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Author: Ted Adams

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Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition – World Building – Gnar-Kee-Tis

Blood DemonNerdarchist Ted here and I have been running my Dungeons and Dragons campaign for around 8 months. The inspiration for my game came from one of our earlier videos.

Well now that we are well into the thick of the campaign I figured I would give you some background information on my blood demon. I am not going to give any stats as I am not sure whether the players or their characters will ever want to try and slay him.

I would hate to spoil the surprise for my players in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.  As many of them I would guess read this.

Who is this Blood Demon

Board Games in Review – Mage Wars – Wizard Combat

customizable strategy gameIt is Monday again and welcome to Nerdarchy.  You know what Monday means around here and that is a game review.

Alright so you have spent hours and hours playing Dungeons and Dragons and your wizard never gets a chance to really exploit the tactical side of all of his spells.  That pesky fighter keeps getting in the way.  And as much as you would really like to fireball him you would rather not diminish his health and have to put up with his response when the fight is over.

So if you have any interest in that you an do so in this game.  Mage Wars is a board game that states is a customizable strategy game of dueling mages.  Mage Wars is a game that uses cards in a tactical game.


Customizable Strategy Game of Dueling Mages

Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition – Race – Catfolk

With the amount of attention that cats and kittens get on the internet I am surprised that the catfolk are not even in the monster manual let alone have the stats to use them as player characters.  So let me fix that for you.  Here is my take on catfolk for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with a little bonus.

Catfolk in 5th edition

Catfolk are nomadic hunters.  They have no land that they can call a determinant home in an of the known Dungeons and Dragons realms.  As long as they have food and family they can be secure in any place.

Board Games in Review – Shrimp Everywhere – Kickstarter

Shrimp EverywhereHello board game enthusiasts! Today I grab another game from Kickstarter and another game by local game company Black Slither Games.  Today let me introduce you to Shrimp everywhere.  Shrimp Everywhere! is a game of nonsense and immature toilet humor we all love. Forget everything you believe in and make funny happen!

The mechanics are quite simple and you will probably laugh a lot at the ridiculousness of the cards you are holding, so be prepared for that.  If you have played Cards Against Humanity and enjoyed it, it is highly likely you will enjoy this one as well.


Fantastic Funny Game on Kickstarter – Shrimp Everywhere

Guest Post – Class Options For Your Steampunk 5th Edition Game – The GM’s Table

SteampunkHey guys, it’s Bobby from The GM;s Table.  You can check out my blog here.  Or catch me on facebook over here.
One of the great additions to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition is the addition of sub classes.They let you toys with new class options without having to completely reinvent the wheel. With that in mind here are a couple option for the Bard, Fighter, and Rogue for you more steampunk or Eberron style magic and science setting.

Steampunk Class options for 5th Edition

Note: With the steampunk concept it is assumed that you would be using the firearms rules from the DMG.

Board Games in Review – Resident Evil – Deck Building Game

Resident EvilHello my fellow Nerdarchists.  Nerdarchist Ted here and I got another board game to talk about.  I have mentioned other Deck Building games, But today I am going to Talk about Resident Evil.  You have probably played the games.  You have probably watched the movies but did you know you can also play the board game?  You can get yours here.

Resident Evil  – Zombie fitting DBG

Now you have to use your imagination to see the gore and blood splatter instead of seeing it on your high def TV.  But the flow of the game is really good.  Resident evil offers you the same kind of option presented in Thunderstone, another cool Deck building game, but it adds stuff as well. 

custom race

Play Your Next 5E D&D Game as a Simian Adventurer with this New Race Option

Here for your perusal is a custom race for fifth edition Dungeon & Dragonssimians. Deep in the untamed forest lives a race of intelligent apes and monkeys.  Whether they exist due to natural evolution or as the result of a druid who began awakening them no one knows for sure. One thing is known — they have staked out their own territory and guard it fiercely. Simians are fierce at whatever they do. They are fiercely loyal if you have gained their trust.  They are fierce competitors if you feel the need to engage them in combat. Those filled with compassion love with the heat of a volcano. And lastly those who have been wronged hunt down the one who wronged them until the end of their days. Being creatures of nature simians build their homes in trees and at times you might look into the trees and see nothing out of the ordinary as they try to blend their homes into the natural surroundings for protection. They live off of the land and are a part of it.

Board Games in Review – Nada – Dice Game

NadaIf you are like me, you like dice games, but the problem is that most dice games are ones that rely entirely on the chance of rolling the best side of each die and if you are like Nerdarchist Dave your dice luck just might be not up to snuff.

So let me introduce you to Nada.  Nada is a dice game. I.e. a game involving lots of dice but the rolling of the dice is rather inconsequential to the final outcome.   The real way to victory is to recognize a pattern or  duplicates and call them out before your opponents do.

Board Games in Review

Svirfneblin Bard – D&D Character build 5th edition – Outkast

character buildGreetings Nerdarchists.  Nerdarchy is looking to launch another game into our schedule.  If you missed our session zero feel free to watch the video below.  My character build for that Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition  game is a deep gnome bard.

Now bards in previous editions really did not appeal to me.  I think before 5th edition I had only played one bard in approximately 20 years of playing Dungeons and Dragons.  5th edition on the other hand really changed my mind.  I have played in less than 10 campaigns in the year since the release of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and 2 of those characters have been bards.  So what does that say about them?

Dungeons and Dragons character build

So with this character build for 5th edition, my goal was to make a well rounded character.  He has a few things that he would be good at, excel at really because of expertise but be a support character all around. As this race class combination is a sub-optimal character build it fits.

Do you Want to Watch Nerdy TV Shows for FREE? – Amazon Prime

Nerdy TV showsNerdarchist Ted here and today I want to branch away from  my usual informative review and offer up a service I have been using for years.  Amazon Prime.  Now you could factor in all the advantage of the free 2 day shipping but if you are not as impatient as I am or you want to be loyal to your FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) then so be it.
But what you might not be aware of is all the free stuff that you can do with Amazon Prime.  Once you have it, whether you want to sign up or just sign up for a free trial you can get access to thousands and thousands of hours worth of free entertainment.

Amazon Prime

Otherworldly Patron – Custom Warlock – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

dungeons and dragonsNerdarchy did a video talking about warlocks and we did a video talking about dragon familiars.  On that second video we talked about the possibility of a Warlock choosing a Dragon as their otherworldly Patron.

In order to go into detail on this you have to examine what the warlock is in 5th edition.  The warlock is a being being imbued with magical power from another source. The power extended to the warlock comes with some unwritten price that the player and the dungeon master can work out or through before and during game play.

Warlock in Dungeons and Dragons

Board Games in Review – Dicemasters – Dice Game

DicemastersHappy Monday.  I hope you had a great weekend full of games and gaming. Today I want to talk about a Dice Game.  Like many gamers I love dice.  I did a review on another dice game here.  So let me introduce you to Dicemasters.

Dicemasters is a board game available in many different flavors.  You can get in Xmen, Avengers, Justice League, Dungeons and Dragons as well as Yu-gi-oh.  The great part about this game is that with all this variety if you so desire you can mix it all together and have even more fun.


Books in review – Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher – Codex Alera

Furies of CalderonHello all and welcome to another week over here on Nerdarchy.  I am Nerdarchist Ted and today I want to share one of my favorite book series: Codex Alera.  This is a series written by Jim Butcher, my favorite author.

I had been reading his other series: The Dresden Files, look for a review on that in the near future, when I decided to check out his other works.  The first book in the Codex Alera series is called Furies of Calderon.

This story takes place in a place of high fantasy with many Roman undertones.  You will learn why as you get into the series.

The magic in this world is fun and unique and makes a gamer want to play in this very rich world.  Jim Butcher if you are reading this please make this a gaming system or world so that your fans can enjoy this world in a new way.

See that is one of the cool things about this author. Jim Butcher is a gamer.  He not only gets us, he is one of us.  If you live out in the mid west you might have teh ability to do Live Action Role Playing with him.  That would truly be awesome. 

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