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5 Amazing RPG YouTube Channels to Binge while You’re Stuck at Home

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With everyone staying at home of late we’re all sure to binge through many of our watchlists, and some of us might even (finally) catch up on Critical Role! However, what should you watch once you’ve burned through our backlog of Nerdarchy videos? Well, lucky for you that’s exactly what we’re discussing today! There’s a wealth of amazing content creators in the RPG YouTube community, and today we’re shouting out five of them we think deserve more love! The RPG community is full of people with a wide array of tastes, from discussions on mechanics and running the game, to art, deep dive lore and livestreaming games. Our list is purposely diverse in these areas, so no matter what your taste you’re sure to find something in our list you enjoy!

Explore the RPG YouTube space for fun and insights

As an added bonus check out the video above for even more RPG YouTube recommendations from Nerdarchists Dave and Ted, and over here is a curated list video selections from each creator.

Please note: we’ve got particular order here. Also, this list is by no means comprehensive. There are so many amazing content creators beyond this list, so please feel free to drop links to some of your favorite RPGtubers in the comments!

RPG with DBJ the Dreaded DM

Davae Breon Jaxon posts multiple livestreams each week. His content is always thought provoking and rich. With a podcast style presentation and several hours’ worth of quality content under his belt it’s a wonder his channel hasn’t exploded with subscribers. His witty sense of humor is always welcome.

Every day on this channel is themed. You’ve got Monster Monday, Discord Tuesday, Worldbuilding Wednesday, 3rd Pillar (of Exploration) Thursday and Future Friday. Each conversation is jam packed with awesome ideas and insights. So what are you waiting for? Dive into his massive backlog and see what RPG with DBJ is all about! [NERDITOR’S NOTE: DBJ put on his cape and spandex for the Marvel Super Heroes RPG campaign we streamed back in the day! Check out the playlist here.]

Venture Maidens

The Venture Maidens delve into tabletop and video game worlds galore every week! Whether navigating the dark fantasy world of Thedas (one of my personal favorites) or plunging into Avernus, these gamers are all about having a good time in the darkest reaches and sharing that experience with you.

If you like watching RPGs and feeling like you’re right there with the players then Venture Maidens is sure to pique your interest!


If you’re looking to deep dive into the lore of D&D worlds then Jorphdan is your channel. His backlog of Forgotten Realms Lore videos is probably one of the most accessible hubs for lore on 5E D&D’s default setting. Jorphdan showcases how vast and rich the history of the Realms truly is, and the explanations of monsters can help you take your own games to the next level with rich flavor descriptions and subtle worldbuilding details others might miss.

With being at home so much, cleaning will be a necessity (even more than usually) and one of Jorphdan’s many playlists might be just the thing to turn chore time from drudgery to delight. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: Jorphdan is also one of the many special guests at Nerdarchy the Convention!]

Jess Jackdaw

Maybe art is more your speed? If so then Jess Jackdaw has some amazing videos for you to check out! One of the coolest series on his channel is one where he selects a random Pokemon and a random creature from the Monster Manual and splices them together into a whole new creature for you to include in your games, completed with flavor descriptions and quality art that would fit easily into official D&D materials.

Whether you grew up on Pokemon and other monster raising games or you just like threatening your players with something unexpected, this channel has some amazing content for your viewing pleasure, and we absolutely can’t wait to see more!

The DM Lair

Another RPGtube advice channel, The DM Lair hosts a variety of advice videos for D&D. Luke’s been running games since days gone by, and as such he has a wealth of knowledge to share. Each video opens with a skit featuring some sill player characterizations (who we’re convinced are all related).

While Luke might try to convince you he’s hellbent on killing his players, he clearly cares about giving them a good time and he’s willing to tell it like it is when it comes to problem solving at your game table. So, if you’re stuck on a problem with your gaming group, try giving his videos a watch. You’re sure to have a laugh and you might just solve your problem along the way! [NERDITOR’S NOTE: The DM Lair is another the special guests at Nerdarchy the Convention]

What do you think of our list?

Did we miss somebody you absolutely love in the RPGtube community? Is there someone whose content we just have to see for ourselves? Let us know in the comments!

And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out any videos you might have missed on Nerdarchy’s YouTube channel! Stay safe, and stay nerdy!

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Steven Partridge is a published fantasy author and staff writer for Nerdarchy. He also shows up Tuesdays at 8:00pm (EST) to play with the Nerdarchy Crew, over on the Nerdarchy Live YouTube channel. Steven enjoys all things fantasy, and storytelling is his passion. Whether through novels, TTRPGs, or otherwise, he loves telling compelling tales within various speculative fiction genres. When he's not writing or working on videos for his YouTube channel, Steven can be found lap swimming or playing TTRPGs with his friends. He works in the mental health field and enjoys sharing conversations about diversity, especially as it relates to his own place within the Queer community.

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