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Nerdarchy > Creator Spotlight  > Behind the Scenes of Untraditionally Arcane — an All Wizard Campaign for 5E D&D

Behind the Scenes of Untraditionally Arcane — an All Wizard Campaign for 5E D&D

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It is time for a new campaign on the Nerdarchy Live YouTube channel with the Chaos Crew. One of the players tossed out the idea of doing an all class party and we were off and running. Untraditionally Arcane is a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign featuring a party of wizards. The campaign premiere on Jan. 29, 2021 at 8 p.m. eastern streamed at Nerdarchy Live with future episodes streaming the last Friday of each month for viewers to watch live.

Untraditionally Arcane for 5E D&D

Untraditionally Arcane is a 5E D&D campaign where I set up a limitation beyond everyone playing a wizard. I wanted to stray away from the core eight subclasses of wizard, which represent the standard schools of magic, so none of those could be used. Below is a list of the wonderful players and where you can discover more about them along with some details about their characters including where to find the Arcane Traditions they follow.

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Untraditionally Arcane promises very heavy social interaction and exploration elements though there will be some combat. After all these wizards will need to be tested from time to time. Unlike previous Chaos Crew campaigns this one is more open ended as we work to determine the campaign length.

The goal of the campaign focuses on the strange happenings of late in the world of magic and it will take specialists from outside the traditional eight schools of magic to puzzle things out. Can they solve the issue with magic or will the potential to seize power for themselves overwhelm them and take the story into new directions? Only time will tell!

Jacob Noorman

Jacob is playing a dwarven Beardomancy wizard. This is an Arcane Tradition Nerdarchy created and can be found in the appropriately named Beardomancy here. We followed up the original book with Hairable Ideas, which contains beardomantic subclasses for several other 5E D&D classes plus more beardomancy spells, items and creatures here. And since beardomancy has become an annual April tradition for us you can be certain our monthly Patreon rewards this April 2021 will explore more of the dark and tangled corners of the Beard Dimension.

Jacob can be found on the Mini Terrain Domain YouTube channel here and over at Twitch right here.

The Crafting Muse

Vee is playing a halfling Graviturgy Magic wizard. This Arcane Tradition hails from Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. These wizards bend and manipulate the violent energy of gravity for their benefit and the detriment of enemies.

Vee can be found on The Crafting Muse YouTube channel here.


Asa is playing a tiefling Onomancy wizard. This Arcane Tradition comes from Unearthed Arcana. It did not make the cut for further development into an official wizard subclass, at least not at this time, but you can still find the original playtest document here.

Asa can be found with Roll for Mischief at Twitch here.

Robin Miller

Robin is playing a drow Bladesinging wizard. This Arcane Tradition originally appeared in Swordcoast Adventurer’s Guide with an updated version published in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

Robin is an author under the pen name Megan R. Miller and you can find their books on Amazon. They’re also a longtime staff writer for Nerdarchy the Website and part of the team designing and creating monthly rewards and products for Nerdarchy Patreon supporters.


Fraginator is playing a loxodon Order of Scribes wizard. This Arcane Tradition originally appeared in Unearthed Arcana — twice! After revisions and more playtesting the final version was published in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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