5E D&D character builds on YouTube for over four years now for the Nerdarchy and Dungeons & Dragons community. We have made 5e D&D character builds of super heroes, sci-fi heroes, and characters from novels. Sometimes we make optimized builds. Other times we make what we call our unorthodox character builds. Recently we started a new 5E D&D character build series — our Adventurers League Legal series. It started with a request to make a paladin/College of Whispers bard multiclass. We followed that up with our zen archer build. Then we took another request for a Gloom Stalker ranger/Assassin rogue build. The most recent one we created was a warforged druid 5E character build.

Deck of Many

Casting D&D Spells with Extra Flair


Maybe you aren’t familiar with Deck of Many and their fine products. Here is a primer. The Deck of Many is a series of 5E reference cards. It is a tool used to assist Game Masters in their role­playing campaigns, freeing them from traditional reference books and allowing them to only bring the references they need. Each card features original artwork and easy to reference information. Guest artists include: Peter Mohrbacher, Jason Engle, Steve Argyle, Thomas Baxa, Tom Babbey, Aaron Miller, Jeff Miracola, and Leesha Hanigan

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