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Time to slip into some Nerdarchy home brew D&D lore. With this piece of lore we’ve got some ideas for creating either a 5E D&D sorcerer or warlock subclass. Maybe even both, but for starters we throw it to the Nerdarchy community. We start off by discussing the land and monsters that spawn our concepts. Whether we go with a D&D warlock or sorcerer they will be steeped in chaos. We took our inspiration from the chaos giant miniature from Pacesetter Games & Simulations. We had former intern Jake paint them with some Vallejo Paints. You can find pictures below.

Sorcerer or Warlock? D&D lore out of the chaos

Not a Wild Magic sorcerer, but a D&D sorcerer chaos origin

Many of our viewers voted on our poll for us to create a sorcerer or warlock. So far the warlock is crushing it. You can vote here.

Last I checked the warlock was crushing it over the sorcerer. The most common comment was the 5E D&D sorcerer had the Wild Magic Sorcerous Origin so the warlock could use some chaos love. I don’t think we did a great job of conveying of our intent with a chaos sorcerer.

Nerdarchist Ted and I were thinking more about our experience with D&D lore. When we think chaos we were thinking more along the lines of the Far Realm or Xoriat from Eberron. While these places are planes of chaos, they are more than that. They are loaded with aberrations and the embodiment of madness.

Whereas I see Wild Magic having more to do with chance and randomness. For our warlock and/or sorcerer I think we will be focusing a bit more on madness and aberrations than randomness.

One of the fun things about being a Dungeon Master is adding in a bit of your own D&D lore to a campaign setting — homebrew or otherwise.

Fields of Discord history

A great Gen War took place, with one of the nastiest battles taking place where the Fields of Discord now stand. The rampant use of magic allowed the weakening of barriers, unleashing the first chaos storm upon the realm of Ulthe-Ganya. The storm had a sentience of its own and used the magic of the warring gen to transform them into amalgamations of djinni and efreeti. Generations of breeding has far removed them from the sultans and sultanas they once were. Now they roam the Fields of Discord serving the will behind the first chaos storm.

Now that place is full of raging chaos storms and mutated horrors. The only thing holding back the chaos and many of the horrors is a series of towers around this wasteland. The custodians of these towers are psychics and mystics that must remain ever vigilant against the encroaching chaos.

This piece of lore comes from a combination of elements of our Chimes of Discordia campaign setting and inspiration from the Pacesetters Games & Simulations Chaos Giant miniature.

We are running a contest sponsored by both Vallejo Paints and Pacesetter Games & Simulations. We are giving away both painted and unpainted chaos giant miniatures as well as the paints to paint with. Enter contest here. Hopefully they will inspire your own D&D lore.

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