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What would be a Dungeons & Dragons game without magic items? Players love them, the Dungeon Master loves giving them out. Magic items have always been a huge part of the Dungeons & Dragons game. 5E D&D magic items are no different. They can completely make, and in some cases break, a Dungeons & Dragons game. How many stories have I heard of a new excited Dungeon Master who’s broken their game by giving out to many magical goodies too soon. Speaking of magic items, right now on Kickstarter you can find the Tome of Magical Mystery. It’s a new book full of over 200+ magic items for 5E. Check out the Kickstarter here.

5E magic items book full of over 200+ magic items

Not only is there a book, but cards with each magical item on it. There are magic items for all tiers of play, levels 1-20. It’s taken 4 Kickstarters to get to this point. Each tier was a prior Kickstarter for the corresponding Deck of Magical Mystery.

Now it is time for a complete and comprehensive guide for the Dungeon Master by combining all the decks into a single tome. You can currently order the cards for tier one and two on the website here. Tiers three and for are available for preorder on the website here. Or you can get them as part of your pledge on the Kickstarter along with the Tome of Magical Mystery here.

5e D&D Magic Items

Decks make you a better Dungeon Master

Decks are great if you are talking magic items, NPCs, traps, or monsters. Whether you are an improv Dungeon Master or your players have just gone way off the rails decks can be super helpful. You can use them as random generators, for inspiration, or like a menu where you just pick what you want or need at the moment.

dungeon master As an improv Dungeon Master there are two areas I struggle with: traps and giving out loot. Especially giving out magic items. I find it easy enough pull a monster encounter from thin air or even come up NPC details. Sure, coming up with a number of arbitrary gems and coins isn’t a big deal, but cool magic items can be a bit tougher. Having a deck of cards that you can either pick from or randomly draw a card from is a huge boon. Even moreso when the magic items are sorted by tier already. The item might be a little strong for the level the character is at but not overwhelmingly so and it will be no time before the character grows into.

The fact that each of the cards from the Deck of Magical Mystery also has an amazing piece of artwork on it makes it another place to find inspiration for you as the Dungeon Master or perhaps for your players. For an improv DM it might lead to another adventure.

Dungeons and Dragons GameFor a Dungeon Master who likes to plan and write everything out the magic items you choose to place in your adventures can very well inspire a whole Dungeons & Dragons game for session after session.

There are many different tiers to back the Kickstarter. Many of which offer a print and play option for the Decks of Cards.

There special Kickstarter-only levels like leather covers and a custom wooden box for the decks.

The masterminds behind the Magical Mystery Tome and Decks are Levi of Session Zero and Hobie of Deep Dungeon Games.

Take a look at the Tome of Magical Mystery Kickstarter here and start adding more 5E D&D magic items to your game.

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