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Nerdarchy the Convention 2020

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Celebrating Tabletop Roleplaying Games with Your Favorite YouTube, Twitch and Podcast Personalities

Bringing together RPG media creators and the tabletop gaming community to share our passion for nerd culture illustrates more than anything else our motto, “For nerds, by nerds.” Our vision for Nerdarchy the Convention took shape years ago and thanks to the phenomenal support for Out of the Box: Encounters for Fifth Edition the vision becomes a clear reality Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2020 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Penn., where your favorite YouTube, Twitch and podcast creators run the games you’ll play!

Your lineup of special guests continues to grow every day, led by your Ambassadors of the Gaming for the very first Nerdarchy the Convention. Queen of D&D Satine Phoenix, How to be a Great Game Master’s Guy Sclanders and professional nerd Ginny Di represent the three day celebration and the spotlight of the event — creators making an impact in the industry and around our gaming tables through advocacy, guidance and positive influence on the tabletop gaming culture we love.

At Nerdarchy the Convention we want all our guests to enjoy meeting and playing games with each other, and there’s no additional cost for game registration. If you’ve got your badge, you’ve got everything you need to register and play in scheduled games during the convention. That’s not all — our media creator special guests will be running the games! You’ll find a great many scheduled games run by Game Master’s you’ve seen or heard on YouTube, Twitch or podcasts. We want fans to share gaming experiences with creators they enjoy but also discover a diversity of other creators who contribute to the awesome growing gaming community.

For the first Nerdarchy the Convention our team of coordinators makes sure there’s events for a wide variety of interests from panels and workshops to children’s and family friendly programming. Movie screenings include Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons and crafty guests can participate in a Paint and Take from Realmsmith, Wizkids and Vallejo Paint. We’re also very excited to welcome The Saber Legion, International Saber Combat Organization featured on Good Morning America, BBC, Nerdist and more. We’re also proud to host The Bodhana Group, a nonprofit organization that uses tabletop games for education, skill building and therapy.

For this first Nerdarchy the Convention we’re very proud to have Easy Roller Dice as one of the co-sponsors for the event. ERD and Nerdarchy have been working together for years and we couldn’t be happier for our relationship to evolve to include this amazing three day celebration. Whether it’s your first convention or your one millionth convention, big thanks to Easy Roller Dice for helping make Nerdarchy the Convention the best one.

Nerdarchy the Convention partnered with several hotels near to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center to offer accommodations for the event. These room groups will remain open for booking until October 6, 2020, or until the block is full. Hotels with shuttle service will run during designated times. Shuttle services graciously provided by these hotels are also available to the hotels’ other guests.

Our target goal is 2,000 attendees, so we encourage you to get your badges and hotel rooms early before they’re sold out. Check out the Nerdarchy the Convention website for more details here. You’ll find:

  • Badge registration
  • Exhibitor and sponsorship applications
  • Dates, location and contact information
  • Housing and travel
  • Guest list
  • Event submission for Game Masters
  • Scheduled events
  • Available booths, vendor and sponsorship opportunities
  • Artist Alley information
  • Rules and policies
  • Press releases and news
  • Press badge information

Nerdarchy the Convention 2020

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