Creating a Person in Star Trek Adventures vs. a Character in D&D

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I’ve been playing Star Trek Adventures with GM Drew Murray, Doug Vehovec, and Asa Kinney. One week Doug couldn’t make it, so Drew, Asa, and I decided to have a frank discussion about the good and the bad things about … Read More


D&D Creature to Character Conversion: Darklings

A few times in the past, I’ve written articles about elements of the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons homebrew world I’m building (which I’m temporarily calling Gladius). One of my earlier D&D creations was the aatier, a half-tiefling half-aasimar race. … Read More

The Evils of Exposition Ex Machina in D&D and Other Roleplaying Games

It would be be completely understandable if you don’t understand what I mean by Exposition ex Machina. It’s a derivative phrase I’ve personally been using for a very long time, but it’s by no means commonly used. It’s derived by … Read More

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