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Author: Ted Adams

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Board Games in Review – Sword & Sorcery – Kickstarter

sword & sorceryAre you looking to get in on the ground floor of Kickstarters hottest new board games?  Let me introduce you to Sword & Sorcery.  It is a Epic Fantasy Co-op board and miniature game.

The Legend begins! Play heroes of epic stature in this fantasy board game, with high-quality figures and amazing cooperative gameplay.

The game is designed to be played  in about 90 minutes.  With lots of different class choices and multiple board lay outs it makes for high return play-ability.  The unique A.I. system no gm is needed and there is even solo play just in case you need to waste the rainy day away.

Will You Support Sword & Sorcery on Kickstarter?

South Jersey Geekfest | We’ll Be There- Will You?

SJ GeekFestHello loyal Nerdarchists.  This is a call out to all of our local Nerdarchists that want to come check out a cool event and hangout with Nerdarchy at S.J. Geekfest!  If that’s not enough, we’ll be running a few games of a couple of a couple encounters sessions with the aim of bringing new converts to the hobby.

So What’s a Geekfest anyway?

It’s a local convention put on by a group of game developers (both digital and analog) that also run a new and used board game retail space.  This convention will feature digital games, nerdy merchandise, and board gaming.  It’s a 1-2-3 knock out punch!

Dungeons and Dragons – Player Tips – Preparing Your Background

D&D Zombie Attack

Zombie Atttack!

5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons makes making background choices easy.  But the thing to remember is that characters are more than the mechanics on a character sheet.

In order to make your character enjoyable during the game you need to make them feel real.  If your group is doing a session zero you can figure out what everyone is playing and you can begin linking your stories together.

Whats Your Backstory in Dungeons and Dragons

Board Games in Review – Resistor – Card Game

ResistorHello Board Game fans let me introduce you to a wonderful card game: Resistor.  You might have seen my earlier post talking about this wonderful game while it was on kickstarter.  Well if you missed the article or missed kickstarter today is your lucky day.  The game is fully published and available on Amazon.

It is the era of nuclear war.  Countries stockpiling global thermonuclear warheads have entrusted their nukes to supercomputers.  Two such computers, Deep Red and BLU9000, have had their launch sequence initiated.  Fearing mutually assured destruction, the computers race to hack one another so they can launch unimpeded and destroy their enemy. 

Will You Survive Nuclear War with Resistor?

Dungeons and Dragons Player Tips – Playing Your Flaws

Dungeons and DragonsHello Fellow Nerdarchists.  When you break down and look at character concepts 5th edition not only has the system in place that each character has in their traits a flaw as well as the standard stat array has a low stat.

These features can be considered by many a problem to avoid, while others see these as awesome role playing situations and awesome parts of the story to make the session memorable.

Player Tips  – Play up Your Flaws as much as You do Your Strengths

Board Games in Review – Castle Panic

Castle PanicHello again guys.  Castle Panic is a great board game for those that love a challenge.  There are games out there that are literally players against the game itself.  In Castle panic you are in a castle that is beset by an army of army.

There  are multiple methods of playing this game, all of which require the players to go up against the minions of the Overlord attacking the castle.  There 49 minion tokens in the game and in most play throughs they will destroy your castle walls and kill you out right.

Will You Panic playing Castle Panic?

If you are lucky and manage to get a win against the minions in standard play the player who kills the most monsters is the Master Slayer.  If you prefer to play the game and not keep score, maybe to not hurt other peoples feelings, you can set the game to co-op and only play against the minions of the overlord.

Multi-Classing in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, Should I or Shouldn’t I?

multi-classingThe important thing to look  at is role playing has nothing to do with the mechanical character sheet that you use to track your progress through the game of Dungeons and Dragons.  5th Edition presents very good reasons for multi-classing but also makes  it simple enough to make happen.

The question you have to ask yourself when you are considering multi-classing  is it a character choice or a player choice.  Sometimes the lines get blurry when classes are similar.  Take your martial classes, fighter, paladin, barbarian, ranger or rogue.  With limited or no casting ability dipping into these is easy.  Fighter is the easiest of the lot as it just represents more martial training.

Multi-classing – to be or not be?

Board Games in Review – Firefly Yahtzee – Dice game

firefly yahtzeeHowdy Nerds and Nerdarchists. Nerdarchist Ted here I apologize for the short post for today.  I am not feeling well but the duties of being a Nerdarchist must not go unfulfilled.  So today let me bring you Firefly Yahtzee.

We have all played the game.  Lets face it, if you are reading this you probably love dice like I do and and everyone love Mal and his crew.  Normally when considering purchasing a Yhatzee game, people would say, “I already have 5 six sided dice, what do I need this game for?”  And that is the big stitch.

Do You Own Firefly Yahtzee Yet?

Dungeons and Dragons – Etiquette at the Gaming Table

gaming tableTed from Nerdarchy here and today I am going to ask you a hard question.  Are you a good player at your gaming table?  Now I am not asking are you a skilled role player or even a valued member of your party.  I want to know how you treat the fellow people you game with.

Every gaming table is different.  So when the group gets together you need to either find out or figure out what each player at the table is there for.  Are you playing a beer and pretzels game where silliness and distractions are not only commonplace but sought after?

Do You have a Problem Player at Your Gaming Table

Dungeons and Dragons – Improve your game with Improv

Dungeons and DragonsOk, dungeon masters how many of you spend hours in between game nights plotting and planning your adventures and encounters for your players.  You probably spend more time than you should.

Lets look at the key factor.  When your players show up at the table they usually have little to no idea what you have in store for them for the evenings entertainment.  They only have the ability to react to what you throw at them.  Well what if you had a loose outline of the entire campaign and then only reacted off of what the players do?

Does your Dungeon Master use Improv?

Board Games in Review – Codenames – Word/Party Game

Codenames, board gameHello and welcome to another board game review.  This week I would like to talk about the covert party game Codenames,  I was introduced to this game by the wonderful secret agents of game making, Cardboard Fortress .  We had finished our D&D game for the evening, they broke out this game and asked who wanted to give it a try.


The premise is to have the leader of one of the two teams examine the nouns arrayed before all of the players and to give clues to make their team members guess the correct words without guessing one of their opponents words or the assassin card (this card makes whichever team that chooses it lose the game).

Codenames – Party Game

Ecology of the Blitzorn – Fast and Dirty Monsters – 5th Edition

BltzornThe Blitzorn, sorry Dave you spelled it wrong in the video below, is the primal hunter on the para-elemental planes.  Agrar the hunter claims the Blitzorn is what would happen if a tiger mated with a thunderstorm.  A beast as large as a mighty tiger but made entirely out  of a thunder cloud.  So let me present you this monster for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

Fast and Dirty Monsters – D&D 5th Edition

The markings that you would see on a tiger are made of actual lightning arcing through the cloud that is their being.  These creatures though native to the elemental plane of lightning at time a storm draws energy from the elemental plane an it can draw these creatures from their home to hunt and stalk here on the prime.

Board Games in Review – Cosmic Encounters

Cosmic EncounterHello and Happy Monday to you all.  Nerdarchist Ted here and I am pleased to bring you another great board gameCosmic Encounter is a fantastic strategy game where each player represents a different alien race attempting to dominate the universe.

The game involves each player getting one of 50 different alien species and each has a special power.  Players get to either pick their race at the beginning of the game or if you want a real challenge you can have it picked randomly.

Cosmic Encounter – Strategy Game

Each turn you can attack one of the other players in attempt to gain a colony.  But it is not as simple as just using your over powering armada of ships to attack the other players, though that is one strategy that you can use if you like.

The Dam in West Rustoch – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

AarakocraHello today I present you a Dungeons and Dragons story.  This is written by Micheal Rovinski.

Ephram is an Aarakocra, commonly referred to as Bird-Folk, Bird People, or Avian Humanoids. At a young age, he joined a monastery to learn the way of martial arts, and once he learned enough he was sent on a pilgrimage. During his pilgrimage, Ephram seeks out those in need of help. It is a part of his martial philosophy, the Way of the Open Palm; a martial philosophy considered the key to maintaining harmony with nature, one’s surroundings, and the place that one has with the Celestial Bureaucracy.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

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