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Master Your Coiffure with this New 5E D&D Magic Item

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One of my great joys as a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master is creating new magic items to release into my world. Sometimes they provide mechanical buffs to characters’ existing strengths or shore up weaknesses. Other times however I make something ludicrous and see what kind of antics players get up to while using such items. Inspired by the new hairstyles our friends over at Hero Forge recently launched I decided to go ahead and make a new magic item to share with all of you. Hopefully one of the characters in your games will love such a fun and crazy item.

Wig of Ridiculousness

Wondrous item, rare

This difficult to describe head accessory made of alchemically treated hair fibers always looks however the last owner wished it to appear. The hair can appear short or long and of any color — some so off the wall others can’t help but notice your outrageous coiffure when you walk into the room.

The wig’s netting binds to your skin and becomes indistinguishable from your original hair. The hair reacts like any other hair to forces such as water, wind, cold, fire and so on but you can always make the necessary adjustments to your precious perm with just a thought. While wearing the wig you can use your bonus action to change the color, length and style of your magical hair. The appearance remains until you use a bonus action to make another change.

While your hairstyles do not automatically grant any abilities to be noticed or go unseen a perfect hairstyle should always be remarkable and gain you some appreciative comments while a boring hairstyle on a vibrant personality might throw their whole demeanor off for others. In addition to your personal style mastery you can use an action to force a creature you can see within 60 feet to make a DC 13 Charisma saving throw. On a failure you can transform the appearance of their hair for one hour. On a success the target’s hair remains unchanged. Once you use this ability you can’t use it again until the following dawn.

This is admittedly bit of a silly item but I see amazing potential in such things. You will notice the wig of ridiculousness does not require attunement. This was a choice based on its novelty power and the reason I made it rare instead of uncommon. If you wanted to make this item require attunement I suggest dropping the rarity to uncommon.

As stated earlier this post was inspired by Hero Forge. I have been making customizable miniatures with this great company since their launch many years ago. Their minis are great and they are always releasing more options. With their color tools you can now color print your customized miniature so it is table ready from the moment it is delivered. You can even have it hand painted for an even better color turn out. I cannot tell you how many Hero Forge minis I have designed, printed and purchased but it is a lot. Give them some love and tell them Nerdarchist Ted sent you. Check them out and create your own customizable miniatures, visit the Token and Portrait Booth and much more right here.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

*Featured image — When your adventurer is ready to get really serious about their hair it’s time to try some Hairable Ideas like the Path of the Barbhairian. [Illustration by Askhan Ghanbari]

For a recent #TreasureTuesday release Hero Forge added 5 new hairstyles! Now your minis can choose from the Afro Puffs, Afro with Cornrows, Thick Braided Curls, Asymmetrical Bob and Short Mohawk. Equip the new Hairbrush hand item for some extra flair!
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