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Fantasy Grounds College – Get to Know the Staff No. 2

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Welcome all to my second installment of Fantasy Grounds College, get to know our staff! My second interview is with another relatively new member, Pherrid. A Game Master and professor who you can always find in the college’s Discord server talking to students in the #College-Chat channel.

Pherrid is a super chill, laid back guy who not only runs an original co-created game for Fantasy Grounds, but teachers classes for new and returning students.  Here’s what he had to say during our Q&A:

Talking with Fantasy Grounds College

Fantasy Grounds College
Fantasy Grounds College Game Master and professor Pherrid

How long have you been playing Fantasy Grounds?

I was gifted FG in October 2017. It was an early birthday gift.

When did you join Fantasy Grounds College?

I joined the college shortly after getting FG and realizing that I know nothing about computers. Lol. Before I found the college, I had almost just put FG to the side and went back to my console gaming. The college showed me how easy it was to use FG and the people were amazing. My second day in at FGC, Founder Laerun had a random two-hour chat with me about my ideas and what the college was. I never left.

Why Fantasy Grounds?

It’s like I said, I know nothing of computers. Lol. When I looked on Roll20 it just seemed like too much for me. I’m sure some people love it, but it just wasn’t for me. After looking through the forums on places to play D&D online I found FG. A week later my girlfriend bought it for me.

How did you learn to GM Fantasy Grounds so quickly?

With the classes in the college and the tutorial videos on YouTube by the Digital Dungeon Master, I was able to pick up FG with ease. The system is very user friendly. I did buy Rob2E’s coding packs and those were lifesavers. There are a lot of home made resources out there that can help a new GM out.

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Fantasy Grounds College

How long have you been a Game Master (outside of Fantasy Grounds)?

I played D&D for the first time ever in September 2017. I have always had an interest, but never had the people to play with. I was offered a game by my girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend and he GM’ed for us. He was the only one that had played before. It was a very “watered down” version of the game, designed for us newbies. It was fun, but not what I was expecting. I was expecting it to be more challenging with a rich story.  Instead, he made it action and rolls, a typical hack and slash game. That night I started to write a story, learn the mechanics of being a GM and when they came over a week later, I took control as GM in a world I created.

What was the first game you GM’ed for Fantasy Grounds College?

The first game is actually a current game taking place now called Portal Palooza – Pyramids. It’s the first tier in a series of one-shot quests NSKY and I created exclusively for the college. It started last week and it ran 5 times throughout the week. It will continue for the next couple of months.

Current Projects?

NSKY and I have teamed up for a couple of projects. Currently running are the Portal Palooza games. I am creating a MOD for tier 3 of Portal Palooza, that should start running Monday, Jan. 22 and we will release a new tier each week. Together NSKY and I are training new GMs to run the MODs so those games can continually occur.

We also have a much larger scale quest we are working on called Cycle of Champions. That one is a bit farther down the pipeline. It will be a massive quest in a world we are creating. We have artists drawing us original content for our monsters and creatures. When it does finally come out, it will be a vast unique world layered with history and journey driven storytelling.

In addition, I have another project in the background that I am calling Final & Fantasy. That one really excites me, as Final Fantasy was my favorite game when I was growing up. I have a few other things percolating in the background that should come to the forefront soon.

Anything new (or upcoming developments) for Fantasy Grounds College you’re excited to see?

The college is starting to expand and branch out. Until recently, we were primarily focused on D&D 5E as that was the highest demand for those joining the college. Now, however, we have teachers beginning to run classes on Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds.

Another amazing concept is our world convergence. As DMs and storytellers, we are working on a world to place Fantasy Grounds College in. A place where all students are welcome and those that finish the course-learning curriculum can go out and adventure there. The staff at the college will communally design it, encompass all rule sets, and create an innovative home for people to have fun in. Imagine an MMORPG in a multi-dimensional world.

Sage advice for people learning Fantasy Grounds?

Take the classes. The staff really know what they are doing. We are always around to help.  Ask question, there are no stupid ones. I can just imagine what people thought when I asked some of the things I did, but I got answers. The forums on the FG website are another great place to find answers.

I find with Virtual Tabletop (VTT) software players can think of it like a video game and use it as a hack ‘n slash mechanic. Playing in Fantasy Grounds is about the stories we create. It’s a tabletop RPG with an interface. It can be simple or complex but it’s still a system based on creativity and imagination.

Anything additional you would like to say or mention (game or non-game related)?

I would just like to add a shout out to some people I have met in the college:

First off, Founder Laerun for giving us a place to become family, because at its core that is what the college is, a place to for us nerds to call home.   

Genghis Tebo, NSKY, Greyskin, Sage Silver, Rogue, Baufrin, Dragon, Flo, Shepard, Thomas, ProNobis, Varik Keldon, and Deadhand. You are all amazing people and honestly, you have become my closest friends. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things we create together and if I missed some names in that soliloquy I apologize, as I consider all of you my family.

Lastly, though I didn’t meet here at the college, I send a shout out to my girlfriend (I should probably say fiancé in here somewhere or I might not see tomorrow). She gives me all the support I could ever ask for and doesn’t get mad when I kill her in games. That’s love right there!

Stay tuned for my next Fantasy Grounds College interview.

Until then, stay nerdy… and keep making those saving throws!

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