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Author: Ted Adams

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Nerdarchy Presents Master Dungeon Tile Crafter Dungeon Master G info

gamingHello Nerdarchy Fans, Nerdarchist Ted here and today we are going to examine dungeon delving in a new way.  Do you use dungeon tiles or a grid in your campaign or do you do more of a free form combat?

Before Nerdarchy used a grid and miniatures we used a rough drawing on paper and d6s for bad guys and d4s for our heroes.    We even occasionally used ketchup packets or kit kat bars as barriers to segment rooms or corridors.  Quite ridiculous, if you ask me.  I am thankful that those times were not caught on film.

This evolved the longer we played and while we occasionally use dungeon tiles or some cool scenery we have not fully embraced a true 3 dimensional gaming world.

Game Master Tips — Making and Using NPCs

Hello tabletop roleplaying game fans welcome to Nerdarchy. Nerdarchist Ted here and today we are going to talk about your nonplayer characters, or NPCs. These are your staples as a Game Master. Every single monster and person that is not controlled by a player is an NPC and it is up to you as GM to breathe life into them. When planning an NPC you need to keep several factors in mind.

Game Master Tips — Running a Roleplaying Game on the Fly – Winging It

Nerdarchist Ted here and today I would like to talk about Game Master tips. There are many styles to running a game and each Game Master discovers the style that works best for them. Your GM style might be to over plan a roleplaying game, plotting out the adventure and anything you think the players might do. This is quite exhaustive and time consuming on the GM. Your GM style could be to plan your adventure bare bones and either force your players to work with the material prepared or deal with situations as they come about. The merit of this style is you have some material planned and only if the players go off track do you have to think quickly and come up with something. Then there is a GM style of totally allowing the players to do as they choose and come up with encounters and material completely on the fly. The advantage to this is it’s totally an improv situation and has zero time taken to write material.

Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons — Running a Game

Hello, Nerdachist Ted here to talk about fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. With each edition of D&D there are changes in perception and rules to challenge Dungeon Masters. With the Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual now completely available, running a game is easier but we have yet to get the Dungeon Master’s Guide. I wonder what new secrets or bits of information lie in those pages. I have run two sessions of 5E D&D for the Nerdarchy crew and friends and in just those two sessions it has changed my perspective of being Dungeon Master

The Desert World of Athas — Dark Sun Campaign Setting

Hello friends, Nerdarchist Ted here to talk about Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings. Today I would like to talk about Dark Sun or the desert world of Athas. With most D&D campaign settings the world is mostly good. That is not the case in Dark Sun. In most campaign settings magic is prevalent and not harmful at its core.  In the desert world of Athas magic destroys life just by being cast.

Dungeons and Dragons – Where do you get your inspiration for campaigns

Hey friends, Nerdarchist Ted here. Running a campaign in fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or any other tabletop roleplaying game is hard and writing material for said campaign can be even harder. When doing so you have to predict possible actions your players will make and be prepared for the most obvious options but as as Dungeon Master where do you come up with the ideas?

Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual First Look

Hello fellow gamers, Nerdarchist Ted here. Today I want to talk about the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual. I have been playing D&D since second edition AD&D. There have been many changes in style layout and information contained in each edition’s Monster Manual. The art styles of each edition of course change as styles, techniques and tools to create art change with the times. The rules for all the monsters of course change to take into account the actual flow and dynamics of the new rules.

Tiefling in Dungeons & Dragons– Misunderstood Or Soul Eating Hellspawn?

Hello Nerdarchy Fans and fellow gamers. Nerdarchist Ted here to talk Dungeons & Dragons races, specifically the tiefling. This devilsh race made its debut in Planescape and those who did not really play in that setting got to see them make a rise into the standard Player’s Handbook, or PHB as we all lovingly refer to it as, in fourth edition D&D. The tiefling is a humanoid with demon or devil blood or who has a infernal heritage depending on the edition being played.  Fiends like these are typically evil and tieflings sometimes face prejudices because of this heritage. Creatures and potential allies might question where their loyalties are going to lie. Are they going to assist you or profit from your demise? These are the risks every one has to face as views from the outside if you are playing a tiefling in 5E D&D.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Character Build – Human Cleric

dungeons and dragons 5th editionHey guys Nerdarchist Ted, here to bring you a new type of Article. I hope you like it.  Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition character builds.  Today I want to talk about a Human Cleric.

Now many of you with lots of years chucking dice might sit back and question how boring is it to make a human cleric.

Well I am here to tell you that at least in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition you are wrong.  With a back ground to choose. a domain to choose and going with the variant human you get extra skill proficiencies and a feat.

Marvelous Mutants and Masterminds – Not just a Super Hero Game

Mutants & Masterminds

Mutants & Masterminds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi fans and fellow table toppers it is I Nerdarchist Ted here to talk about Mutants and masterminds.  No I am not talking about the future when chemicals have warped our bodies and the world is run by super powered dictators.  I could be if I was playing a game of Mutants and Masterminds though.

Mutants and Masterminds is a game that is based in the d20 system so you have your basic stats strength through charisma unless we are talking about 3rd edition M&M than things are only slightly different.



You have skills and feats just like you would in 3rd edition D&D and Pathfinder.  But here is where it gets divergent.  All the other things you can do in the game come from powers.

D&D 5E Character Customization and Fabulous 5E Feats

Hello my fellow gamers, I’m here with some more info for you. Today I want to talk about Dungeons & Dragons character customization and feats. Throughout the evolution of D&D there have been many ways to add flavor, backstory and character customization. In second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons you had proficiencies both weapon and nonweapon and these translated mainly to weapon proficiencies and skills in third edition D&D and beyond.

Dungeons and Dragons – You gotta have Faith to play a Cleric

Welcome to Nerdarchy with you this time is Nerdarchist Ted.  Among our group I am the resident Cleric when we play Dungeons and Dragons. Many players look at the cleric as the parties healer or slave and that they have to do what the party says.  But especially after the introduction of Charisma being an important role in a clerics stat they can easily become a central character and make a great party leader.

Dungeons and Dragons

When you are a cleric you are a divine conduit of your gods divine power.  You wield this power as a smith wields a hammer.  Now some worlds have gods that are very active and some worlds have gods that are far removed from the world.

Nerdarchist Ted’s Best Board Game Review – Betrayal at House on the Hill

 Betrayal at House on the HillGreetings all, Nerdarchist Ted here to bring you, hopefully, into an awesome board game.  Betrayal at house on the Hill by Avalon Hill a sub company of Wizards of the Coast, or as I like to call it Horror Movie the board game.

A brief synopsis of the game is you are a group of people who stumble upon a house and decide to explore it.  The front door locks behind you and you are forced to explore to find a way out.  Some time after you start exploring the house, things go crazy and one of your party members turns evil.  It is then one player versus the rest.

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