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Behind the Scenes of Dungeons & Delving — the World’s Greatest Game Show!

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Over at Nerdarchy Live on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. a group of nerdy gamers muster to play tabletop roleplaying games. Players in the group rotate Game Master duties after each campaign wraps up following a preset number of sessions. On Jan. 19, 2021 a new campaign began. Dungeons & Delving is a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Gameplay sessions tend to jump right into the action so whether you follow along live each week or catch up with VOD here’s some background information and guides to the players, characters and campaign scenario for the world’s most popular dungeon delving game show.

Dungeons & Delving for 5E D&D

It is the distant future. Magic and technology exist within the vast cityscape. Deep and dark wilderness still exists filled with dangerous creatures. Meanwhile cities overflowing with people look and watch telescreens at home for entertainment. One such program pits telescreen celebrities against traps, obstacles, dangerous hazards and mighty monsters all to earn fame and profit.

Dungeons & Delving is the top watched program and successful champions or teams are regarded as the pinnacle of fame. Groups get sponsored by corporations and enter the arena as prepared as they can be. All the while the devious Controllers plot their doom. Controllers’ identities are kept secret to avoid bribery and favoritism. The Host controls the gifts sent in from sponsors and donations or adds in extra hazards when champions perform substandard on air.

Will this round of heroes stand high and gain a platinum trophy or will they fall to the wayside and be forgotten and replaced? After all this is Dungeons & Delving!

Enzo Boulanger

Player. Nerdarchist Dave

Ancestry. Human

Class. Battle Master fighter

Specialty. Cooking

Enzo dreams of establishing his dream restaurant featuring Elvish and Dwarvish fusion cuisine. He entered the contest to win enough funds to get started. Unfortunately a mysterious individual switched his submission from the cooking competition he meant to enter and sent Enzo out of the frying pan and into the fire as a contestant on Dungeons & Delving.

Nerdarchist Dave is the co-founder of Nerdarchy. He appears in just about every one of Nerdarchy’s 3500+ videos, wrote many posts here on the site and oversees pretty much every aspect of Nerdarchy.


Player. Robin Miller

Ancestry. Eladrin

Class. College of Glamour bard

Specialty. Influencer

Nebula already enjoys fame and fortune as a musician and media personality. She rose to stardom largely due to the huge success of her hit song Taste My Boots although the time since has seen her star dim a little more than she’d like. Nebula entered the competition to remind the multiverse of her magnificence.

Robin Miller is an author under the pen name Megan R. Miller and you can find their books on Amazon. They’re also a longtime staff writer for Nerdarchy the Website and part of the team designing and creating monthly rewards and products for Nerdarchy Patreon supporters.

Tabitha Rasa

Player. Nerditor Doug

Ancestry. Variant Human (Hollow One)

Class. The Undying warlock

Specialty. Attitude

Tabitha secretly hopes to uncover her own forgotten past and clues to her deathless nature. A sword enthusiast, unkillable practitioner of occult arts and future Dungeons & Delving sensation Tabitha learned the contest is not a perilous life or death challenge. Instead contestants must leverage audience support and teamwork to win. To this end she quickly turned her imperious nature to the magical media platform Hark where her withering attacks assault fellow competitors outside of the arena. You can even follow along the Invincible Swordmaster’s account in our own world’s analog right here. Pretty cool, right?

Nerditor Doug is the content director for Nerdarchy. He edits, lays out and designs all of Nerdarchy’s products and written content and writes a heck of a lot himself including many of the posts here at Nerdarchy the Website. He’s most proud of Out of the Box: Encounters for Fifth Edition, a humongous project and highlight of Nerdarchy’s product line.

Berk Deephollow and Hefty

Player. Steven Partridge

Ancestry. Dwelf

Class. Beast Master ranger

Specialty. Simplicity

Berk enthusiastically participates in his favorite game show with high hopes of winning enough prize money to save the family ranch where they breed gantuans. To compliment his own wily ways Berk’s companion Hefty — a baby gantuan — accompanies him as he plunges into danger for fame, glory and fabulous prizes.

Steven Partridge is an author whose work you can find on Amazon. He is also a YouTuber and a staff writer for Nerdarchy the Website.

The Dungeon Master

Portrayed By. Nerdarchist Ted

The Dungeon Master is the title given to the host of Dungeons & Delving. Colorful, glamorous and ever ready to drop some razzle dazzle this media personality is beloved by the countless megafans of the world’s most popular game show. The Dungeon Master’s power and influence as vast and inscrutable so contestants never know what to expect when they plunge into the arena on every episode of Dungeons & Delving.

Nerdarchist Ted is the co-founder of Nerdarchy. He appears in just about every one of Nerdarchy’s 3500+ videos, frequently writes here on the site and brings his limitless imagination to bear creating and designs tons of content for 5E D&D whether in a post, in products for Nerdarchy Patreon supporters, through our weekly newsletter and pretty much anywhere else.

If you enjoy Dungeons & Delving and want to incorporate ideas, concepts and mechanics from the world’s greatest game show make sure to check out Nerdarchy the Patreon. Along with a bunch of other benefits and rewards each month we produce a new digital product with content for Game Masters and players alike to drop right into their Fifth Edition games. We’re already working on putting together a guide to Dungeons & Delving players can use in their own games. Visit the Patreon page and discover all the awesome ways to support Nerdarchy here.

And until next time, stay nerdy!

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