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Author: Ted Adams

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Hero Forge 2.0 Full Color Explosion — No More Unpainted Minis

That is right. You read it correctly. No More Unpainted Minis. Hero Forge has been the leader in customized 3D miniature printing for quite some time. Their current Full-Color Custom Miniatures with Hero Forge 2.0 Kickstarter takes a leap forward by printing full-color custom tabletop miniatures. The amount of color detail they are able to achieve is off the charts. I was lucky enough to be sent a prototype of one of their full-color custom tabletop miniatures and when I first looked at it I thought it was professionally painted. The Kickstarter is now live and when I look at the page I am just blown away.

Don’t Let the Dreamtaker Orb Fall into the Hands of the Lord of Dead Dreams!

If you have not already gone over to Nerdarchy the Store and picked up the awesome fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons supplement Lord of Dead Dreams I highly recommend doing so. It is full of cool additions to your 5E D&D game. You get a unique ogre magi villain, some new minions to play with, a short adventure and some new magic items to play with in your games. I also recently shared a new creation to enhance the material in the book right here on the website. You can add the dreamt creatures to your game on their own or to bolster the ranks of Jarease’s underlings and help with the supply side of his illicit trade in dream essence. If you’re still craving more, let me add one more powerful magical item for your 5E D&D game — the Dreamtaker Orb.

The Dreamt Join the Ranks of the Lord of Dead Dreams

Jarease, the Lord of Dead Dreams is a powerful ogre magi who has a divine past. I am not here to talk about the villain from our Lord of Dead Dreams book so much, but the ogre magi is important to this monster I’ve created because after all, Jarease created them. This is enhanced content for those who have gone over to our store and purchased the Lord of Dead Dreams, which has just had a new cover art to spruce up a really great product. This 5E D&D villain thrives on dark dreams and nightmares, and I thought it would be fun to add another new creature to the ranks of his minions. Lots of people have enjoyed the content in the book and I set out to expand on the lore and scope of the ogre magi’s plans.

WizKids 4D settings castle barracks jungle shrine gas station

WizKids 4D Settings Miniatures Spotted at PAX Unplugged

I know that some of you out there turn to us when it comes to getting new information about miniatures. Perhaps like myself you look fondly upon all these great pieces of plastic and gain delight at the the thought of how this is going to be used on the gaming table. Perhaps you enjoy having the options, or perhaps you delight in getting new miniatures to showcase the amazing collection you have on display. Whatever your reason I am glad you stopped by and I hope these teases are fun and give you a delight as you look forward to the great things WizKids has in the lineup for future miniatures entering into 2020.

San-Tac-Laus Delivers Randomized Beholder Cheer for the Holidays

Nerdarchy has shared many great posts over the many years we have been around. But recently something popped back into my mind and it bent and twisted into new directions. There is a post about randomizing the eye rays of a beholder. This was such a good blog post we wound up doing a video on it. We talked about what kind of beholder would have the eye rays that we randomized. But this time of year people are thinking about the holidays and with that the big man known as Santa Claus. What if I were to take the randomized beholder concept and pick the eye rays Santa might have and make a Santa Beholder? I recently picked up am unpainted beholder from WizKids I planned to make into into a Christmas Beholder and all my ideas began to fall into place.

Deck of Many Shares Free Big Bad Booklet for Your Holiday Adventure Boss Monster

Whether you are running a one shot, a small campaign or a long story arc for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, coming up with a compelling, interesting and unique story end villain or boss monster can be trouble sometimes. Well, what would you say if I told you I have a solution for you? Have you heard of the Big Bad Booklet by our friends over at the Deck of Many?

Hero Forge Adventure Calendar custom miniature

Hero Forge’s Adventure Calendar Presents Presents for the Holidays

Hello all you fine and lovely people out there. If you missed part one of this article you can check it out here. This is the second part talking about all the great new developments Hero Forge makes available in December with their Adventure Calendar. Hero Forge is an amazing custom miniature creation company. You get to design the miniature exactly as you want. As stated previously I have been getting their miniatures for years and I have watched the catalog of races, poses and options continue to grow.

Hero Forge’s Adventure Calendar Reveals New Miniature Options Every Day

Every day throughout the month of December Hero Forge is adding a new item to their already extensive catalog. You really want to be on the watch as I assure you when Hero Forge did this last year they had some really awesome stuff. Over on the Hero Forge Minis Facebook page you can keep up to date on all the exciting announcements about new items and options to create your own customized miniatures to use for tabletop roleplaying games.

The Gingerbread Gang Joins the War in Christmas Village

Are you looking for holiday themed adventure? Would you love to send the Mouse King, Krampus or evil snowmen at your players but having a hard time finding just the right miniatures to use? Please allow me to introduce to you The Gingerbread Gang, part of an amazing assortment of awesome miniatures to add to your tabletop roleplaying games through the War in Christmas Village line.

pax unplugged arcknight al game

Out of the Box Partner ArcKnight Hosting Free Game at PAX Unplugged

Hello gamers! Will you be attending PAX Unplugged this year? If you do you will have a chance to check out some amazing things. Nerdarchy will be in attendance walking around. You might catch us at a panel or two. And we’re guest hosts for the live Nolzur’s Marvelous Tutorials event with RealmSmithtv. We’re looking forward to meeting up with our Out of the Box partners like Norse Foundry and ArcKnight too. They’ll both have booths on the floor and it will be great to visit with them.

Hero Forge custom miniature conquistador

Conquistadors Take to the Field from Hero Forge!

You know me as the guy who loves miniatures. If you have been here before then you know having options with your minis is the best way to go. Hero Forge is a custom miniature creation company where you can design a mini to your own specifications. You can then have your custom miniature printed in the material of your choice or purchase the STL file and print as much as you like on your own 3D printer. And with the holidays in full swing, Hero Forge offers the perfect way to share the joy of creating custom miniatures with all the adventurers in your life.

Hero Forge orc

Orcs Invade Hero Forge!

Hero Forge offer loads of options for use in creating miniatures for your favorite tabletop roleplaying games like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Whether you use it to make your player characters, your special NPCs or your mighty villains, no other miniature service out there is able to give you the variety or flexibility as Hero Forge. With their newest release we are seeing a direction offeing players some cool options and giving Game Masters out there supreme customization with humanoids. They now have orcs available on the site. So if you want a killer Orc Headhunter as a player character or a mighty chieftain for the adventurers to fight or take down, we now have the capability to craft and print this amazing staple in tabletop gaming.

Bring Your Customized Character to Life with a Hero Forge Mini

If you are like me, then you enjoy using minis in your tabletop roleplaying games like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Minis add an enjoyable tactical side to the challenge of combat. But at times it can be so difficult to find the right mini, the perfect one with the right gear, right pose and even the perfect expression on their face. If you are not aware of Hero Forge than please let me introduce you to their wonderful products. I have purchased dozens of Hero Forge minis I proudly display in my collection. Their method of allowing the customer to perfectly design the exact mini they want makes them an ideal choice for selecting the mini for use at the gaming table.

More Minis! Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures

Nerdarchist Ted here and it is time to look at some more D&D and Pathfinder minis. Today we have Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures. This is another set with a great selection of minis. There are 44 figures to collect and they have some on the bigger side — this set features huge sized monsters. The larger box means you have the chance of getting some of these huge sized minis.

Ravage — Dungeons of Plunder is an Adventure Board Game for Treasure and Teef!

Are you looking for a new board game? Do you like board games with great options like competitive and cooperative, as well as solo play? Is repeat play value through variable quests important to you? And No. 1: do you want to play with a tribe of orcs? If you answered yes to all of these questions, or even some of them, then I have a game for you! Ravage — Dungeons of Plunder is a dungeon delving board game where you play orcs, with three modes of play.

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