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As technology increases people are always looking for new things they can use that technology for. It is not only relegated to improving quality of life and betterment of oneself, but can be used to improve any number of hobbies. For quite a while I have heard tales of tables built for D&D with TVs or screen built into them so a simple map could easily be loaded with a push of a button. Well, that aforementioned technology has taken a big step forward with Ultra Interactive Dynamic Maps. The video on the kickstarter has just blown me away. Please check them out here!

Ultra Interactive Dynamic Maps

If you use tech at the table then this is something you should strongly consider using to improve the gaming experience as well as the immersion in the combat and exploration pillars of your tabletop roleplaying experience.

The interactive maps allow you to use lighting so you can literally see what your character would be able to see. As effects happen the Game Master in control of the map would have the ability to add those effects possibly lighting more of the room. Should you so desire you can add weather elements showing the adversity your characters must go through to achieve their objectives.

And since all your maps can be prebuilt ahead of time they are ready to load at the push of a button. This saves the time of the complicated setup of placing terrain one piece at a time. And let us not ignore the very obvious factor of not needing to collect and store a large amount of various terrain.

The system allows you to track movable magic effects as well as pets and monsters so feel free to summon stuff on these maps to your heart’s content. These maps seem able to do it all.

“We will be initiating Stretch goals as the campaign unfolds. These will include: music and sound effects for each map (including importing your own), as well as player conditions (blinded, charmed, restrained,stunned, dazed, poisoned, etc.), Displayable Avatars w/ exhaustion levels and HP, Augmented Reality and more.” — from the Ultra Interactive Dynamic Maps Kickstarter page

Adding all of these amazing features makes this super helpful for a GM not needing to guess who is affected by what or how to track it if you run out of counters.

The price point on these maps is really a steal considering what you are getting. You can get in for a low level amount to get 2 maps and explore how useful and amazing these maps are. Or you can dive into the pool head first and unlock God Mode as you get access to all the maps they have and unlock the first 10 expansions they release getting access to over 200 maps when all is said and done.

Since this is technology I recommend you look to the tech stuff on the KS page so you are prepared. While there make sure you watch all the cool videos and see why you need to add this to your table. You can find the Ultra Interactive Dynamic Maps Kickstarter and check it out here!

Thanks for reading.

Until next time, stay nerdy!

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