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Fantasy Grounds College – Get to Know the Staff No. 1

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As Fantasy Grounds College continues to grow, so does our list of amazing aides, moderators, subject matter experts, streamers, web designers,etc. Some of these people have been around since the college started back in 2011, while others are new. Every one of them deserves some time in the spotlight. Thus, I would like to introduce my bi-weekly Fantasy Grounds College Get to Know the Staff segment.

Fantasy Grounds CollegeTalking with Fantasy Grounds College

My first interview is with the very new NSKY. He was promoted to Gamemaster in less than three weeks after just popping into the college’s Discord server. The guy is just amazing and really knows the meaning of time management. Honestly, I’m still not convinced he isn’t a metahuman of some kind.

How long have you been playing Fantasy Grounds?

Since Dec. 18, 2017

When did you join Fantasy Grounds College?

Dec. 20, 2017

Why Fantasy Grounds?

Being in the military, I travel a lot and move around frequently. Finding a group to play with is difficult. Fantasy Grounds provided the flexibility that I never had before and I fell in love with the college and the people who run it.

How did you learn to GM Fantasy Grounds so quickly?

– 101 Character Creation class taught by Founder Laerun

– Had a quick one on one with Pherrid, another aide at the college who taught me the GM side of things

How long have you been a Game Master (outside of Fantasy Grounds)?

Not long actually. Two years on and off running 3.5 D&D and a session of second edition AD&D

What was the first game you GM’ed for Fantasy Grounds?

“Murder Hobo Christmas” as a fun “learn the system” one-shot for new players wishing to learn character creation, combat, and exploration. Ten of these were run during the holiday season for 4-6 hours each day.

Current projects?

– Working on Portalpalooza with aide, Pherrid. It’s designed as several one-shots that turn into a campaign. The intention is that players can come and go as they choose with the completion of each module. No one player is committed to the group they start with to complete the campaign. It’s a hybridization of one shot and campaign.

– Cycle of Champions – This is another project that I am working with Pherrid on. It’s a long campaign designed to take players from level 3 to level 20. There will be several of these run with different groups of players over time.

– Module one-shot with Laerun that will be used for training other players with a co-DM that will allow practice DM’ing

– Working with Adventurers League to build schedules and provide bot management for running games on their Discord server

Sage advice for people learning Fantasy Grounds?

Join a game. Just do it, even if you don’t know anything. Fantasy Grounds College is designed to teach and learn the basics. It’s full of amazing helpful people and you’ll never stop learning.

Stay tuned for my next Fantasy Grounds College interview in two weeks.

Until then “Stay Nerdy”… and keep making those saving throws.


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