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Kickstarter Korner for Nov. 2017, Week 4

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D&D Beyond Updates, Cyber Monday Sales and Adam Bradford Live Chat

Each week during the Quests & Adventures live chat, Saturday at 2 p.m. eastern, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch hang out live with fans from the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. It’s a chance to share announcements and news, answer questions from the live chat and generally just hang out and talk nerdy with the Nerdarchy community.

In the description of each weekly video, Nerdarchist Ted compiles a list and links to all the videos and website content from the week. But he also shares a selection of cool Kickstarter campaigns. As an avid Kickstarter supporter, he’s happy to share his favorite RPG and gaming-related Kickstarters with you, the Nerdarchy community. Enjoy!

RPG-related Kickstarters

Protip: Nerditor Doug here with a bonus Kickstarter campaign for pulp science fiction fans. Flash Gordon RPG for Savage Worlds has everything you need to run exciting games set in the world of this classic hero. What really caught my eye is the artwork, and my imagination was whisked away to Mongo, Mingo City, Arboria and more. On top of that I also kept straying to one of my favorite sci-fi stories – Buck Rogers. Mashing up the two and adventuring in a both universes sounds super fun. Although I’ve heard of the Savage Worlds system, I didn’t know much about it so I asked the Flash Gordon RPG creator. You do need the Savage Worlds core rulebook to go along with this, but it turns out the small, full-color rulebook is available for about $10 in print or PDF. Even better, you can try it out for free with the Test Drive rules. There’s a link to that on the Flash Kickstarter page. Not good enough? How about DriveThruRPG while the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is going on. Still not good enough? Use the promo code DTRPG-Nerdarchy for 10 percent off an order of $10 or more (usable once per customer). Sheesh, you people drive a hard bargain. [This coupon code is applicable to digital products only.]

Stay nerdy!

[amazon_link asins=’B00A04YHI2,B00198P8BS,B01HJRF64Q’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’nerdarchy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0c503c31-d279-11e7-beae-03704009611e’]

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