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Wayward Leather puts Designs on Nerdarchy Live Chat

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O50YCw_lqAc&w=560&h=315] Nerdarchists Dave and Ted welcomed artist and craftsperson Mellie Z. to the Nerdarchy live chat to talk shop about her fantasy-themed leatherwork creations. Mellie hand-crafts fantastic pieces for display, wearable garments and accessories, bags and "monster boxes." [caption id="attachment_19924" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Mellie Z. creates handmade, fantasy-themed...

Nerdy Graphic Tees for Women, Gaming T Shirts for Men, Nerd Apparel i'm with int 3 i'm with wis 3

Nerdy Graphic Tees, Gaming T Shirts, Nerd Apparel for All

Nerdy Graphic Tees for Women, Gaming T Shirts for Men, Nerd Apparel for All!

Greetings nerds, geeks, and gamers of all kinds, Nate the Nerdarch here and I wanted to take you on a walkthrough of nerdy RPG shirts while letting you know about one of our latest sponsors*, ArmorClass10.com.

I have been wearing some of their nerd apparel, and gaming t shirts for men, throughout the past month or so and I am pleased with the quality so I felt it was fair to mention them here. They also have nerdy graphic tees for women (as in women’s fitted, or v neck ) available as well.

You may find all of the available sizes, styles, and designs over on the website, ArmorClass10

In Defense of Emojis


An emoji with a smile.

Greetings, denizens of the Internet! I got into a conversation earlier this week about emojis. Namely, my fiancé said they made him feel less credible and he was trying to cut back on them. I know quite a few people who feel similarly, as though shortening words or dropping faces into your text somehow makes you less professional in everyday conversation.

Are fewer people reading today?


Print is dead, right? Maybe, maybe not, but either way, that doesn’t mean reading has died.

Is reading dying or dead? It would seem so. Every few months there’s an article online or in the newspapers or magazines about how people don’t read nearly as much as they used to, or that fewer and fewer people pick up a book. But I’d argue otherwise. I think more people are reading than ever before.


The art of gaming without gaming! Trials and triumphs of a full-time nerd in a part-time world

There is no disputing that tabletop role-playing games, and Dungeons & Dragons in particular, are more popular than ever before. While still a niche hobby, that niche has grown considerably large, and the perception of it has shifted as well.

The moment when I realized how great a step forward the role-playing game hobby has taken occurred not too long ago. My gaming group musters at a coffee shop, hauling our books, dice, pencils and accouterments to a private room in the back. From 4-10 p.m., our group of middle-aged nerds leave jobs, families and other responsibilities aside to step into a fantastical world of make-believe. During one of our gatherings, I went to get a cup of coffee and the teen-aged girl barista asked me if I was with the group in the back, and if we were playing Dungeons & Dragons. I said yep, I’m the Dungeon Master.

“Super cool,” she said.

Dungeons & Discourse: Digital Media

As Nerdarchist Dave has mentioned in the past, the staff writers here at Nerdarchy.com have really started to gel. We’re putting together a module for Geek & Sundry’s International Tabletop Day that I think is fantastic, and we have a lot of great discourse, a majority of which is just for us. We share our perspectives with each other, elicit help, or provide suggestions. Sometimes we just talk about whatever. I think what makes it the best is that, even if we vehemently disagree with each other, or it’s a couple of us railing against the world, there is a genuine respect that allows us to know everyone is actually trying to listen to and understand each other, even if all we did was take a merry-go-round.

Sugar and Spice and Rolling Fun-Shaped Dice

Some of you may have been following the progress of the Scarlet Sisterhood of Steel and Sorcery game we’ve been playing on YouTube. In that case, you’re probably already aware that it’s become this controversial hot button topic a lot of people seem to be weighing in on, both in the comments and through other media.

Nerdarchy store hosts plenty of nerd swag


Appearing on YouTube with Scott Garibay, second from left, Nerdarchists Dave, Ted and Nate show off their Nerdarchy shirts and hats.

If you’ve watched any of the Nerdarchy videos, most likely you have seen the guys over there wearing hats or shirts or other garb sporting the Nerdarchy name and logo. This is not by accident. But did you know you can purchase Nerdarchy gear for yourself? Oh, yes, you can. If you don’t already know about it, allow me to introduce Nerdarchy the Store.

Nerds, Give Sports a Chance

Football Nerd sportsI’m going to preface this by saying I know not all nerds hate sports. Hell, I’m one of them. What I’ve noticed is that a lot of nerds either borderline or outright relish in the fact they don’t know anything about sports. Some go as far as to mock people who love sports. My sister is one of those people.Her disdain for any sport is palpable, and she talks down to sports the way most people would about Dungeons and Dragons, Cosplay, or LARPing.

He Said, She Said: My Boyfriend is a Nerd … No, I’m Not!

Back in October, I posted the following to Facebook:

Me: Yeah, I have some nerd and geek tendencies, but I don't let it rule my life.
Friend: Don't you write fantasy for a living?
Me: Yeah, but ...
Friend: And don't you go to longsword classes?
Me: True, but ...
Friend: And you play D&D at least twice a week, right?
Me: Oh, shut up.
(and this was while at a Renaissance fest)

Why We Game: D&D, online gaming and real life

World of WarcraftIt’s crazy how many people I know who would be so freaking fun and amazing at playing D&D and they don’t even know it. There is always the usual self-doubt about not knowing or fully understanding a game, and there is the matter of time and space away from everything, ie. phones, family, work, chores, etc. Most of the people I know who would be great at it and don’t even know are usually self-doubters much like I was before I started playing. The idea of starting a new game can be quite an uncomfortable situation and one that often leads many to fleeing the hobby altogether.

Nerdarchy at Philcon 2016 – Panel Synopsis – Artificial Intelligence: Should We Fear The Rise Of The Machines?

   Panel Date – November 19, 2016

Attendance – Approximately 30 Convention Goers

Convention Detail Philcon is a small Science Writer and Reader Convention that occurs in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in November each year. In recent years, the convention has expanded to include a robust anime track and a cosplay track.

Panel Premise – From Philcon Program “What would it take for a real Terminator threat? Come for a discussion of what is being proposed as the five components required for humans to make themselves obsolete – and how close we are to each.”

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE PANEL (Synopsis of the Content the Presenter Covered)

philcon artificial intelligence conventionBob Hranek (Moderator, Intelligence Analyst and Systems Engineer and Program Analyst) – For Real functioning AI to emerge these are needed; infrastructure where machines can make machines, automated weapon systems, automated sensing system, practical integration of all of these You cannot make Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics work as robots will always act to satisfy their programming Artificial Intelligence is being worked out right now with driverless car.

We have automated weapons systems with automated sensing systems and human interaction in that loop only because we are still choosing to keep it there; the work it would take to entirely remove humans from that loop would take one month Google is on the forefront of Artificial Intelligence research. 

If an Artificial Intelligence actually became a threat to Humanity, it is likely that it would not be because of malice on the part of the Artificial Intelligence but how it was programmed (e.g. a system that was programmed to make as many paper clips as it could and destroyed resources and land we needed to live by accomplishing that set goal) Yes, there is reason to fear the rise of the machines

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