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Author: Ted Adams

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Exploring the use of Tarot cards for D&D

If you are like myself, you are a regular Game Master for running tabletop roleplaying games like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. As anyone who does something regularly I seek ways to improve my skills with little tips and tricks to add extra enjoyment for all involved. Recently I began looking into tarot cards and how they might be able to enhance the game. As I did my research I asked friends do readings or even had strangers do a reading in the past at events and the like. I found there are a lot of useful tools when you look at how in depth tarot cards and their meanings can get.

Crafting New Randomized Beholders for D&D

Over two years ago we had one of our writers make a fun way to look at beholders in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons in a different way. What if their eye rays and central eye were different spell options than what is listed in the book? It is a great post and I have played around with it for sure. You can check out the original D&D Beholder — Randomized! post here. With the world in a state of pandemic I have been doing a lot more crafting and I have gone in many directions. However, today I found inspiration to make a D&D beholder even though I had actually just finished a pretty kick ass beholder last weekend. But who am I to argue with inspiration?

Getting More from Mind Flayers in Dungeons & Dragons

When I say mind flayer or illithid I am certain thoughts of a tentacle faced creature looking to consume your brain or dominate your mind come rushing into your thoughts. With a long gaming history every single mind flayer I have encountered or even heard about has been a villain, set out to control the subterranean worlds where they live and serve the elder brains as well as themselves. Long ago in the early days of Critical Role Matt Mercer used an illithid to aid the party because it helped with the mind flayer’s personal goals. Did they separate on even and just terms? No, they did not. It goes to show you really should be wary of trusting an illithid. Before I dive into this, Hero Forge has just released the Octofolk over on their website, allowing you to make mind flayer custom miniatures for your fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons games or a close approximation and they look incredibly sweet. I have already designed my first one and I am eagerly looking forward to getting the miniature.

Join the Fight for Freedom at the Planar Zoo!

“Welcome to the Balip — Nop Pop. Trust me, it sounds more terrifying if you spoke my native language. Here we are freedom fighters, naturalists and, well, if I may be so bold, heroes! I am sure by now you have seen or at least heard of the Planar Zoo. Ran-Kitra has been taking creatures from their homes and putting them on display. Humans, orcs and other intelligent species are taken from their families and shoved into unfamiliar surroundings to be watched by those who purchase tickets. It is up to us to rescue them and return them to their native homes.” — Excerpt from a recruitment speech for Balip — Nop Pop

Real World Adventure Hooks for D&D — Locke & Key on Netflix

Hello adventures and adventurer planners of fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. At Nerdarchy cleave to the concept that whether you are a player looking to make a backstory or a Dungeon Master developing an adventure hook you can get inspiration from anywhere. I am always looking at whatever I am doing to see how it can inform or inspire the games I run and the material I create. If you are familiar enough with Nerdarchist Ted, you are probably aware of my go to game. If not you can check it out here. Recently I have been bingeing the Locke & Key show on Netflix. I am not going to spoil the show so worry not. All you need to know for this post, which is in the trailer, is there is a house and it has keys that are magic. This is a simple enough concept to run with.

5E D&D low level adventure

Hooked on Adventure — Fat of the Land

Hello! We are introducing a new series here on the website. In Hooked on Adventure we’ll take inspiration from our 3D printed terrain and miniatures to create encounters for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons you can drop right into your game. In Cultivating Chaos we turned the Rural Chicken Coop into an engaging low level adventure for 5E D&D pitting adventurers against demonic forces to save a family farm. In this encounter strange disappearances and transformations lead back to a small farm with a dark history. To enhance the encounter we used Dungeonfog, an online map maker and authoring tool designed for Game Masters, to create a map image for the Rural Chicken Coop. Check out Dungeonfog and use the promo code NERDARCHY to get 10% discount on your first annual and annual-CL (Commercial-License) order here.

Hero Forge

Tip the Scales with Hero Forge Serpentfolk and Nagas in 5E D&D

Snakes get a bad rap in our world. As a kid I recall people always being afraid of snakes with numerous claims about them being slimy, creepy and scary. The fact they have no legs and feet, in a way, makes them alien to most other things people interact with. When you add into the mix most snakes either crush their prey while it is alive or poison it to death or so it is comatose for consumption makes for a creature that can live up to part of its reputation. But worry not, snakes and not slimy. Their scales are smooth and like many reptiles fairly cool to the touch. My son is getting a snake for a pet as soon as the kind he wants is available from a local dealer. Not to get too deep on it, he is getting an egg eating snake from Africa so he does not make his sister upset by feeding mice to a snake. She just got mice as pets for Christmas. With snakes on the brain I was very excited to see Hero Forge release two snakelike options during their Treasure Tuesdays in February — serpentfolk and nagas.

Hooked on Adventure — Cultivating Chaos

Hello! We are introducing a new series here on the website. Nerdarchist Ted takes inspiration from our 3D printed terrain and miniatures to create encounters for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons you can drop right into your game. For his first foray into this territory Ted takes a closer look at our Rural Chicken Coop and designs a fun low level 5E D&D encounter. It’s not uncommon for starting adventurers to take on work clearing out giant spiders or rescuing kidnapped townsfolk from goblins. For this encounter Ted spices things up with Abyssal forces terrorizing a rural homestead and sowing chaos. To enhance the encounter we used Dungeonfog, an online map maker and authoring tool designed for Game Masters, to create a map image for the Rural Chicken Coop. Check out Dungeonfog and use the promo code NERDARCHY to get 10% discount on your first annual and annual-CL (Commercial-License) order here.

RPG Crate Holds the Recipe for Adventure for 5E D&D

If you know anything about RPG Crate you might already be aware of their wondrous Recipe for Adventure cards. If you have watched the monthly RPG Crate game I have run for a while over at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel you may have heard me talk about them. Recipe for Adventure cards are fun index cards that allow you to take your fantasy roleplaying game to a whole new level.

Galladoria Games is Creating Painted and Unpainted Miniatures and Terrain

If you love excellently sculpted terrain and miniatures available in both painted and unpainted options then you really need to check out Galladoria Games. I first found them when they released the Mimic Invasion Kit 1. The kit includes the disguised and revealed mimic versions of items and terrain features like sleeping bags, hats, books, barrels and more. Mimic Invasion Kit 1 is a great collection. Mimic Invasion Kit 2 recently released too. The follow up set adds more fun mimics like thrones, anvils and piles of treasure.

WizKids Miniatures Bring Eberron: Rising from the Last War to Life

Eberron is an amazing world and campaign setting for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, with many outstanding areas to play in and explore. Today I want to share something about heroes, monsters and other creatures of the world and representing them on the tabletop with D&D Icons of the Realms: Eberron: Rising From The Last War from WizKids. WizKids has been creating fantastic miniatures for a very long time. I have been a fan from the beginning. With Eberron hosting a number of miniatures that typically fall outside of the typical realm of what normal fantasy roleplaying games get into, we get a number of miniatures in the Eberron: Rising From the Last War set likely to be unique to our collection.

Wringing More from Halaster’s Tumultuous Templates and Mighty Conjurations for 5E D&D

Wow, D&D Spell Effects: Halaster’s Tumultuous Templates and D&D Icons of the Realms: Spell Effects: Mighty Conjurations are a mouthfuls for sure. If you are like me than you really dig using battle mats, miniatures terrain and effects to get more visual with your fifth edition Dungeon & Dragons or other roleplaying games. So I want to tell you about these two wonderful sets from WizKids. Halaster’s Tumultuous Templates and Spell Effects: Mighty Conjurations both allow you to add these lasting effects at your table so players and Dungeon Masters alike will have no question where any effects are, ending any potential dispute.

Stibbles Codex of Companions Makes the Familiar Extraordinary

Hello humble traveler and thanks for stopping by. Allow me to introduce you to an awesome project being created by some great people including Lead Designer Logan Reese, the YouTuber behind the Runesmith channel. Stibbles Codex of Companions is more than just a 5th Edition supplement book providing unique animal companions, familiars and pets along with new ways to use them at your table. There are some other great options as well, but to get into all of that you will have to keep reading.

WizKids 4D Settings: Homestead and Medieval Farmer Spin Adventure from Humble Beginnings

When creating low level games for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons there are tropes for where the adventure is going to go. Down on the farm there is something happening with the animals. Or down on the farm things are going missing. Yeah there are a lot of them, but the things happening on the farm is common among early quest goals. If you want to wow your players from session one you can pick up the awesome WizKids 4D Settings: Medieval Farmer and WizKids 4D Settings: Homestead sets of scatter or terrain for your 5E D&D or favorite tabletop roleplaying game put out by our friends over at WizKids.

Your 5E D&D Monsters Need More Actions

If you are anything like me then you like making monsters for your fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons games. I consistently game with veteran players. In fact, many of the people I have recently been playing with have been gaming longer than I have or even longer than I have been alive in some cases. They’re generally familiar with all the great monsters in the Monster Manual and other official 5E D&D publications, making it challenging to surprise them.

Because making my own monsters from the ground up involves mainly my own creativity, this means there is no way players are going to have a chance of knowing what is in the stat block. Only I do, because I made it. But after years of playing 5E D&D I fear I have made a mistake with many of the monsters I made previously. It is very easy to take a monster and scale it up or down to make it more powerful or weaker, but this is not very creative. I have also taken a monster, made some slight changes, moved some stats around and described it differently. But this is not what I am looking for either.

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