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D&D Sorcerer Multiclass Options and Builds to Make a Magical Day

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The fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons sorcerer – is it a class worth multiclassing in or out of? Let’s find out.

First off let’s split this guide into three parts. The first of which being, taking the sorcerer all the way through to 20th level. The second takes the class from 14th to 18th level. And finally, the third option takes the class to 10th level (this is the minimum level to where you get eleven spells, as well as your third Metamagic option).

Straight-up sorcerer in D&D

D&D sorcerer
if you’re a really, really exceptional sorcerer, maybe one day you can claim the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. Wait…are we mixing fantasy worlds here? New post who dis?

With how fifth edition D&D works in terms of the class structure it is generally better to take a class all the way through to cap. Sorcerer is one of those classes that will still be better at the end of the day as a full 20th-level caster instead of having the need to multiclass. Taking the sorcerers toolkit into consideration, what we have is a blaster caster for the most part. But a sorcerer still has utility options (just no where near as much as the wizard). The main thing to take into account is your sorcery points and the different ways you can use them –  mostly via Metamagic options and Flexible Casting.

Metamagic options ranked (In terms of playstyle)

  1.  Twinned Spell (This is probably the most universally picked Metamagic option in D&D).
  2.  Extended Spell (This is more for singular haste builds, as well as cheesing spells like, haste or shield of faith with the Oath of the Ancients paladin 10/Phoenix Soul sorcerer 10 (this build is courtesy of a friend of mine Curse of Insanity).
  3.  Empowered Spell (This is another universal Metamagic pick. Mainly for the rerolling on damage spells).
  4.  Quickened Spell (This is another great Metamagic pick, as it can break the action economy).

Multiclassing can be beneficial

sorcererSorcerer levels 14-18

  1. The Sorlock: sorcerer 15-18/warlock 2-5 (most commonly seen as sorcerer 17/warlock 3). This is perhaps one of the best mutliclassed blaster casters. However, it has its problems. Typically the Sorlock will shift into an eldritch blast blaster, as well as favoring distance above everything.
  2.  Sorcelled Bard: sorcerer 14/bard 6 (allows you to plunder some cantrips from other classes – primarily the warlock).
  3. The Paladin: paladin 6-10/sorcerer 10-14. This build has two options, one having more focus on the sorcerer, and the other focusing on being a very powerful magical tank.
  4. Paladin 10/sorcerer 10. This is perhaps one of the best builds for being a tank in D&D 5E. If you go variant human with this build, the War Caster feat is a must have, considering you’ll be using sword and board with this build, along with using your Extended Spell Metamagic on buffs like shield of faith and haste. Overall if your campaign is in dire need of a tank and a healer you can fill both of these rolls then this build is the right one for you. Also at 20th level overall, you are still a 15th-level caster. Essentially this build, courtesy of my friend Curse of Insanity, is power gamed for defensive purposes. In other words, this is the best for full on utility. This build is great for those who need the tank.

Ranking sorcerer builds

The first category will be for blasters including the full sorcerer.

  1.  Sorcerer 20
  2.  Sorcerer 15-18/warlock 2-5
  3.  Champion fighter 3/sorcerer 17

The second category will cover more supportive aspect. This still includes the full sorcerer.

  1.  Oath of the Ancients paladin 10/Phoenix Soul sorcerer 10
  2.  Paladin 6/sorcerer 14
  3.  Sorcerer 14/bard 6
  4.  Sorcerer 20

Sorcerer spells

D&D sorcerer
The sorcerer as seen in the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook. [Image courtesy Wizards of the Coast]
Finally, we’ll go over spell lists for the respective builds, as well as ability score arrays to keep in mind during character creation.

Since the paladin 10/sorcerer 10 has came up a lot in this guide, let’s use it as out example for ability scores. However, this build will only give you 4 Ability Score Improvements to work with.

Class: paladin 10/sorcerer 10

Race: Variant human

Feats: War Caster

  1.  Strength: 12
  2.  Dexterity: 8
  3.  Constitution: 15+1
  4.  Intelligence: 10
  5.  Wisdom: 14
  6.  Charisma: 13+1

After ASIs:

  1.  Strength: 12 (+1)
  2.  Dexterity: 10 (+0)
  3.  Constitution: 18 (+4)
  4.  Intelligence: 10 (+0)
  5.  Wisdom: 14 (+2)
  6.  Charisma: 18 (+4)

Spell Save DC = 8 + proficiency bonus + Char modifier

Spell Attack Bonus = Char modifier + proficiency bonus

Cantrips (6):

  1.  Fire bolt
  2.  Shocking grasp
  3.  Ray of frost
  4.  Prestidigitation
  5.  Mending
  6.  Blade Ward

Spell Slots: 1st (4), 2nd (3), 3rd (3), 4th (3), 5th (2), 6th (1), 7th (1), 8th (1)

1st Level:

  • Shield (sorcerer)
  • Shield of faith (paladin) (prepared)
  • Cure wounds (paladin) (prepared)
  • Detect magic (ritual)
  • Chromatic orb (sorcerer)
  • False life (sorcerer)

2nd Level:

  • Aid (paladin) (prepared)
  • Find steed (ritual)
  • See invisibility (sorcerer)
  • Magic weapon (paladin)
  • Misty step (paladin) (prepared)

3rd Level:

  • Haste (sorcerer)
  • Fireball/lightning bolt (sorcerer)
  • Dispel magic (sorcerer)
  • Counterspell (sorcerer)
  • Revivify (paladin) (prepared)
  • Remove curse (paladin) (prepared)
  • Aura of vitality (paladin) (prepared)
  • Conjure food and water (ritual)
  • Crusader’s mantle (paladin) (prepared)
  • Daylight (paladin) (prepared)

4th Level:

  • Greater invisibility
  • Stoneskin

5th Level:

  • Dominate person

From the Nerditor’s Desk

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7 Responses

  1. Nathan
    | Reply

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Tempest Cleric. Hill Dwarf lets you tank Str and still wear heavy armour. You’re primarily a Sorcerer, you only need a 14-16 Wis regardless. Start Sorcerer for Con save proficiency, go 1-2 or exactly 6 levels of Cleric. Storm Sorcerer works great with this build, turning you into a mobile artillery piece with thunder and lightning spells. Booming Blade sounds great and is really thematic but it doesn’t work with Tempestuous Magic and you’re unlikely to have the Str or Dex to make it effective.

    • Ryan Danks
      | Reply

      What do you mean by “Tempestuous Magic” (I can’t find references to that)? I think Booming Blade works incredibly well with Tempest Cleric. Take War Caster to use BB for Opportunity Attacks, which are triggered when your target moves away –– automatically triggering Booming Blade’s thunder damage. Destructive Wrath can max that damage out. And the weapon attack from Booming Blade would be able to use Divine Strike (“when you hit with a weapon attack” has already been confirmed as working for Divine Smites and Booming Blade strikes). The only thing that doesn’t stack incredibly well is Thunderbolt Strike, as Booming Blade is thunder and not lightning damage.

      • Nathan
        | Reply

        Tempestuous Magic is a Storm Sorcerer ability, the archetype is from the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide.

        I agree that Booming Blade is synergetic with the majority of the features of Tempest Cleric and can be very effective on a pure Tempest Cleric. However, the build I suggested is primarily Storm Sorcerer, the build only has 2 or 6 levels of Cleric. Courtesy of being primarily Sorcerer, the build has to invest heavily in Cha and still afford a decent Wis score for the Cleric abilities and spells. The build has little room to invest in melee capabilities, it even chooses a race that allows it to dump Str and still wear heavy armour. Thus, Booming Blade isn’t an effective choice on this build.

  2. David Robert Gartland
    | Reply

    The thing that’s really puzzling me is what Multiclassing actually looks like! I assume you cant “skip” a level, but can you say up to level 10 total; have a sorcerer choose in 1-4 & 6-10 while in paladin choose 1-2 & 5-6? Does each class have to be increasing linearly, or is it purely based on whole character level? If it’s the prior, I cannot see great scope of benefit overall…

  3. John
    | Reply

    Greetings.I’m thinking of a Wild Mage/Figther who rushes in the frontline and brings havoc to everything with the Wild Mage Surge because of the unexpectancy of the whole thing. A Dragonborn, Fighter 1,Wild Mage 1 and Fighter again.I’m thinking of bargaining with the DM to roll the d20 even after casting cantrips.I need some help.1) Is this going to work or is it TOO suicidal? 2) Any suggestions on the matter will be most appreciated.Thank you.

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