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Author: Ted Adams

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Dungeons and Dragons Monsters|Monster vs Monster Beholder and Lich

dungeons and dragons monsters

Hello again loyal fans and newcomers alike.  It is I Nerdarchist Ted here to bring you another article on Dungeons and Dragons Monsters.  But as opposed to to doing our normal how to make a monster better I am pitting one monster versus another.  We get to combat the spell slinging Lich against the eye-stalk menace Beholder.

Nerdarchy explores Fate Accelerated

fate accelerated


Hello fellow Nerds, it is I, Nerdarchist Ted. Today we get to explore the system of Fate Accelerated.  Most of us at Nerdarchy have some exposure to games outside the standard d20 use, but tend to favor it.

There are plenty of games that use the d20, to many it is the best.  But here at Nerdarchy we want to explore all the options that are out there and bring our experiences to you our loyal fans.

Fate Accelerated is a simplified system based on the core rules.  You can get it here

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters – The Dastardly Demons and Demented Devils

Hello again, Nerdarchist Ted bringing you some insights into the wonderful world of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters.  Today I would like to enlighten you about Demons and Devils.

Now I am certain you are saying that is quite a large bite and our normal span of article length would not be enough to cover all the possibilities of demons and devils.  Worry not, I am going to stick to the concepts of demons and devils and not get into the specific types.

Weird Al – Mandatory Fun Have You Gotten The New Album Yet?

weird Al

Hello present and future fans of Weird Al.  It is I again your Nerdarchist Ted.  It is new music day and with that comes the release of Weird Al’s new album – Mandatory Fun.

I have been a Weird Al fan for many of years and have all of his albums.  I have had the pleasure of seeing him twice in concert and he really puts on a fantastic show.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters| Bulette Also Known As The LandShark

Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

Hello my fans out there, It is I Nerdarchist Ted with another exciting edition of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters.

Today we are going to talk about the Burrowing Bulette (pronounced boo-lay). The Bulette is a magical beast and is commonly referred to as a land shark.

It has the ability to burrow in soft soil and actually has a burrow speed. Now though it posses an animal intelligence and has its similarities to trolls in that it only lives to eat and breed. You need not use it as a mindless strait forward killing machine.

Tricky Dungeons and Dragons Terrain – The Forboding Forest Watch Where You Wander

Hello fellow gamers out there.  It is I Ted, your Nerdarchist for this article and today we get to talk about the Forest.

Whether you are playing Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder RPG, or any other Fantasy Role Playing Game, the forest will almost always come up in your game.

role playing

If you think back to when you were little the world was a large and terrible place.  When things are so much bigger than you it is imposing. 

Tricky Dungeons & Dragons Terrain — The Insidiousness Of A Swamp

Hello gamers out there. I have the first in a new series of posts for you — Tricky Dungeons & Dragons Terrain. Here we get to examine the elements of nature so you can use them against your players and maybe make them think twice about stepping outside next time. Today we will focus solely on the swamp terrain with other terrains coming later. Feel free to mix up elements if you think it would work in other areas as well.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters – The Voracious Troll They Have Adventurers As Appetizers

Hello Fans it is Ted and hopefully welcome back to another edition of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters.  Today I will hopefully broaden your horizons in the views of the Voracious Troll.

Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

Trolls are often used as just mindless killing machines, hell bent on killing and eating and the D&D Monster Manual says that they can be used as just that, but there is no reason to stop at what the book says.

Join The Fun With Mystic Realms Fantasy Fair In Wheaton Villiage, New Jersey

larpHello my fellow nerds out there.  It looks like my columns are becoming more a regular here, It is I Nerdarchist Ted.  While I should have spent the day at Wizard World Philly, life intervened and forced me in another direction.

I am glad it was as I was able to attend the Mystic Realms Fantasy Faire in Wheaton Villiage and what a day it was.  Apart from dipping my feet back into the LARP well where my larping originated it was a good show.

As always with the Mystic Realms Fantasy Faire you have a mix of stage shows and vendors, but in addition to that you have a number of interactive places to visit as well as many cool people in costumes.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters – Fear The Mighty Morphing Mimic

dungeons and dragons monstersIn this edition of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters I’d like to talk to you about Mimics.  There are many ambush creatures in the various books of monsters, but there is a surprising lack of info in this very useful and deadly creature: The Mimic.

Now many of you have probably touched a statue holding a large gem or a massive treasure chest and got stuck.  You then had a battle that either your friends had to fight for you, because you were stuck or you assisted in the battle and probably were victorious and then spent the next three sessions being super careful checking every lever, door, chest, and bizarre object so it does not happen again.

Tabletop RPGs And Board Games And The House Rules To Rule Them All

Hello my fellow gamers out there.

Do you play Tabletop RPGs or board games only with the rules out of the book or box?

If you do you are missing something great.

table top gamesHouse rules be they in a tabletop rpg or board games offer many good and bad additions to the game.  So be careful if you decide to go down that road.  It is possible that if you make significant changes to a game you can alter the creators intent or completely remove the challenge that is implied with the rules.

However with subtle game play changes to your tabletop rpg or board game you can make something that you already enjoy that much better.

Table Top Games That Rock | Battle of the Electric Vikings!

Battle Of The Electric Vikings Update:

Sadly it didn’t kick, but it’s been relaunched as of 7/7/2014. So we can still make this awesome game a reality. All the pledge levels have been revamped. The links in this article have been switched out to the relaunch. If nothing else go check out the cool video that Black Slither Games put together- Here
table top games

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!!!!!  Hey all it is your loyal Nerdarchist Ted.  And this time I get to introduce you to the wonderful game of Battle of the Electric Vikings.  What pray tell is this, you might ask.  Well let me explain.

Nerdarchist Ted Get’s Nerdy At the Steampunk World’s Fair 2014

Hello my fellow Nerds out there.  It is I, Ted your Nerdarchist for this report.  I have just got back from the wonderful convention of the fifth annual Steampunk World’s Fair and as always it was wonderful.  If you are not familiar with what steampunk is it is what happens when Goths meet brown or better described as an alternate history where electricity never took off. Copper and brass are your dominant metals and things are powered by steam and gears.  You can “steam” anything by making it the right color metal and adding gears and/or a steam-vent.  The fashion sense is typically in the Victorian setting where people are usually wearing hats, even the guys.

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