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8D6 San Diego Gaming Convention Focusing on Eight Disciplines of Gaming

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2020 marks the first year of an epic new gaming experience for the Southern California gamer and geek community with 8d6, San Diego’s newest gaming convention, to be held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, April 24-26. Created by gaming and event management veterans 8d6 is designed to spotlight eight principles of gaming. PC games, console games, VR/AR/MR games, board games, card games, roleplaying games, miniatures games, and arts and education of games take the forefront at the 32,000 sq ft. space over 48 hours to deliver as much gaming as possible. And these event organizers mean it — 8D6 will remain open and active for 48 hours of continuous play to allow gamers to capture the nostalgia of old school LAN parties, all night game design jam sessions, miniatures battles and marathon RPG sessions, all in one place.

San Diego 8d6 gaming convention

Welcome to 8D6

8D6 aims to bring gamers, geeks, designers, developers, artists and educators together to celebrate all things gaming. The 2020 event runs from April 24-26 and includes tournaments and gaming events, free play tables and demos sections. FortNite, Overwatch, Minecraft, APEX Legends, Smash Ultimate, Street Fighter and more represent video games, while board gaming events include games hosted by the Steve Jackson demo team, Ravensdale Publishing and others. Roleplaying events include games hosted by Pathfinder Society, Starfinder Society, Epic Meanderings, Role Playing Games League and more. Miniatures gaming includes organized games of Warhammer 40K Narrative Campaign, Overnight Apocalypse Warhammer 40K, Infinity and others.

8d6 hosts several workshops like miniatures paiting, running RPGs, worldbuilding and board game design. There will also be an Unpub area for designers to test games in development along with the Artist Alley to showcase Southern California talent. These events are aimed to enrich the gaming community. 8d6 has also partnered with Twitch San Diego to work with local content creators and steamers in our Streamers Alley.

“We have set out to design the ultimate Southern California Gaming Experience, allowing gamers and companies to interact more directly in a fun and engaging environment. 8D6 will work to bring the event gamers want to the gaming community.” — Ryan Berry, Event Director

The Video Game Quarter at 8d6 supports console gaming for attendees to enjoy Playstation, Nintendo and XBox platforms plus the finest PC gaming for keyboard and mouse gamers. You can also bring your own computer to the BYOC Arena and indulge some classic LAN party excitement. The Classic Arcade offers an array of classic games and those interested in virtual, augmented and mixed reality games can take them for a test drive too.

In the Table Top Quarter guests can check out titles from the game library, participate in demos and challenges hosted by event teams. And there’s plenty of room for rolling funny shaped dice in both organized and free play RPG sessions and demos. Historical, modern, post apocalyptic, science fiction, horror, fantasy and fantasy sports miniatures gamers can enjoy dedicated space for their games as well.

Discover more about 8d6 including ways to stay connected and up to date, ticket information and event schedules here.

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