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Author: Ted Adams

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Board Games in Review – Martian Coasters – Looney Pyramids

Martian CoastersHello and Happy Monday fellow games lovers.  A while back I did a basic review on Looney Pyramids, and I may not have conveyed the amount of fun that can be had with these little plastic pyramids.  So to further that cause I am going to go into depth into some of my favorite games.

The first game I played a lot of is Treehouse and originally you bought Treehouse sets to get access to the Looney Pyramids.  Now they are sold as Looney Pyramids for those wanting to pick up extra pyramids or in a Treehouse set.  You can also buy other games that can come with pyramids or just rules.

What Looney Pyramids will You Use in Martian Coasters?

Board Games in Review – Dungeon Lords

Dungeon Lords


Hello and Happy Monday.  You know what that means.  It is time for another board game article.  I have been playing board games for quite a while and they can get time consuming.  I have focused for a while on some games that can be played in a short amount of time, but today I am going to go through a game that takes some time.  Dungeon Lords.

How Evil will You be when You Become one of the Dungeon Lords?

D&Dizing Star Wars for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Part 3

Dungeons and DragonsHello Nerdarchist and Star Wars fans.  Today I am bring you my Epic conclusion to D&Dizing Star Wars.  Lets figure out how to play a Sith in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.  Star Wars has always considered the rites of the Sith a secret thing so as to dissuade the Jedi from being tempted by their power.

Now in a setting where powers are level dependent there is no easy way to give a Sith more power and still keep the system balanced.  Last week we did Jedi and Sith are not a far cry from them they are just willing to do different things.  The first and foremost this that Sith use their lightning Attack.  Not only do we already have a spell that functions just like this effect but it is already a warlock spell: Witch bolt.

What Does it Take to a Play a Sith in 5th Edition

Board Games in Review – Batman Fluxx – Card Game

Batman FluxxHappy Monday Fellow Nerdarchists and game lovers.  Today Lets look at the Fluxx series by Looney Labs and their Super Crime fighting version of Batman Fluxx.  I have been playing flux for a number of years.  It is a great game to pull out when you have a few minutes or a few hours to kill.  The games can go fast and are always fun and different.

If you have never played Fluxx, in any of its widely assorted versions, It is a simple to follow game that starts off with only drawing one card and playing one card.  As cards are played you use strategy to accomplish a goal without another playing either changing the goal or fulfilling it before you can.  There are over 20 different versions of Fluxx on the market each uniquely designed to give you the feel of the flavor of each deck.

How will You Stop the Crime Spree in Batman Fluxx?

Board Games in Review – Red Dragon Inn

red dragon InnHello and Happy Monday everyone.  I had a chance this weekend for Nerdarchy to play a new game: Red Dragon Inn.  And it was a fun time.

Red Dragon Inn is the game of what happens in the Inn after the adventure is over.  There are two components to the game. You have gold, and you need gold to drink and gamble as well as your alcohol and fortitude. If you run out of gold you stumble off to bed, if your alcohol level ever meets or exceeds your fortitude you pass out drunk and the Inn and party members take your gold.

Save Your Gold in Red Dragon Inn

Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e (The Fighter)

dungeons & dragons

Hello fellow Nerdarchests, Art here. I’m back with the third installment of my series Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e. If you missed my previous article on the Druid just click HERE.

Today we are going to march onto the battlefield with… The Fighter

First I’m going to take a some space and talk about the class as a whole. The Fighter is a very diverse and well thought out class in my honest opinion. Wizards of the Coast did a pretty good job with it as a base class and added a little bit of depth with the additions in The Sword Coast Adventure’s Guide with the addition of the Purple Dragon Knight. As far as scaling power levels go in reference to the higher level challenges, the Fighter scales quite nicely especially the Battle Master archetype.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition – Custom Background

5th editionHappy Tuesday my fellow gamers.  Today I would like to present you with a custom background in case you need more character building options for you Dungeons and Dragons game.

So here is the background Tribal.  The outlander is the most adventurous background but to me it does not speek to one who was raised in a tribal culture but one who went out into the wilderness later in life.  if you are playing a half orc or barbarian character you might very well have grown up in a tribe.  If you are playing a more monstrous race or have something custom in your home brew campaign setting this background might suit you better than Outlander.

D&D 5th Edition – Tribal Background

Board Games in Review – Boss Monster – Card Game

board gamesHello again my fellow board game lovers.  Nerdarchist Ted is back to review another board game.  Today we look at Boss Monster.  This great card game made with art in tribute to the old style of video games but has awesome references to them in the art and flavor text as well.

In Boss Monster you get to play the bad guy and have heroes try to raid your dungeon.  You get to out out rooms that try to stop them from getting to you.  You have different types of rooms such as trap or monster rooms.  You get to play them out in front of your “Boss Monster” to protect him or her from the adventurers that want to slay you.

Can You Be Top Boss in Boss Monster?

Dungeons and Dragons – Descriptive Combat Using Real World Fighting Techniques

dungeons and dragonsHello again my loyal Nerdarchists.  As I have mentioned on numerous videos I have done years worth of combat with the historical fighting style of the German Longsword. Having knowledge of how an actual sword fight can go can make describing combat scenes and maneuvers far more interesting and realistic.

Over the years of study I have used several historic manuals.  You can use the Knightly Art of the Sword by Ringeck.  This is a great book that not only has the text with corresponding artwork showing the sword-work in motion, but it also has the original German so you can see how it translated.  And if you are fluent in German you can read it as it was originally written.

How do You Use Descriptive Combat in Dungeons and Dragons?

witch hunter dungeons and dragons

Witch Hunter, The Movie, The Nerdarchy Game and the Backstory

Witch Hunter Fear not loyal Nerdarchist there will be no spoilers here- I haven’t even had a chance to see the movie yet!  Then what, pray tell is this article about you ask?  Tomorrow night at (or around) 10:30 EST, Halloween, Nerdarchist Dave’s running an eerie Dungeons and Dragons Witch Hunter game live on Google Hangout for myself, Nate the Nerdarch, as well as friend, and frequent guest poster, Art Wood.

Our characters were created using the Witch Hunter (click link to download PDF of the class!) custom character class written by Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer.  It’s a full 20 levels of a character class with three distinct orders to choose from, The Orders of the Ghostslayer, Profane Soul, and the Mutant.  The three of us will be playing each of the orders as 15th level characters.  Our intrepid Dungeon Master Dave has given us a 30 point stat buy and 6,000 gp to spend on starting equipment using the gold costs out of the Dungeon Master’s Guide for magic items.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition- Witch Hunter Class

Yours truly will be playing a dwarf following the Order of the Mutant.  Below is the backstory for Egrec Rune Hammer:

5th edition

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition – Custom Race – Rodent-kin

dungeons and dragonsHello fellow Nerdarchists.  Ted here and it has been a while since I made a custom race for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.  So today I wanted to make one for you.

So I present you with one race with two cool and distinctive sub-races.  The rodent-kin are small around the size of Gnomes and Halflings.  Some believe that these creatures have ancestry in lycanthropy, but others believe that they came out of the deep Feywild.  However they came to be they are here and their curiosity about the bigger folk is certain.

Will You Play a Rodent-kin in D&D 5th Edition

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