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Wyatt Ferris #PlayForWyatt

Wyatt Ferris Inspires Gamers to #PlayForWyatt

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It’s truly a testament to how awesome the gaming community is that when tragedy took an awesome person from our nerdy world, and his mom reached out, gamers around the globe answered the call.

Hello Awesome Crafters, Last week my 17 year old son Wyatt Ferris took his own life after suffering a traumatic brain injury. He was very active in the gaming community, both as player and GM. In order to show our endless love for Wyatt and to honor his countless hours at the gaming tables, we’re asking GMs and storytellers around the world to add Wyatt as an NPC in your games. Wyatt was a paladin, cavalier, war priest, rogue, swashbuckler, investigator, Hellknight bodyguard, and more. Please see the photos here of Wyatt and use the hashtags #Play4Wyatt #WyattNPC so we can follow his continued adventures. Thank you for helping this broken hearted mother mend after this tragic loss. I love the gaming community for starting this for my son. My Twitter is @baddicebad. Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe!

In honor of Wyatt Ferris please #PlayForWyatt

The outpouring of adventures, characters and straight up love for this grieving family brings into clear focus the things most important. More than the games we play, it’s the relationships we build, friendships we share and experiences we grow through together making our hobby so amazing.

Here at Nerdarchy we are honored to help contribute to Wyatt’s story. As Nerdarchist Ted explains in the video below, he recently ran a game of D&D for his son, introducing him to the game with his first adventure. The party became a troupe of traveling entertainers, with Wyatt as a member whose specialty performance involved swordplay.

To supplement the video, we’ve created Nerdarchist Ted’s version of Wyatt Ferris through D&D Beyond as a College of Swords bard. You can download the WyattFerris, and include Wyatt as an NPC in your games.

You can also join Nerdarchy’s NPC for Wyatt campaign through D&D Beyond and add your own Wyatt character. If you haven’t explored DDB yet, this is a great chance to build a character using the awesome digital tools there and share your character creations. Perhaps we’ll shoot a video to highlight your characters or feature them in a game.

Wyatt Ferris #PlayForWyatt

Wyatt Ferris was an awesome gamer and we’re proud to add our part to the thousands of others playing for Wyatt.

In addition there is a fantastic bundle of content available at DriveThruRPG called The Adventures of Wyatt features tons of RPG and D&D tools, quests and characters in honor of Wyatt Ferris.

All the proceeds from the bundle go towards The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which offers free, confidential crisis counseling 24 hours a day, seven days a week every day of the year.

We strongly encourage gamers to help support this cause by picking up The Adventures of Wyatt and also by creating your own stories and adventures inspired by Wyatt. Let us know in the comments below how Wyatt features in your games and thank you to the entire RPG community for showing how awesome you are by supporting this cause.

Stay nerdy!

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