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Author: Ted Adams

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Kickstarter Behemoth is this the new Tarrasque

I try not to share too many Kickstarter projects here, but every once and a while I feel that a project is

200 px

200 px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

worth sharing.   Over the years Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pathfinder have released a number of large or should I say gargantuan miniatures.  Most of the miniatures I have that get big are Dragons.

Lets face it the game many of us play is called Dungeons and Dragons so why make the other stuff?  We as players all want to face down the big bad monsters, save the world, get the treasure and save the girl.

The biggest monster that anyone has put out was the Colossal Red Dragon.  It is a wondrous figure and I am happy to say that I do own one.  The dragon can actually hold a standard size human in one claw and I typically store one there for fun.

But if you want to deal with something other than dragons what are you options.  Not many and there

Nerdarchy Revises the 5th Edition Beast Master Ranger

NerdarchyHello everyone.  Now those of you who like the Beast Master as is written in the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Players Handbook can just just consider the options listed below.  If you feel, as Nerdarchy does, that the Ranger Beast Master does not hold up in comparison.

So as we see it here are the issues.

Shared Actions.  While mechanically this is to make sure that the Ranger with an animal companion is not performing better than the fighter, which is supposed to be the optimal fighter type.  Or doing more damage than the Barbarian which is supposed to be the high damage dealing warrior type.

Spell casters have the ability either by magical summoning or by magical control they do not have to give up their action in order for the other to perform their control.  We also cannot over look things like familiars which have the ability to act on their own as well.

player tips

Player Tips – Adding More Class to Your Class – Blood Hunter

blood hunterYes I lied last week when I said I was finished .  Sorry about that.  But we received a bunch of comments and requests to do this for Matthew Mercers Blood Hunter class.  Last week we did do the last class in the Players handbook, the Wizard.

So today we are breaking off from the official, PHB classes, and focusing on the awesome class made by Matthew Mercer.  I am sure that most of you know this legendary name in table top RPGs.  If you do not know who he is feel free to search it out.

The Blood Hunter was created and off of the Witch hunter played by Vin Diesel so how many names can we jam into one article?  Now Nerdarchy played a game play testing this class and its three archetypes.  You can check out that video here.

If you are unfamiliar with the class there is a pay what you want copy at the DMs Guild here.  The Blood Hunter goes further than heroes to defeat the evil, they become that which they fight.  The class comes with a stigma and there is some role playing built into the class, but of course you can play it as you see fit.

Player Tips – Adding More Class to Your Class – Wizard

wizard And with this we have a wrap.  Last week I covered the warlock with the Player tips adding more class to your class.  Today I finish the series with the last class in the players handbook: the Wizard.

Wizards come in all shapes and sizes.  They wield the power to change the world.  You will find many great heroes across the worlds of D&D that are wizards but you can probably find just as many if not more so as Villains.  You see because they get to have all that power it takes a strong moral character to wield it properly.

So beyond the idea of power what is a wizard.  A wizard is one who possesses a mind capable of memorizing many facts and symbols.  They have spent hours and hours studying strange things that make normal people bored or sick.  Some of their simple spells might not be too hard to memorize but as a Wizard unlocks new levels or power or spells those spells could be pages and pages worth of material that they need to commit to memory.

Looney Pyramids

Board Games in Review – Pyramid Arcade, Looney Pyramids – Kickstarter

Looney PyramidsI know what you are thinking, It is not Monday what is up with that.  Last week I went over the books you may want to buy for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Today however I am going to revisit one of my favorite board game options.  Looney Pyramids.

If you have been reading a lot on our website, particularly the board games in review, you will have seen some of my articles on Looney Pyramids, Martian Coasters.  Well if you were slightly enticed by these reviews here is your chance to go and grab an all inclusive box with 22 games to play with those awesome pieces.

It is available on Kickstarter right now with under a week to go.  It is already back with two stretch goals left.

Some of the games have had the rules out for a while, while others are unreleased games only play tested with devoted fans.


Player Tips – Adding more Class to your Class – Warlock

more to your warlockWell my friends you have made it to successfully to another Friday.  It is time for some more player tips, Adding more class to your class and this time I am going to tackle, arguably the crowd favorite class, Warlock.  Last week we talked on the Sorcerer, and you can read about it here.

The warlock has the ability to do things all because a Faustian bargain made with a ‘dark’ power.  Well that is stretching it a little.  There is nothing that says it has to be a dark power and in fact with the Unearthed Arcana the pact of Light warlock looks like it is designed for good guys.

The sorcerer is born with power and the warlock makes bargain to get it so in that they are the same that they do not have a lot of time spent in there back story where they are trapped in some kind of training mode.  So because of this they too have a lot of time free to enter a lot of story into it.

5th edition

Buyers Guide- 5E D&D for Dungeons and Dragons for Beginners

5th editionNerdarchy has been asked many times what do I need to play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.  Before I get into that last week we covered non combat encounters.

Dungeons and Dragons RPG has been around for a long time.  For as long as it has been around to be a player all you need is a players handbook and a set of polyhedral dice.  You can grab the products here.

The players handbook has all the rules you need to play the game with loads of race and class options.  With the many different races and a dozen classes there are more options then a person can play over the years.

So lets actually talk some numbers.  If you count subraces you can technically play 24 different races.  That is a ton of options.  While there are 12 different classes in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons they have options within each class giving you even more options and flavor. If you count all the archetypes available you actually have 40 choices in classes.  So if you want to count alignment out of the equation that is potentially 960 mechanically different race class combinations.  If you do add alignment into it is over 8500 possible combinations.

Player Tips – Adding more Class to your Class – Sorcerer

SorcererGreetings and Happy Friday.  Today we will delve deep into the Sorcerer class.  Last week we did a player tips, adding more class to your class with the Rogue.  If you missed it you can read that article here.

So first we look at the sorcerer and see what it really means to be one.  A sorcerer is one who is blessed with magical power.  It is something they are born with.  A warlock makes a pact with a being of significant power.  A wizard studies and learn with a tedious amount or work and memorization.  A sorcerer just is magic.

That statement means several things.  One we have to look at the origination of that power.  As of now we only have chaos and dragons in the Players handbook and the storm from an unearthed arcana as sources of where this power comes from.

player tips

Player Tips – Adding more Class to your Class – Rogue

player tipsToday we are going to get sneaky and talk about rogues.  If you missed last weeks article where we added more class to your class Ranger you can check it out here.

So how do you add more to class to your class rogue?  Well other than cleric I find that it is entirely possible that rogues off the next in diverse possibilities.  If you have been playing a while you might see it but you also might not.  Most classes do not have the ability to offer so many possibilities across the alignments other than a difference in personality.

So let me offer up this player tips.  Rogues exist on every side of the law and are your specialist within the D&D worlds.  Now since they all get sneak attack it does not always make sense but you can play these concepts with ease.  You want to exist as law enforcement?  Sure you can go warrior but where are you going to get all you skills from?  You want to go as an explorer, say an Indiana Jones?  He is a perfect fit into the rogue class.

So the next time you are feeling like playing a sneak there is no need to look solely at the petty thief with his only goals being that of wealth.  Look to the broader spectrum.  You can play a character who at the surface looks boring and blends in with society but when it is time to put on the hat and whip fits in there just as perfectly.

random encounters

Game Master Tips – Using Long Rest, Short Rest and Random Encounters

random encountersNerdarchist Ted here and Nubz had an emergency and I am here to fill in.  If you missed his article on the World of Darkness, you can check it out here.

In Dungeons and Dragons the mechanics have built in the use of Long Rest and Short rest as a way of getting back hit points as well as abilities.  Some classes are built on needing these while others function just off of their hit point pool.

So because of this need to get abilities back the party is going to want to take a breather now and again.  If you have marched, exercised or fought hard for any length of time you know how important it is to actually sit down and try to catch your breath.

Game Master Tips – Random Encounters

Player Tips – Adding more Class to your Class – Ranger

player tipsLast week I delved into adding more class to your class with the paladin.  You can read about it here.  Today however we are going deep into the forest with the Ranger.  The ranger is one of my favorite class as I am an outdoors kind of guy.  Perhaps Because Strider was so powerful that D&D in early editions made it hard to be one but what ever it was the fact that in 2nd Edition you could not just play a ranger made it an impactful class.

With the last several iterations of Dungeons and Dragons they did away with stat requirements to qualify for a class and 5th Edition too away all restrictions.  So now those choice classes are ripe for the picking.

So ranger, the class that typically is more at home in the wilderness than in a city. So when making a ranger character there are questions you need to ask.  What does it mean to be a ranger?  Did you grow up in the wilderness?  Did you leave civilization because the people there lied to you and harmed you a deep way?  Do you have a connection with nature you do not understand?  How did you get started along this career path?


Player Tips – Adding more Class to your Class – Paladin

PaladinI am back on track with the series.  Last week I drifted away talking about The Conan RPG you can read about it here. And the last article in adding more class to your class was the Monk.  You can read that article here.

Adding More Class to Your Class – Paladin!

So today’s’ player tip on adding more class to your class is the mighty Paladin.  Of all the classes that Dungeons and Dragons have offered over the years I feel that there is something special about the paladin.  In Second edition you needed ridiculous stats just to take a level of paladin.  Back then I had many dreams of playing one but rarely if ever had the stats to make the requirements.

Conan RPG on Kickstarter – Role Playing Game with d20 version

conanNerdarchist Ted here and I am taking a small break with my Adding more class to your class series to bring you some last minute information.  If you missed last weeks article about the monk you can check it out here.

Today I want you to look at the kickstarter for an amazing RPG that is coming to life.  Conan.  It is a household name, everyone, even those not into fantasy know this name brought to use by Robert E. Howard.   Now you to can play the table top RPG and there is an amazing deal over on Kickstarter ending very soon.

Conan RPG as brought to us by Robert E. Howard

Codex Alera – Awesome Fantasy Setting – Great Source of Inspiration

codex aleraNerdarchist Ted here and today I am going to share one of my favorite book series with you.  Last week I opened up the Star Wars Beginner Box Force and Destiny.  You can read that one here.

Many of you may not be into novels, but I strongly recommend it.  Not only do you get to see a whole new world but you typically get to see plot and character development.  Whether you are a player or a DM it can help your role playing as well as keep you in the fantasy setting when you can’t get the group together.  It is also a great source of inspiration.

In case you are planning on reading this there will not be any major spoilers here but I will talk a little bit about the series and some of the minor things that happen over the course of the series so you can just go get your copy and stop reading or continue with this little warning.

Codex Alera – Awesome Fantasy Setting

Player Tips – Adding more Class to your Class – Monk

MonkIt is that time again to explore the depths of your class and Today we are going to explore the Monk.  Last week we examined the fighter, if you missed that one you can check it out here.

So what does it mean to be a Monk.  You are disciplined and studied.  There are two sides to the Monk character in Dungeons and Dragons.  You are usually in good physical condition, at least for your stats and to some extent you are spiritual.  Let us look at each of those.

To be trained to the level that you can perform the feats a 1st level Monk can do you need to have spent years mastering this craft.  You have the knowledge to be a weapon, You have hardened your body and mind in a way that few can posses.  All of this by the time you are 1st level.  The true masters have the ability to literally pull off what many would say is impossible.  That is the realm we are talking about physically.

To be able to do these feats of physical perfection one needs to be centered and content with who they are.  All Monks look within and without for balance and connectivity.  Some might believe in the gods while others try to claim that they do not exist.  But whatever direction you take it is usually with concrete and logical evidence.  While Monks in 5th edition no longer need to be lawful there is a pattern to their thought and rarely is chaos helpful.

Adding More Class to Your Class – Monk

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