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How Background Enhances Your D&D Character

The notion of your D&D character having a background is integral to fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. It grants you a precious few skill proficiencies, and a combination of tool and language options. While background was a part of 4E, it wasn’t nearly as prominent or impacting as it to your D&D character in this edition, and I think the reason for making background such a big deal is directly related to the attempt of 5E to harmonize mechanics and roleplay.

D&D Backgrounds

D&D How to Pick Your Character’s Background

We were really surprised how much the D&D How to Pick Your Character’s Background Video from our D&D How to Pick playlist took off. I suppose it could be because D&D backgrounds are a newer part of the game. It’s seems fairly straightforward and one of the least complicated parts of the game. Even so, I feel it adds a lot of depth to character builds.

Your race is very straightforward — it’s just who you are. Your character class could be the result of training, birth, a deal, or being chosen. The background is very similar in that regard. It might be circumstance or choice. It’s mostly helps to define where the character came from and who they are in the world.

Session Zero? 3 Reasons Why It is Great | Game Master Tips

D&D Player traits – Backgrounds and the dreaded Background Uploader

There are many traits players can bring to the table that are less than desirable. From the edgelord who always starts in the corner not talking to anyone, to the non-adventurer playing an adventure-focused game. These traits can be tiresome. I put forth that in your D&D games, the trait that deflates a session, and maybe even a character as a whole, the fastest is the Background Uploader. In this article, we’ll explore what makes a Background Uploader, diagnose maybe why it is they do what they do so well and then, to end on a positive note, we’ll talk about ways to avoid it to include a cool background idea.

New DM Handbook: Character Backstory

New DM HandbookThere are a lot of people who either don’t feel creative enough to make up a character backstory, or who feel like they’re going to do it wrong. There’s no real way of doing it wrong, as long as you can paint a vivid enough picture of your character for yourself (although I’m sure a lot of DMs would prefer to have something concise, if you’re going to share it with them). Still, I know some people feel lost without some help, so I’m going to share a tool I created for my players that’ll help simplify the process.

Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e The Sorcerer


Hello fellow Nerdarchests, Art here. I’m back with the next installment of my series Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

As usual I’d like to take a moment to talk about the class in general. With the Sorcerer my personally feelings are mixed of sort. On one hand you basically have a Wizard and on the other hand you have a variation of the Wizard. But, after a closer look and a rows through the spell lists I’ve come to find Sorcerers to be very diverse as a class. Able to handle things in a multitude of ways due to their Sorcery Point ability as well as any abilities from their Blood Lines.

Entrusted part 2: A New Custom Background for Magic Users and Warriors for D&D 5e

Yesterday I discussed the power levels of some of the backgrounds with respect to each other and the Entrusted.

Particularly as it pertains to balancing this new custom background for D&D 5e.

To warm up for this article I spoke with Nerdarchist Dave and he reminded me of a key point about backgrounds.

Every character has the potential to be any background and they are useful no matter the class.

“So when making your own custom backgrounds for D&D 5e remember to keep the features useful to any class that takes the background.” (paraphrased)

Entrusted: A New Custom Background for Magic Users and Warriors for D&D 5e

Has anyone ever given you something, expected or unexpected, and left you feeling like you had just gained a wonderful gift and a tremendous responsibility at the same time?

book cover Entrusted: A New Custom Background for Magic Users and Warriors for D&D 5eSo it is when you are entrusted with such items like a book of knowledge, an ancestral weapon, or a strange device that no one living understands.

These are passed down from master wizard to apprentice, priestess to promising initiate, veteran soldier to fighting prodigy, or …  the only living relative to an ancestral item.

D&D 5e

Backgrounds For Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (Animal Trainer)

D&D 5eWelcome to Nerdarchy as we explore creating custom backgrounds for D&D 5e.Backgrounds are one one of the most innovative additions to this iteration of the game.

They combine role-playing elements and game mechanics right in a characters core concept. The inspiration mechanic is also tied to a characters bonds and flaws.

First let me start off by saying this is something I found very challenging.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Character Build – Human Tempest Cleric 1st and 7th level

I started this character Teslanon Stormchaser for a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons meat grinder in Planescape run by SR2Joker for the November Brigadecon. My fellow Nerdarchist Ted has gone through clerics in general and has also discussed a different human cleric character build with the Knowledge Domain. I thought the Domain selection added such versatility to clerics that I went with the Tempest domain since I wanted to have some control over my enemies. What started out as a simple cleric concept for getting me through all of the terrors thrown in my way ended up as a really fleshed out cleric character build with personality and depth. I sat there scratching my head. How in the Middle Earth did this happen?

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