Worldbuilding: Where to Begin with a Homebrew Campaign Setting

You’ve been playing roleplaying games for a bit now. It might be Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, or untold countless possibilities. The problem is you don’t like the setting. It almost fits the image in your mind but not … Read More

The Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour and What it Means for D&D

If you’re a part of the Dungeons & Dragons community and actively keep up with the content Wizards of the Coast is putting out on YouTube or Twitch, you’re probably aware of the incredibly named Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour. … Read More

D&D Martial Artist Fighter Subclass Bare-Knuckle Brawls its Way from Our Community to You

Hello! Nerditor Doug here to introduce this special post based on content straight from the Nerdarchy community, from creator Chris Chupp who sent us his homebrew creation for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons – the Martial Artist fighter martial archetype. … Read More

Worldbuilding: World Anvil is a Haven for Writers and Homebrew Content

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Last month I looked at three realm worldbuilding and homebrew programs and websites and among those was World Anvil. In the article I had looked briefly on the site and looked at it impressed with what was there but said … Read More

Worldbuilding: The Nerdarchy United Live Chat Evolution

An inside look at worldbuilding and Ulthe-Gana Over the years geeks and nerds have flocked to the Heralds of Nerdarchy for answers and clarity. New to the call of the people are Nate the Nerdarch and co-host Kienata as they … Read More

Era of Digital D&D Homebrew and Worldbuilding

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Over the last few years Dungeons & Dragons has started to evolve into the digital landscape. It started briefly with fourth edition D&D with the hope people could game over farther distances but the project was never completed. Games can … Read More

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