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5e D&D

Path of the Justicar Barbarian Paladin D&D Character Build

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Nerdarchy recently switched how we do our 5E D&D character builds. Currently we are on a kick of creating Adventurers League legal builds. We are enjoying the limitations and challenges of exploring these builds. One of our latest was a barbarian paladin multiclass build. One of the things I really like about these character builds is crafting the story to go with them. The background behind this specific build was Nerdarchist Ted is joining an upcoming 5E D&D stream. You’ll be able to catch it over on the Mini Terrain Domain Twitch Channel. We do a little retooling of the barbarian character class. They get changed from being primal savage warriors. I would still call them primal, but instead of drawing from nature they pull their power from the history and past of their people.

Path of Justice Barbarian: 5E D&D Adventurers League Character

The race Nerdarchist Ted wanted for his barbarian paladin multiclass is mountain dwarf. His plan was to take Oath of Vengeance and Ancestral Guardian Primal Path. I don’t remember the background Nerdarchist Ted was going to take, but we went down a different direction for our 5E D&D character build.

We decided to go with acolyte. When we do these we like to come up with stories around the builds we create, as I mentioned. This is another spot where we diverge from Nerdarchist Ted’s character concept. While he was thinking a different background and backstory we came up with something different.

Nerdarchist Ted’s is an individual backstory. In this case we came up with a sacred order. From building out this character build I now want to create a dwarvenhold in our world where dwarves don’t follow the gods but instead venerate and worship their ancestors.

5e D&D

A dwarven stronghold is the bedrock of civilization. An island of stability in a turbulent world. [Image courtesy Wizards of the Coast]

Among these dwarves are devout warriors who can channel, commune with, even call upon in service the hold’s ancestors. These special dwarves are identified by the priests of the religion early. They are then invited to join the order and become acolytes. This is considered a great honor. This happens when most other dwarves are being selected for their apprenticeships.

Not all will make the final cut as religious warriors, but those who are become honored defenders of the hold. Those that don’t get chosen serve their religion in other ways. They can become priests, temple guards, and other auxiliaries to help keep the temple running smoothly. A smaller few even become clerics able to draw on the strength of those who have come before them. Typically dwarven clerics of this hold usually choose Life, Knowledge, or Order Domains.

It might be surprising that we chose to forgo the Forge domain for dwarves, but I see these dwarves’ values as a little different than other dwarves. Maybe even going as far not having a dwarf king or queen, but a council of old wise men and women. Venerating elderly and old, knowing they will join the rest of their ancestors of the past.

This is one of the things I love about the game. We can take a simple 5E D&D character build for a barbarian paladin and turn it into so much more. Check out the character build guide over at the Dungeon Master’s Guild and get a copy of the D&D Beyond character sheet to see how it all came together.

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